Sports Lindner: "CDU and CSU must clarify whether they really want to lead a government"

02:25  03 october  2021
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election campaign: Lashet remains optimist, despite everything

 election campaign: Lashet remains optimist, despite everything shortly before the last triple, it looks more gloomy for the CDU candidate. His recipe: continue, even if the SPD is already triumphed - and not only help from its own ranks. © Michele Tantussi / Reuters Printing from all sides: CDU Chancellor Candidate Armin Lashet. Lashet remains optimist, despite everything The SPD is almost in the chancellor's office, the sister party CSU senses about the consequences of a defeat, and the recent surveys make at most a little bit of hope.

The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner increases the pressure on the Union before the exploits with CDU and CSU. "CDU and CSU must clarify if they really want to lead a government," Lindner said the "Image on Sunday" (Bams). "We are ready to serious talks with the Union and rather hope the same." At the same time, Lindner pace demanded the negotiations.

Der FDP-Vorsitzende Christian Lindner erhöht vor den Sondierungen mit CDU und CSU den Druck auf die Union. © John MacDougall The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner increases pressure on the Union before the exploits with CDU and CSU. "CDU and CSU must clarify if they really want to lead a government," Lindner said the "Image on Sunday" (Bams).

The FDP boss divides the completion of the coalition talks significantly before Christmas: "The FDP wants a speedy government formation until mid-December. The world does not wait for us." It is particularly a need for action in the economy. "So that we make better out of the Corona recession, there should be a super depreciation program for investments."

elections in East Germany: Caution, flap and snappy!

 elections in East Germany: Caution, flap and snappy! In the east, the choice can decide: Angela Merkel has fallen off the CDU, the SPD is back. And despite AFD, a new center is created. A comment © Photo: Georg Wendt / DPA This bites: Chancellor Angela Merkel prefer to attend a bird park as the election campaign of the East CDU. Da stood, without Mutti souls all: the leader of the East CDU, all men, summoned on Friday in Halle at the Saale for the election campaign the old time.

In conversation with the "Bams" Lindner also named the red lines for the negotiations with the other parties: compliance with the debt brake and the waiver of tax increases. "In the highest tax country Germany, tax increases would be harmful to the recovery after the pandemic." Although not all relief ideas could be implemented immediately, but decisive the trend change, "after a decade of burden on taxes and bureaucracy in a decade of relief," said Lindner. The debt brake must remain, emphasized the FDP chairman.

The FDP chairman looks at his party and the Greens a renewal order for Germany: "Greens and FDP separates many things. But connects us that we have turned ourselves from different perspectives against the status quo."

"Choice lost": Criticism of Laschet is called in CDU Lauter - Value Union Candidation

 After the election of the CDU, the criticism of the Chancellor's candidates of the Union, Armin Laschet, has also become louder even from its own ranks. The value union even demands the resignation from the CDU chancellor candidate and CSU boss Markus Söder. © DPA Saxony-Anhalt Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (l., CDU) with CDU Chancellor's Candidate Armin Laschet Laschet showed itself optimistic and continues to claim the Chancellery, such as in a Jamaica Alliance with Greens and FDP.

overlaps looks Lindner in the talks with the Greens on the subject of children and education. For this he wants to delete "superfluous subsidies". The automotive industry is, for example, "in excellent constitution - they do not need billion subsidies for electric cars".

CDU Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak made itself strong for a Jamaica alliance in conversation with Bams. "We go with great sense of responsibility in the talks with FDP and Greens," said Ziemiak. "We want to make our contribution in a new future for annul that something new for our country arises."

with exploratory discussions in different constellation, the parties to Sunday again exploit the possibilities for joint education. In the afternoon, politicians and politicians of SPD and FDP come together. In the evening, conversations of SPD and Greens as well as CDU / CSU and FDP follow. Previously, there had already been meeting of Greens and FDP.


Who comes to Armin Laschet?: Kretschmer calls new election of the entire CDU tip .
The CDU advises on the reorganization. The Saxon Prime Minister Kretschmer wants to replace the entire CDU top this year. © Photo: DPA Armin Laschet hopes for a consensual solution in finding his successor. Most members of the CDU tip go into the party headquarters or drive straight into the underground car park. The Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer stops. "All functions have to be re-elected," calls Kretschmer - and still for this year.

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