Sports Sportsman's election 2021: 17 Hits alone in a game

23:45  02 january  2022
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Teddy Riner: Why he refused his son to do judo ... Before you change your mind!

 Teddy Riner: Why he refused his son to do judo ... Before you change your mind! © Jacques Witt / Sipa Teddy Riner: Why he refused his son to do judo ... Before you change your mind! in dedicated family father, Teddy Riner wants to protect his children from the slightest annoyance. Who could have thought that would happen to want to keep his son away from judo? We have already seen it in various documentaries about it: beyond the great sportsman, Teddy Riner is a father who places his home at the heart of his concerns.

with a permanent subscription to the annual athlete election Corinna Schmitz is equipped. The handball player has been the exceptional athletin for many years in its sport in a circle and has also found in 2021 again its legitimate place on the nomination list.

Seit Jahren die überragende Leistungsträgerin der HSG Euskirchen: Corinna Schmitz. © Photo: Rocco Bartsch For years the superior conductor of HSG Euskirchen: Corinna Schmitz.

with her team, the HSG Euskirchen, Schmitz plays a good season in the Verbandliga after the rise in 2019 since the fall of last year. After seven playing games, the HSG has a positive point account with 8: 6 counters and Schmitz once again the guarantee for success. With 47 goals, it performs not only the Werfer List in the Bandandliga, but is an ideas and livestock in the Euskirchen game.

Ikon, Hunger Clap

 Ikon, Hunger Clap © provided by Sofoot after three and a half years in Lille, Jonathan Ikoné (23 years old) folded luggage and will officially engage with Fiorentina in the coming hours. This is a new major departure to manage in the title French champion who leaves a little pensive on timing for the player. summarize Jonathan Ikon's passage in the North is a perilous exercise.

goalkeeper and playmaker

The 28-year-old likes to play the game in front of him and after successful defense work, picks up the ball from the goalkeeper and afterwards the threads of the attacking game of the district towns. "I like to control that, because not always the quick attack is the best means of success," says Schmitz.

17 Results against Niederpfeis

In doing so, she skilfully uses her teammates or assumes responsibility. Her best seasonal performance, Schmitz delivered in the home game against the TuS Lower Pop, where she had a stunning 100 percent litter rate and threw with 17 goals the opponents almost alone from the hall. "The first successful completion gives enormous buoyancy, then it was just good for me," says the player.

Who is Jean Lassalle, the candidate for the second time in the presidential election?

 Who is Jean Lassalle, the candidate for the second time in the presidential election? © Infographic West France Jean Lassalle, candidate for the presidential election of 2022 | elected from the Republic since 1977, Mayor then MP, Jean Lassalle is candidate for the presidential election of 2022. Political courses, strong proposals, personal life ... We present you all that you need to know about this candidate. Old Youth Mayor of France , Agricultural Technician, Member since 2002 ... Jean Lassalle is iconoclast.

Corinna Schmitz comes from a handball family and has been playing handball since the toddler age. Despite several requests from larger clubs, she has always decided on the homeland. The TV Euel's home began her way - and this club is faithful to this club, because the TVE merely merged into the HSG Euskirchen. Schmitz knows what she is about this club, but also what he has to her. Despite thin residential ceiling and other injury-related failures, the HSG continues to fight for the league. The trained physiotherapist of the Euskirchener Marien-Hospital knows that the way to the league is still far.

Dutt and Red Beete Juice

The Euskirchener is quite superstitious in the game preparation. So it must be a perfectly bound dutt who holds the blond hair together. Since this season, there is also a red-breeze juice in front of the game, which has replaced the cheese roll and the coke.

on the question of which ritual she cares at this year's athlete election, she says: "Maybe I'll tie a Dutt every day, but every day to drink Red-Beete's juice, that's not mine."

Square is missing. Has not quite enough for Schmitz to the big litter. According to third places in 2011 and 2018, she reached second in the election to the athlete of the decade last year. This placement also occupied her in the election to the athlete of the year in 2012.

"It is a great honor for me as the first time a great honor that I am as a team athlete in the individual category to the election," says Corinna Schmitz modest.

"I will not let anyone put the knife under the throat of" American (biden) democracy .
a year after the storm of the Capitol, the American president stated that his predecessor, Donald Trump, had "attempted to prevent a peaceful transfer of power ". Joe Biden promised to leave "no one put the knife under the throat of" American democracy. © Greg Nash / The Hill The American President Joe Biden, pronouncing a speech at the Capitol, on 06/01/2022, one year after the assault led in this place by supporters of Donald Trump.

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