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Congress LR: what must be retained from the second debate between the candidates?

 Congress LR: what must be retained from the second debate between the candidates? © Thomas Samson / AFP All candidates for the Navy for the presidential election of 2022, Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse, Michel Barnier, Eric Ciotti and Philippe Juvin have again debated Sunday night, on BFM-TV. Exchanges that did not reveal large substantive divergences, and during which Eric Ciotti was distinguished again.

Mayor Valérie Plante . "It seems to me," writes Lise Ravary , "that creating more bike and pedestrian lanes is not justified by a desire to fight a virus." Photo by Pierre Obendrauf /Montreal Gazette. Article content. Valérie Plante , who came out of nowhere, unlike her predecessor, was elected mayor of A city document states: “In the 21st century, it is time to review how we express ourselves to ensure inclusion of diverse types of human gender.” The Office québécois de la langue française says the goal is “to abandon progressively the generic masculine to render the representation of men and women

Mayor Valérie Plante ’s plans have created a shockwave and the city has had to backtrack on some of its projects, such as making St-Laurent Blvd. pedestrian-only in Little Italy and closing parts of Masson and Beaubien Sts. to traffic. The merchants’ association of St-Denis St. wants to delay the plan to make this main artery Montreal’s ombudsman has now launched an investigation , after sending a warning letter to the administration on May 20. Yes, the combustion engine’s future is getting grim, but its demise will take time . If it ever happens. Country living is impossible without motorized transportation.

Montreal has a new administration, based on the old one. Valérie Plante turned out to be an OK mayor, even when she overdosed on bicycle culture. So she’s back. She earned it, but here are a few thoughts.

Mayor Valérie Plante speaks after unveiling her new executive committee at the Marché Bonsecours. © Provided by The Gazette Mayor Valérie Plante speaks after unveiling her new executive committee at the Marché Bonsecours.

The promotion of pedal power in a city covered with snow for half of the year does not seem incongruous to those in her administration who consider cycling in any weather an acceptable alternative to driving on snowy roads. The propaganda has been so successful that more and more people look at you as the devil incarnate when you mention, en passant, that riding a bike in winter is dangerous. Especially for people of a certain age and ability. Or people carrying children in a buggy.

at the Made in France show, Valérie Pecresse and Marine Le Pen intersect ... And it's glazed, ultra-annoying video!

 at the Made in France show, Valérie Pecresse and Marine Le Pen intersect ... And it's glazed, ultra-annoying video! Valérie Pecresse (LR) and Marine Le Pen (Rn) would not have to cross at the Made in France show ... and yet! © Twitter at the Made in France show, Valérie Pecresse and Marine Le Pen intersect ... And it's glazed, ultra-troublesome video! Paris welcomed November 11 to 14, the Made in France show. The opportunity for many political figures to offer a crowd bath and a little comm '. This was the case of Arnaud Montebourg and Marine Le Pen, candidates for the next presidential elections.

Valérie Plante takes a moment to soak in the celebration on Sunday night, after a resounding victory giving her a second mandate as mayor of Montreal. It has been a remarkable run for a politician who burst onto the scene in 2017, upsetting veteran politician Denis Coderre to become mayor of the second largest city in Canada. In her rematch with Coderre, Plante offered up a more tempered set of proposals than she had the first time around , when she grabbed attention with her idea for a new Metro line, a heightened focus on the environment and a promise to get the traffic-clogged city moving again.

If more than half the population of Canada feels that we have too much immigration and that anti-immigration sentiment is on the rise(when previously it was not), than we must consider that we are seeing signs of failure. Otherwise with enough time third world HARD RIGHT theocracies that don't give a damn about our hard fought first world values will take over and transform everything. Women's rights, gay rights, civil rights will all go right out the window. Europe will barely escape this fate if they act now.

Never mind winter: Montreal is not the safest city when it comes to cycling, period. Six cyclists have died this year on Montreal streets , the highest number since 2013.

In Plante’s world, it’s as if no one is over 60 and those who make it to retirement age run marathons. Our demented drive for performance never dies, it seems.

In Plante’s world, everybody lives on the Plateau or in the Mile End, neighbourhoods close to downtown. The truly brave are now colonizing St-Henri to create another core of coolness in Montreal where few can afford to live decently. Where people who struggle financially can no longer afford their renovated dwelling. In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, whose working class ethos has almost disappeared, branches of Household Finance and Meubles Légaré having been long replaced by chic cafés where lattes costs two arms and four legs.

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lise ravary : (translated) "even i find this plan to not be enough." But since it's Valerie Plante announcing this only-slightly- more -ambitious change: War on cars, families with kids, only Probably around 40 different subway and bus systems. What I’ve noticed, significantly more than any other

The proposal by mayoral candidate Balarama Holness would lead to more language strife. Share this Story: Lise Ravary : A referendum on Montreal's linguistic status? Non, merci. Copy Link. Coderre or Plante will be elected mayor, not Holness. Not this time around . Valérie Plante has made it clear there is no reason to question the French-speaking status of Montreal.

Moving on further east, daring city explorers will encounter places such as Longue-Pointe, Anjou, Louis-Riel, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montréal-Est, places no one ever talks about in the media unless disaster strikes.

The east end of Montreal speaks French. I’ll repeat it: French is not dying in the east end. People also speak Italian, Arabic and Creole. Journalists assigned a story about language in Montreal usually visit traditional anglo areas to confirm the popular belief that Montreal now speaks English. They rarely venture east, where “Bonjour-Hi” is rarely heard, if ever.

Plante, except for transportation projects, has not shown much interest in far away eastern neighbourhoods. To top it all off, the REM’s concrete pillars, sky tracks and overhead electric wires will stretch over 25 km in the east end. It’s not a city-led project but the mayor will have to deal with the aftermath.

Parisian peripheral: the city attacks the region in court

 Parisian peripheral: the city attacks the region in court © Yann Castanier / West-France Online vote, open until the end of November, was tried "illegal" by the town hall of Paris. Photo Stock Illustration. A complaint was filed on Thursday, November 25 by the Paris City Hall against a consultation around the road project dedicated to carpooling on the peripheral boulevard, launched by the Ile-de-France region, presided over by Valérie Pécresse.

You already suck back more than enough in Quebec, demand is increasing too. I think the pipeline would just be a good way of getting alberta back on track but at the same time , after this I wanna see Alberta start to ‘ OK ’ gesture gets Hamilton high school student kicked out of co-op placement.

It is too hot outside. Too many bugs. But I've had a chance to catch up on The Crown and to enjoy I know, the series has been around for awhile, but the state of internet service in rural Canada did not Share this article in your social network. Share this Story: Lise Ravary : Summer can't be over soon

I am so afraid the REM will be a gigantic esthetic disaster.

In fact, I am not sure that Plante cares very much about the look of things, yet beautiful cities of the world have an edge over ugly ones. Every time city hall or its constellation of local administrations decide to create a new pedestrian area, whoever decides on urban furniture seems to have great affection for recycled wooden crates and leftover cans of paint.

Does eco mean ugly?

We’ll never be Paris, but we can be beautiful Boston.

Another mandate, another case of “we’ll see” if Montreal comes out better at the end of Plante’s tenure. I’ll keep my mind open, but what I do not and cannot agree with is the fad of achieving parity in government. As a woman, I find this insulting. ( Eight members of Plante’s new 14-member executive committee are women , as are all three associate councillors.)

I vehemently disagree with engineered parity in government. What private companies do is their business, but the risk is that, inevitably, some candidates for high office will be chosen for their gender, to make up at least a 50-50 ideological quota and not for their competence. That pains me deeply.

Ideally, a mayor and her inner team are chosen because they are good, not because they are women.



LR: Deleted, Barnier, Bertrand and Juvin call to vote Pécresse .
as soon as the results of the first round of the known LR primer, Michel Barnier, Xavier Bertrand and Philippe Juvin called to vote for Valérie Pécresse. © Julien de Rosa / AFP in the LR inauguration race for the presidential election of 2022, Valérie Pécresse will be able to count on three weight supports for the second round of the "primary" which will oppose it to Eric Ciotti.

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