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20:01  05 december  2021
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traffic light coalition stands: Minimum wage is rising, coal outlet comes sooner and the FDP promises: "We will digitize this state"

 traffic light coalition stands: Minimum wage is rising, coal outlet comes sooner and the FDP promises: The first nationwide traffic light alliance is on the target straight: SPD, GREEN and FDP want to introduce your coalition agreement. What is in it? The most important developments in the Stern Liveblog. © AFP / Odd Andersen Two months after the federal election are the negotiations of SPD, Greens and FDP on the formation of a traffic light government immediately before graduation.

, this result was expected: The FDP delegates agreed on their special party to the traffic light coalition agreement with 92.2 percent of the votes. Now only the vote of the Greens is standing out.

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner hat die wichtige Rolle seiner Partei in der künftigen Koalition hervorgehoben © Picture Alliance / DPA FDP Chief Christian Lindner has highlighted the important role of its party in the future coalition

The FDP has appreciated the coalition agreement with SPD and Greens in its special party with a clear majority.

The Hybrid Special Party Day was only the closest party tip and a core team for the organization were present in the Berlin Meeting Lane Station. All other participants were switched digitally.

coalition agreement: You have a chance deserves

 coalition agreement: You have a chance deserves The traffic light will start under difficult conditions and with great promises. This can easily go wrong. Nevertheless: The coalition agreement is cause for hope. © Kay Nietfeld / dpa The light-representatives at the way to the idea of ​​the coalition agreement In the beginning was the Selfie . Cheerful decided the former opponents of FDP and Greens looked at the start of exploratory talks into the camera. Now begins a new era, did that mean.

party chairman Christian Lindner had previously announced in his speech for the approval of the coalition contract. "It's a coalition agreement for a middle policy of the center, who does not move our country to the left, but wants to lead forward," Lindner said. "This coalition agreement is characterized by where we have expanded and supplemented each other."

His party see in the future coalition with SPD and Greens as a guarantee of a course of the center: "The free Democrats are not available for a left-hand in Germany, because we already have a lot of left politics in our country," said Lindner.

from FDP view are in the Treaty Focus on , among other things, the waiver of tax increases and new taxes, a commitment to solid state finances and the intention of creating advancement opportunities.

The FDP is happy about your negotiation successes

 The FDP is happy about your negotiation successes Berlin. In the best mood, the FDP tip showed the day after the presentation of the traffic light coalition agreement. The feedback from Parteibasis are "very positive", so party character Christian Lindner. But when replacing the now released items on the faction and party lit, no mistakes can be made. © Michael Kappeler The designated Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) on Wednesday at the presentation of the traffic light contract.

Volker Wissing soll neuer Verkehrsminister werden © Reuhl / Photostead / Picture Alliance Volker Wissing is to become a new Minister of Transport

Wissing wants to use for climate neutrality

The estimated Minister of Transport Volker Wissing wants to accelerate digitization and at the same time use climate protection. "The broadband expansion must be completed and the funkloles must be closed," said the current FDP Secretary-General of the "picture on Sunday". He also wanted to use that Germany became climate-neutral. "The sooner the better." The internal combustion engine in its former form is an outlet model.

Wissing was excited in the Greens as he had promised diesel drivers to compensate for a multi-burden due to higher energy controls on diesel by means of lower motor vehicle controls.

Election of the Federal Chancellor probably on Wednesday

The SPD had approved the contract at a party congress on Saturday at 98.8 percent . The Greens have organized a member survey, whose result is to be announced on Monday.

"Just a little tip from me": Scholz calls Jusos to restraint at traffic light criticism on

 The SPD offspring has reservations about working with the FDP. Chancellor Olaf Scholz advises Jusos to deal with criticism of the Union. © Photo: DPA / Frank Rumpenhorst The expected new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). The estimated new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has recruited for the coalition with Greens and FDP and called the Jusos for restraint in dealing with the future partners .

now also votes the Greens members to the Treaty , the SPD candidate Olaf Scholz can be chosen on Wednesday from the German Bundestag as planned to the new Chancellor and successor to Angela Merkel. Christian Lindner is to become a financial minister.

Olaf Scholz, SPD, wird voraussichtlich am Mittwoch zum Nachfolger von Angela Merkel gewählt © Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters Olaf Scholz, SPD, is expected to be elected on Wednesday to the successor of Angela Merkel

The Greens get with the previous party leader Robert Habeck as Minister among others a new department of climate and economy, in which the ambitious projects of the traffic light Coalition for climate protection should be significantly controlled. Open is still who becomes the new minister. The department will be conducted by the SPD in the future. Scholz wants to announce the personnel on Monday.

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Federal President: Wolfgang Kubicki and Christian Dürr support Frank-Walter Steinmeier .
In February, a new Federal President is elected, Frank-Walter Steinmeier is ready for a second term. So far, the traffic light was back, now he receives support from the FDP.

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