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23:40  02 march  2021
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It's looking very bad for PSG

 It's looking very bad for PSG © Supplied by Sports.fr PSG number 10 is forfeited for Barça-PSG next Tuesday. It's the big day for the. Two months after his hard-won qualification for the round of 16, the capital club are about to challenge him in their lair. Barca may have displayed a face to say the least inconsistent since the start of the season, Mauricio Pochettino's men have reason to approach this double confrontation against the Catalan giant with some caution.

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On December 8, the Champions League meeting between PSG and Başakşehir was going around the world. While the match had started a few minutes ago, an incident involving Pierre Webo, assistant coach of the Turkish club, and the fourth referee (Sebastian Coltescu) ignited the powder. Expelled for his too vindictive attitude, the Cameroonian was then designated by the word “Black” (black in Romanian) by the referee. Faced with the situation, the players of Başakşehir as well as those of Paris Saint-Germain decided to leave the pitch, refusing to end the match. A strong gesture that had gone

Handball – Ligue des Champions (H/J11) : Le PSG a déroulé face à Elverum © Supplied by Sports.fr Handball - Champions League (H / D11): PSG took place against Elverum PSG will definitely be in the Top 3 of its group. On the occasion of a late match of the 11th day of the group stage of the Champions League, the capital club got the best of Elverum, which hosted the match ... at the Pierre-de- Stadium. Coubertin in Paris because of the health context. A meeting that Dominik Mathe's teammates (3 goals on 10 shots) started strong, taking two goals in the first five minutes but, facing a Parisian team who started piano, the breastplate began to crack for the Norwegian club. Thanks to three consecutive goals signed Nedim Remili (6 goals on 6 shots), Luc Steins (3 goals on 4 shots) and Kamil Syprzak (4 goals on 4 shots), PSG took control on the scoreboard for the first times of the match ... and never let go. Indeed, in check against the Parisian defense and Yann Genty (6 saves at 33% efficiency) for eight minutes with only one goal scored in the interval, Elverum saw the Parisians break away irreparably to lead from seven lengths to half-time. PSG keep the pressure on As the second half begins, players Raul Gonzalez Gutierrez, who officially extended his contract with PSG for two more seasons, kept the Norwegians head under water. The ten-goal mark was reached with 18 minutes remaining. More effective in defense, the Parisians recovered a good number of balls, scoring three-goal streaks in the second half of the second act to continue to widen the gap. In the end, Luc Abalo's teammates (1 goal out of 3 shots) bow by fifteen lengths (29-44), their tenth defeat in as many games and are now guaranteed to finish in last place in Group A, with a round of 16 which will oppose him to FC Barcelona, ​​undefeated in Group B. For PSG, this victory is synonymous with guaranteed third place ... with a potential Franco-French meeting with Nantes, sixth in Group B before the last day, to start the knockout phase, for which all the clubs involved are guaranteed to be qualified. HANDBALL - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (M) / GROUP A Matchday 11 Thursday February 11, 2021 Szeged - FC Porto: 35-31 Meshkov Brest - Kielce: 35-30 Tuesday March 2, 2021 Elverum - PSG Handball: 29-44 The match between Flensbourg- Handewitt and Vardar Skopje were called off by the EHF with a 0-10 victory awarded to the Macedonian club. Classification of Group A 1- Kielce 19 points 2- Flensbourg-Handewitt 19 3- PSG Handball 17 4- Szeged 12 5- Meshkov Brest 11 6- FC Porto 10 7- Vardar Skopje 9 8- Elverum 5

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Découvrez les cinq dernières confrontations entre le Barça et le PSG à l'aube du 8e de finale aller de Ligue des Champions entre les deux équipes.

Pochettino before PSG-Nantes: "We need to win this match to win the title" .
© Panoramic Extra time for Di Maria: "It's important for the club and for Angel. It's been a key piece for years and he's very happy. " "READ ALSO - One more year for Di Maria, extended until 2022 Differences in his work between Tottenham and PSG:" In Tottenham, we arrived on May 27 (2015), we had a month to prepare for the preseason, which began in early July, to lay the foundations for the work we were going to do during the season.

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