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22:25  08 may  2021
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Koh-Lanta Scised? After the accusations of titles, Mohamed defends the show: "You have to stop with this legend" (VIDEO)

 Koh-Lanta Scised? After the accusations of titles, Mohamed defends the show: © Capture C8 Koh-Lanta Scised? After the accusations of brackets, Mohamed defends the show: "We must stop with this legend" (VIDEO) While Koh-Lanta faces a controversy since the elimination of Vincent, some accusing the production of tricking, the Ex-adventurer Mohamed defended the show this Monday, January 10 in TPMP. The former candidate asserted that the survival game was not scripted.

Koh-Lanta, les armes secrètes : Vincent éliminé, l'émission accusée de trucage, Denis Brogniart réagit et affirme que Lucie © TF1 Koh-Lanta, secret weapons: Vincent eliminated, The show accused of Treaty, Denis Brogniart reacts and says that Lucie "lives hardly" Hate messages in a live on Instagram May 8th, Denis Brogniart reacted to many critics after the episode of Koh-Lanta showed this Friday and marked by the elimination of Vincent and Laetitia.

TF1 broadcast a new episode of Koh-Lanta, secret weapons this Friday, May 7th. In two episodes, Thomas had seen three of his yellow friends leaving the adventure shot on a shot. Without Mathieu , Myriam and Shanice , the young road driver was no illusive about his future in Koh Lanta and he had made known who wanted to hear him that he wanted to take revenge cost. While the atmosphere on the camp had deteriorated, Arnaud tried to calm his ardor but Thomas did not destroy it: " Laetitia, Vincent and Lucie, I even want them to speak to me " .

"stops illicit substances!" : The hilarious exchange between Denis Brogniart and an adventurer from Koh-Lanta

 © ISOPIX / SIPA "Stop the illegal substances!" : The hilarious exchange between Denis Brogniart and a Koh-Lanta adventurer on his Twitter account, a former adventurer of Koh-Lanta shared his dream: he replaced Denis Brogniart at the presentation of the show, with a very special test. Involving Teheiura, Claude and Michel Drucker. Hilare, the TF1 presenter replied. Brice , former candidate of Koh-Lanta, the war of the chiefs, realized his first dream: participate in the famous adventure game.

and alas for the former yellow, from the comfort test, Denis Brogniart had announced that this episode would be marked by the return of linked destinies. At the draw, Vincent found himself with Laetitia. Knowing that they were threatened, they left in search of an immunity necklace or secret weapon. And Laetitia ended up finding a necklace while asking Vincent to suggest that he had not found anything.

A perfect actor game for the young man, greeted by the public . After the event of immunity, Maxine, who had to team up with Thomas, felt in his turn threatened. She too is a party looking for salvator sesame. His friend Lucie also went to seek to save her. The MMA champion discovered a formidable secret weapon: the black bracelet. It simply allowed to cancel the power of an immunity necklace and transmit it to oneself or to another candidate. Victim of criticism, "Lucie (...) hardly lives"

Denis Brogniart reveals whether TF1 is paid for its Koh-Lanta debriefs on social networks

 Denis Brogniart reveals whether TF1 is paid for its Koh-Lanta debriefs on social networks © Isopix / SIPA Denis Brogniart reveals whether it is paid by TF1 for its Koh-Lanta debriefs on social networks During his last debrief on the Koh-Lanta episode broadcast on TF1 this Friday, April 30, Denis Brogniart answered a question regarding his possible remuneration for his videos on Instagram. After each broadcast of Koh-Lanta: the secret weapons , Denis Brogniart takes its smartphone and takes stock of the show with its fans on Instagram.

to the Council, Laetitia's immunity necklace was canceled and then given to Maxine, thanks to Lucie. She and his teammate Thomas were immunized. The 8 votes against Vincent have finally been recognized.

The Francilian candidate was eliminated and took Laetitia into his fall . Internet users have been landed by this epilogue and many critics have been heard. Some accusing the game of being rigged. In a live on Instagram this Saturday, May 8, Denis Brogniart reacted, first by defending Lucie, victim of insult messages. " Once again, hate messages on the networks are still extremely present especially with regard to Lucie who has not asked anything like this, and who hardly lives these moments . It's a game. One may not agree, we can say what we want on social networks, on the other hand we do not have the right to bring abusive, threatening remarks of an incredible slander to anyone? ", denounced the facilitator. "Do not talk about cheating or tricking ..." Before answering the accusations of cheating:

you can have your opinion and so much better, and I understand that some did not enjoy the black bracelet, this weapon Secret. It was the hardest, the most difficult (...) you have known me for twenty years, I'm turning the Koh-Lanta from 20 years old.

At one point, please, do not talk about cheating or tricking, you have the right to think that this secret weapon does not suit you (...) every week, there are people Who say it's not going, every week there are people who say he would not have voted as the adventurers of Koh-Lanta , it is also the passionate side of this show. I hear it but I do not hear some words ", concluded.

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