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13:30  24 october  2021
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Martin J. Sherwin, Pulitzer-winning scholar, dead at 84

  Martin J. Sherwin, Pulitzer-winning scholar, dead at 84 NEW YORK (AP) — Martin J. Sherwin, a leading scholar of atomic weapons who in “A World Destroyed” challenged support for the U.S. bombing of Japan and spent more than two decades researching the pioneering physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer for the Pulitzer Prize-winning “American Prometheus,” has died. Sherwin died Wednesday at his home in Washington, D.C., according to his friend Andrew Hartman, a professor of history at Illinois State University. He was 84 and had been battling lung cancer. Kai Bird, a close friend and the co-author of “American Prometheus,” called him “probably the preeminent historian of the nuclear age.

a ceremony in tribute to the 256 shot of the siege camp, between 1940 and 1944, is organized this Sunday

Cérémonie en hommage aux fusillés du camp de Souge (Gironde) © Jean-Pierre Muller / AFP ceremony in tribute to the shooting camp (Gironde) Gironde - a ceremony in tribute to the 256 shooting of the siege camp, between 1940 and 1944, is organized this Sunday

as every year around the 24th of October, the Names of the 256 shots of the siege camp in Martignas-sur-Jalle ( Gironde ) will be grouped this Sunday, on the occasion of the traditional ceremony in homage. But this year will be special, since we celebrate the 80 years of the first massive shootings at the souge camp.

"Souge is a military camp, which was occupied by the Germans during the World War II , recalls the president of the association of remembrance of the gunshots of suspends , Jean Lavie. Here they have shot 256 patriotic resistance between 1940 and 1944, from an area ranging from Poitiers to Bayonne. We find people who came from Dordogne, Charente-Maritime, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the maquis of the Landes and the Medoc. The soug camp is thus after the Mont-Valerian the second place of shooting in France.

Antisemitic rhetoric continues to be used by some opponents of COVID-19 measures

  Antisemitic rhetoric continues to be used by some opponents of COVID-19 measures A Winnipeg restaurateur likened public health orders to Nazi brutality. Now, advocates are calling attention to antisemitism on the fringes of the anti-vaccine mandate movement, suggesting it evolved from messaging put forward by the far right in support of other populist causes."I'm still shaking after listening to that rant. That was unbelievable," she said.

For a German officer killed, 50 people shot

on October 24, 1941, the first mass shootout occurs. Fifty hostages are slaughtered, in retaliation of the death of a German officer, while a series of acts of resistance is organized everywhere in the country. "First in Paris, then on October 20 and 21, 1941 in Nantes and Bordeaux, attacks on German officers are decided, continues Jean Lavie. On October 21st, the Hans Reimers military adviser is shot down in Bordeaux. In application of the hostage code, decided in the sphere around Hitler, 50 hostages were thus shot in soug. Among them, 35 were taken at the ménignac's guarded stay where Communists were interned during the war, and 15 resisters were extracted from the Fort D' Bordeaux , including young Gaullists. »

The Belarus expels the French ambassador

 The Belarus expels the French ambassador © Copyright 2021, the obs the French ambassador to Belarus, Nicolas de Suisrane de Lacoste, left the country after Minsk asked her to do it before this Monday 18 October, said Sunday his embassy. "Ambassador Nicolas de Lacoste left Belarus today," said a spokesman for the embassy. She did not explain the reason given by the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to request the departure of the ambassador.

Exhumation des corps de fusillés au camp de Souge (Gironde) le 1er août 1944 - Association du souvenir des fusillés de Souge © Provided by 20 minutes Exhumation of the bodies shot at the Souge Camp (Gironde) August 1, 1944 - Association of Remembrance of Troubleshots

The first gunfall had taken place a month and a half after the arrival of German troops in Bordeaux. "It was a Jew who had gesticulated during the transition from German music near St. John's station, in August 1940. He was arrested the same day, judged the next day and shot the day after. The Germans had for appointing to be courteous when they arrived in Bordeaux, but they also wanted to show that they were holding the situation of a firm hand.

93% of the weighted individuals identified

The largest shootout occurred on September 21, 1942, after an attack in Paris. "The Germans had decided to shoot 116 people in retaliation, but at Romainville Prison there was only 46 prisoners, so they went to take 70 in Bordeaux, shot.

Today, the Association of Remembrance of the Subsage Shots lists 257 people killed in the military camp (but only 256 are honored, the "death for France" having been withdrawn for one of the them). A list that may not be final. "There are still strangers, the two shot of the Frankton operation are for example honored in Blanquefort, but there are doubts about the specific place of their execution.

Hulk beats the Avengers & all other Marvel Heroes: Expects us soon a "World War Hulk" movie?

 Hulk beats the Avengers & all other Marvel Heroes: Expects us soon a " The incredible Hulk " was the second film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but one can claim that the film is not the same meaning for the Avengers universe, such as the direct predecessor " Iron Man ". With the upcoming MCU series "She-Hulk" this will change - and beyond, too, there are apparently large plans for the Hulk.

Our file on the second war

and if all the gunshots have been identified, the story still remains to be written for many of them. "We found the actions of birth and death of 93% of them, continues Jean Lavie, but there are still some twenty people for whom we do not know much, and we are still looking for information supplements even if for some it will be very difficult.

Nantes execution of the 50 hostages 80 years ago in Nantes: how to tell this story often unknown to the Nantes? BordeauxBordeaux: During the Second World War, "The Allies knew that the underwater base was indestructible"

Dieter HallerDords: A "old white cracker" Echaufen again over the genders .
"For me, a martyrdom is a martyrdom," it is supposed to be in a song on his new studio album "80plus" © provided by www.rollingstone.de Dieter Hallervorden live at the # alarmstuferot demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate; October 28, 2020 in Berlin "For me, Gendern is a martyrdom," it is said to be in a song on his new studio album "80plus" the release of Dieter Hallerdemens New album "80plus" is before: on Friday (05. November) Will be his new work.

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