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Opinion: Nobody did it better than Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and college basketball won't be the same without him

  Opinion: Nobody did it better than Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and college basketball won't be the same without him Why Duke's Mike Krzyzewski will walk off the floor at Cameron Indoor Arena next March as the greatest college basketball coach of all time. For many reasons, that will not be a unanimous view. John Wooden won more national titles, Roy Williams and Dean Smith won a higher percentage of their games and others like Rick Pitino and Tom Izzo are widely considered superior tacticians. Some critics could even argue that despite the five national titles Krzyzewski won, he probably should have had a few more.

The college landscape continues to find new programs, but who's on our prospect expert's future wish list?

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News broke this week that Augustana University in Sioux Falls plans on adding D1 men's hockey in 2023, which would make the Vikings the first such team in South Dakota. You know I love when a new NCAA team is coming down the pipeline and the Augustana development comes on the heels of Tennessee State announcing a feasibility study for the first-ever hockey program at an HBCU. The University of St. Thomas joins the new WCHA next season and Lindenwood (near St. Louis) is expected to add men's hockey soon, with the Lions already in on the women's side.

Opinion: With choice of Jon Scheyer as Mike Krzyzewski's replacement, Duke follows own history

  Opinion: With choice of Jon Scheyer as Mike Krzyzewski's replacement, Duke follows own history Jon Scheyer joined Mike Krzyzewski's coaching bench in April 2013 and was a member of the 2010 team that won the NCAA championship.Speculation about future successors has been going on for years, so the school wasn't caught flat-footed when Krzyzewski finally made the decision to walk away. There were plenty of former Duke players and assistants on his coaching tree to choose from. Names that had been discussed for more than a decade with each going up and down as they navigated their careers as head coaches.

Which means it's a great time to speculate about some other schools that could go D1 in the future, because it is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm going to focus on big-name schools here, as the ability to draw eyeballs from American sports fans who might not have otherwise tuned in to NCAA hockey will be key to the growth of the game in the future. There's also the matter of geographically filling in the map for a sport that has made in-roads in "non-traditional" markets such as Arizona State, but still has a lot of ground available. And of course, tie-ins with NHL franchises and established conferences - or possible future power conferences - get my brain going as well. For the sake of logistics, assume these new programs build men's and women's teams. Let's get to it.

NHL's COVID protocol-related absences for June 3, 2021

  NHL's COVID protocol-related absences for June 3, 2021 Each day, the NHL will publicly release the list of players that are unavailable to their respective teams due to being in the COVID-19 Protocol. Here is today's list.Colorado – Jayson Megna

University of Texas: Hockey has been growing in the Lone Star State since the Dallas Stars came in and started building rinks - and wouldn't you know it? Home-grown talent followed. The Longhorns are based in the capital of Austin and the AHL's Texas Stars play in the suburbs there. The state has a bunch of NAHL squads and if proximity to Dallas matters, you could go with Southern Methodist or Texas Christian (the Horned Frogs!) instead.

University of South Florida: Despite a growing hockey community and a couple successful stints as Frozen Four hosts, Florida doesn't have a D1 team yet. But the Bulls play in Tampa, where the Lightning and its ownership have done a fantastic job building up the sport. Being able to host a couple home games each season at Amalie Arena would be pretty enticing and I can't imagine recruiting would be too difficult.

UCLA: California has become a huge hockey market with tons of talent developed in-state. But imagine if you could keep some of those kids around for college. UCLA or their blood rivals from Southern Cal seem like obvious choices for a future program in the Los Angeles area and setting up both would make for instant must-see games. Hollywood has plenty of deep-pocketed hockey fans to help on the financial side, though Jerry Bruckheimer is kinda busy with the Seattle Kraken right now.

Florida State softball's miraculous run continues to WCWS finals with another win against Alabama

  Florida State softball's miraculous run continues to WCWS finals with another win against Alabama The Seminoles will play for their second NCAA Championship in four years starting Tuesday against No. 1 Oklahoma.The final hurdle, a second consecutive game against No. 3 Alabama Monday night, looked like no problem when the Seminoles jumped out to an 8-0 lead in the third inning.

Stanford University: We've got Southern California covered, but what about Northern California? Again, we have a choice, this time between Stanford and Cal-Berkeley. You could even throw San Jose State in the mix, though the Spartans don't have the Pac-10 affiliation of the other two. This could be key, especially if enough Pac-10 schools join Arizona State in hockey to form a group. Six Pac-10 schools would get you an automatic bid in the NCAA tournament, which is why Penn State was so crucial to the Big Ten's creation a few years ago.

North Carolina State: This is another NHL-related call and again, you can sub in Duke or North Carolina if you wish - but the Wolfpack are from Raleigh, just like the Carolina Hurricanes. So you get that support and the benefit of geographic supremacy in an area that has started developing some nice talent in recent years.

University of Maryland: As you can tell, I'm filling in the Eastern Seaboard here. But the Terrapins hold intrigue because of their Big Ten membership and their close proximity to the Washington Capitals. If not Maryland, you could also go with Georgetown, Navy or any number of Virginia schools nearby.

Who decided Ontario schools should stay closed? Government won't say, but doctors call on Ford to reconsider

  Who decided Ontario schools should stay closed? Government won't say, but doctors call on Ford to reconsider While it's unclear who made the call, it is certain the decision has been controversial — with even top experts divided — and will mean students in Ontario, who had already been out of school for longer than any other students in the country by mid-May, will miss even more class time. Doctors ask Ford to reconsider On Wednesday, a letter signed by more than 400 doctors was sent to the Ontario government calling for a review of the information that informed the decision to keep schools closed, as well as guarantees that students registered for summer school will be able to attend in person and that all students will be able to attend in-person

Rutgers University: New Jersey only has one program right now (Princeton) and based on how much talent comes out of the state, another one is needed. Rutgers has flirted with going D1 for years now but the plan just hasn't come together yet. The Scarlet Knights are in the Big Ten, so they've got a conference all set for them, plus the NHL's Devils have been great on the grassroots front.

University of Washington: Another Pac-10 school, the Huskies can ride the Seattle Kraken zeitgeist if they get on their horses fast enough. Washington State would also fit the bill as a fellow Pac-10 school, though Washington is right in Seattle proper, which makes an NHL connection easier.

UNLV: Though the Rebels aren't a Pac-10 school, their Las Vegas address would make for an easy schedule, even if a lot of it is non-conference to begin with. Or perhaps they become a Pac-10 affiliate in hockey, which would help everyone. Either way, with the NHL's Golden Knights a smash hit, college hockey could be the next step for the city.

University of Illinois: I've been saying this for years, but it's a crime that Illinois doesn't have any D1 hockey, given how many players hail from the state. Both Illinois and Northwestern are Big Ten schools, so either would work and the Illini have talked a lot about going D1 in the past (particularly when Chicago hosted the draft). Make it happen, people!

If the NCAA clings to its shaky version of amateurism, talent will find others places to play .
As CBC Sports Senior Contributor Morgan Campbell writes, thanks to the Supreme Court we can now, hopefully, move on from debating whether collegiate athletes deserve more in return for their talent.Consider that when the U.S. Supreme Court delivered its ruling in the landmark lawsuit involving the NCAA and former West Virginia running back Shawne Alston, who first sued in 2012 to challenge amateurism rules, all nine justices ruled against the college sports regulatory body.

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