Sports Human rights activists criticize deportation practice: No longer safe even when sick

19:25  01 december  2020
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International human rights law guarantees everyone the right to the highest attainable standard of health and obligates governments to take steps to prevent threats to public health and to provide medical care to those who need it.

Human rights are equal to all people, all over the world, regardless of their religion and beliefs, nationality, and sex. The idea of freedom and rights have been part of human societies since the birth of the first civilizations. This book is often criticized , although it points towards pacifism.

Institute for Human Rights presents annual report on the human rights situation in Germany

Keine Abschiebung. Situation von Gesundheit abhängig. © onFoto: picture alliance / Sebastian Willnow / dpa No deportation. Situation dependent on health.

Berlin - "The quality of human rights protection is measured precisely by whether the rights of the weakest are respected and protected," said Beate Rudolf, the director of the German Institute for Human Rights, at the federal press conference on Tuesday. There the institute presented its fifth report on the development of the human rights situation in Germany and made it clear that there is still a lot to be done.

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The first way to prevent human rights violation is adequate knowledge of human rights . When you educate a violator, you are indirectly appealing to his or her raw emotions and raising their dead conscience.

Countries that have been widely criticised for severe human rights abuses are among 18 newly elected members of the UN Human Rights Council. Eritrea has also strongly denied such allegations, and insists that it treats its citizens well. HRW also criticised the candidacy of Bahrain

The Bundestag should make it clear that parents should not be forbidden from contact with their sick children - neither in the hospital nor in quarantine, demanded Rudolf. It should also be stipulated that nursing homes may only impose visiting bans after consulting the health department. Another big problem is that in the current situation homeless and homeless people are not able to exercise their right to effective protection against Covid-19.

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This year's report by the institute deals in depth with two topics that people in vulnerable life situations focus on. "People who seek protection in Germany must not be deported if this seriously worsens their state of health or if their lives are at risk," demands Rudolf. "This is forbidden by fundamental and human rights and the international law prohibition of refoulement." In practice there are indications of serious gaps in protection: those affected who have to prove their illness to the authorities in order not to be deported often fail due to deadlines that are too short, but also of bureaucratic, linguistic and financial hurdles.

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The ordinance was widely criticized by rights groups. In May, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj visited Myanmar and said India would help to ensure a “ safe , speedy and sustainable” return of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees who had fled to Bangladesh during a campaign

Find info on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights including the right to exist, personal liberty and freedom from abuse and violation of individual, group and ethnic safety such as genocide. Learn more humanitarian groups like United for Human Rights defending right worldwide.

"In order to prove an illness, you have to find a specialist, if necessary an interpreter, there are considerable costs for psychological reports," Rudolf complained about the current procedure. “The authorities have a duty to clarify the facts, which they must not pass on to those affected. The state has an obligation to protect and must thoroughly check whether there is an obstacle to deportation due to illness. ”The institute assessed deportations from inpatient treatment in a hospital or psychiatry as a disproportionate and serious interference with the rights of those affected.

The second focus of the report is that many young people with disabilities are prevented from entering the regular labor market because of training without recognized qualifications. 80 to 90 percent of young people with disabilities are currently completing training in “special forms”.

“Inclusive training has to start at school,” demanded the institute director. "Legislators, schools, employment agencies and companies must think from the perspective of young people, their right to inclusive vocational training from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities." To this end, trainers must be trained in dealing with young people with disabilities. Two parallel training systems - one for people without and one for people with disabilities - are not compatible with Germany's human rights obligations. Lea Schulze

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