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In winter , where every day seems cloudy and cold, its easy to fall into an impossible routine. Symptoms related to seasonal affective disorder (SAD or Winter Blues ) tend to peak in January and February. Fight Depression and Loneliness without Outside Help.

Ways to Fight the Winter Blues AKA Seasonal Affective Disorder. Oregon State University Counseling and Psychological Services. Shortened Version of Video. -

Fear of being alone and mood swings during the cold season? With these ten simple tips you can fight loneliness in winter

Winterblues bekämpfen: 10 Tipps gegen Einsamkeit im Winter iStockphoto © iStockphoto Fight winter blues: 10 tips against loneliness in winter iStockphoto

The cold winter - paired with a global pandemic - can really pull our minds. Because a lot of advice that helps against winter blues and seasonal mood swings, such as Meeting friends, traveling or going out are currently not feasible. But maybe the following 10 tips will help you to make the winter months a little easier and to effectively combat loneliness.

1. It is never too early to plan.

Planning ahead is a successful coping mechanism when it comes to loneliness. Psychiatrist Rachel Gersten therefore recommends that you start planning your coming year now - even if the course is still in the stars. Be it virtual vacation plans, to-do lists for the day or outstanding films and books for the weekends: Plan what you’ll get!

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' Blue Monday' falls on the third Monday of January and it's described as the most depressing day of the year. But to help us beat the winter blues is

Many of us dread the approaching winter – the darkness, frigid weather and lower energy levels that blow in along with cold fronts and snowstorms. But what about people who live in the coldest parts of the world, where the winters are longest and the summers fleeting? Do they similarly dread the winter ?

2. Start a new routine

Another possibility is to implement daily or weekly routines. This will give you an intention and a plan for what to do each day. These can be very simple activities like getting up, stretching, showering, then making a coffee and going for a walk during the lunch break. In the evening you can take time to come down, e.g. by drawing, a bubble bath, or writing in a journal.

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3. Lower your expectations

2020 is not a normal year, so you shouldn't expect yourself to deal with this difficult situation, coupled with the cold season, normally. Try to accept the extraordinary situation and come to terms with it - even if it may take a while.

4. Find your perfect self-care

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Please note that while tips and the helpful things mentioned in the video and the comment section below can aid in dealing with the winter blues they cannot be a substitute for seeking professional guidance and shouldn't be used to in place of professional help when dealing with depression.

The Russian Winter festival features performances of traditional Russian song and dance, games, crafts and ice sculptures. Hamilton’s story is told primarily through hip-hop music, but also includes some elements of pop, soul, blues and traditional show tunes.

Maybe you love reading a good detective story or taking a long, hot bath followed by a beauty routine? Or would you prefer intensive HIIT training? Whatever helps you relax your mind and focus your thoughts can bring the feeling of loneliness back away.

5. Distinguish worries from problems

Worries are things that might happen in the future. Problems, on the other hand, are real, momentary issues. Ask yourself the following question: is the thing that takes up space in your head and makes you feel bad really worth that attention? Realize what you can and cannot control and try to let go of thoughts about those worries.

6. Go out into the fresh air

Yes, even if it is cold, dark and uncomfortable, you should definitely go out regularly in winter. Even a 15-minute walk can work wonders against loneliness and lighten the mood.

Winterblues bekämpfen: 10 Tipps gegen Einsamkeit im Winter iStockphoto © iStockphoto Fighting winter blues: 10 tips against loneliness in winter iStockphoto 7. Lonely or alone?

Being physically alone in the apartment doesn't necessarily mean being lonely. Having time to ourselves can even have a very calming and pleasant effect on our psyche. But if the feeling of sad loneliness does arise, it helps to remember your loved ones who are currently only physically unable to be with us. A little video call with your best friend or mom should quickly dispel this feeling.

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Winter evokes a thousand feelings, and a poet’s heart warms up like the hearth to pen down a few lines about the white blanket of snow stretched out for Some poets depict winter in a humorous style creating a happy feel about the transformation of the season. They love the sense of nostalgia that

During winter , the body produces more melatonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for sleep patterns) due to the darkness which makes us tired and unmotivated. There is also a lack of serotonin production in the body. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for mood and levels rise with sunlight.

8. Express your feelings

No matter whether you long for human closeness or time for yourself, share this feeling with people who are important to you. By being open, you will see that there are probably many others who are like you right now.

Winterblues bekämpfen: 10 Tipps gegen Einsamkeit im Winter iStockphoto © iStockphoto Fighting winter blues: 10 tips against loneliness in winter iStockphoto 9. Understanding yourself

Having empathy for others is great - but how often do you show enough understanding for yourself? If you fail to carry out your routine for a day, or if you reach for chocolate instead of apples, you shouldn't judge yourself for it. Accept that you are allowed to make mistakes. You can also sit in front of the TV in sweatpants, eat chips and feel lonely.

10. Redesign your home

Transform your home into an oasis of comfort. It doesn't have to be expensive! One or two decorative pillows here, a cozy bedspread there and lots of fairy lights can help you to feel comfortable on your own.

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