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01:40  15 november  2021
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Lyon comes end of Lens

 Lyon comes end of Lens © provided by Sofoot in a spectacular and very pleasant meeting, Lyon took the top on Lens (2-1). In the lead with two goals ahead at the break, OL did not make the same mistake in Nice last week, even though he suffered against a beautiful Lensoise team. Lyon 2-1 Lens Goals: Toko Ekambi (25th, SP) and AOUAR (42E) for OL // Kalimuendo (61E) for blood and gold This time, Lyon did not flanch.

  Lyon ne fait qu'une bouchée du PSG © Provided by Sofoot

While football has finally reasserted itself after a turbulent week behind the scenes, OL devoured PSG at Groupama Stadium in shock D1 Arkéma (6-1). Quickly outdated and reduced to ten Parisian totally sunk and leave fenottes escape in mind.

female Olympic Lyon 6-1 Paris Saint-Germain women Goals: Macario (15, SP), Van Donk (19th), Malard (53rd), Damaris (60th), Hegerberg (80th, 82nd) ​​for fenottes // Ilestedt (74th) for PSG

Exclusion: Lawrence (28th) for PSG

After a busy week in emotions, women's football has finally reasserted itself this Sunday at Groupama Stadium for the clash as expected between OL and PSG . Unfortunately for the suspense, the poster was quickly cut short, as the Lyons were higher than the champions of France, head elsewhere after intense last four days. Result, it gives a tennis score (6-1) and a first salt defeat for Paris this season.

Lyon. Gérald Darmanin puts pressure on communities on the extension of Interpol

 Lyon. Gérald Darmanin puts pressure on communities on the extension of Interpol © Ludovic Martin / AFP The Minister of the Interior asked the City of Lyon, the metropolis and the region to engage financially on the Interpol headquarters extension project. Illustration image. Gérald Darmanin called on communities to engage financially on the extension of Interpol headquarters in Lyon, evoking a possible departure abroad. Grégory Doucet, the ecologist mayor of the city, denounced the methods of the Minister of the Interior.

PSG standing KO As in past seasons, shock hand drum beating. Intensity, big duels, and Grace Geyoro already ashore. Dominated the Parisian experience speeds fenottes and Melvine Malard, much faster Amanda Ilestedt. But the young Lyonnaise missing its face-to-face with Votikova. Speed, it is also about Sandy in Baltimore, when the French international came to file a cross into the area of ​​the OL, without Diani can resume. This action of the 8th minute PSG will be the only side in 45 minutes as the players Didier Olle-Nicolle suffer. The punishment comes at the end of quarter hour, when Catarina Macario is mowed in the surface by a Ilestedt at bay. The American did not asked as to transform the sentence (1-0, 15th). Struggling offensively against Bayern in midweek, sevenfold champions of Europe managed to make the break in stride with the indestructible Selma Bacha. Back from injury, the winger OL sends a festival before serving on a tray Danielle van Donk, coming cut at the front post (2-0, 19). Totally absent physically and mentally, the champion title in France lose Ashley Lawrence, excluded for a foul on Melvin Malard. The young striker OL will then pass just a few centimeters to permanently bend the case.

PSG, a change of captain claimed!

 PSG, a change of captain claimed! © provided by Sports.fr A Captain of the PSG too tender? four and a half months after its signature at the PSG and more than 6 months after its last match with Real Madrid (it was May 5th), Sergio Ramos should (finally) perform its debut under the red tunic And blue. The Spanish defender, 34, is preparing for several weeks and could participate in the meeting of League 1 against Nantes, in the wake of the international window, Saturday, November 20 (17h). A long-awaited return of Jérôme Rothen.

Hegerberg, two years later After the break, players Sonia Bompastor strong attack and plant the third in a corner perfectly kicked by Selma Bacha and touched by Melvine Malard (3-0, 53 '). Not helped by marking a much too lax, Parisian crack corner again, this time on a phone headset Damaris Egurrola, well served by a four-star caviar Catarina Macario (4-0, 59th). Always so domineering in the game despite the changes, the fenottes will still concede a goal Ilestedt Amanda, who saves his match with his score reduction of the head (4-1, 75th). But not enough to frighten the Lyons, who plant a new thorn in stride. And who better to crucify Ada Hegerberg PSG definitely. Scorer of the left foot (5-1, 80th) and head (6-1, 83), the Norwegian did not hide his tears for his first goals since returning to competition in early October. Widely winners, the fenottes take the opportunity to take three points ahead of their rivals, who take a blow behind the head, while Real Madrid arrives Thursday C1. For his part, Lyon is full of confidence before going to Munich to validate his ticket to the quarterfinals finals of the Champions League.

Olympique Lyonnais women (4-3-3): Endler - Carpenter, Buchanan, Henry, Morroni - Damaris, Macario (Mbock, 65th), Van Donk (Hegerberg, 73) - D. Cascarino (Lawrence, 74th), Malard (Bruun, 65 '), Bacha (Cayman, 57th). Coach: Sonia Bompastor.

Paris Saint-Germain women (4-3-3): Votikova - Lawrence Didek, Ilestedt, Karchaoui (E. Cascarino, 60th) - Geyoro De Almeida Däbritz (Fazer, 75th) - Diani (Khelifi, 75th) Katoto (Huitema, 75th), Baltimore (Bachmann, 46th). Coach: Didier Ollé-Nicolle.

fireworks mortars on police officers in Lyon: a second "dalton" placed in custody .
© Philippe Desmazes A member of the group of "Dalton", November 5, 2021 in Lyon. Urban Rodéos, full-game burst or delivery of a package at the Lyon-Corbas stopover, the group of rappers the "Dalton" multiplies the provocations for several weeks in Lyon. Wednesday, on the sidelines of a manifestation against a direct of the CNEWS channel in the district of Guillotière , the police have been the subject of fireworks mortars, devices for pyrotechnics but whose use. is diverted.

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