Sports visit to Moscow: Baerbock and Lavrov at confrontation for state transmitter RT DE

17:20  18 january  2022
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Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the start of the

 Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of talks continually mounted in Ukraine © Sergei Supinsky / AFP the crisis in Ukraine continues and the United States. United close up close to crisis - tensions constantly mounted in Ukraine American Secretary Antony Blinken warned this Sunday Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the beginning of under high talks Voltage in Geneva on the situation in Ukraine .

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and their Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov have gone on Moscow's state television transmitter RT DE on confrontation. Lavrov demanded the Federal Government on Tuesday to enable the unobstructed work of the station in Germany.

Bezüglich des Staatsfernsehsenders RT DE hatten Annalena Baerbock und Sergej Lawrow unterschiedliche Meinungen. © DPA With regard to the state television broadcaster RT DE, Annalena Baerbock and Sergei Lawrow had different opinions.

, on the other hand, said Baerbock that there is no state radio in Germany. RT DE calls for a TV station license for a German full program. In the US, France and other states sends RT.

A disability of RT is to follow

Lawrow warned his German colleague that a disability will be followed by RT. The Russian Foreign Ministry had repeatedly threatened that a submission ban will affect the work of German media in Russia. Details were not mentioned.

Ukraine: Moscow doubts the usefulness of new talks with the West

 Ukraine: Moscow doubts the usefulness of new talks with the West © Valery Hache OSCE Secretary General, Helga Maria Schmid wants to believe in the diplomatic channel. AFP / Alex Halada. Diplomacy is close to Moscow. While Russian troops are massaged at the Ukrainian border, the Kremlin Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees immediately utility to a new round of discussions with the West. Deep discrepancies on Russian safety requirements . "Without clarifying if there is (...) flexibility reserves on the other side on important topics, there is no reason to start t

Baerbock also showed complaints of an RT representative that employees of the canal would be prevented or discriminated against in Germany at their work. "That there is state interference, that's not the case," she said, as well as a decision of the video platform Youtube, RT DE because of the dissemination of false information.

Germany is committed to the press freedom

The RT representative used the press conference, publicly complaining that working in Germany was as difficult as in any other country. She asked Lawrow to support RT. The minister confirmed that this is already the case.

Baerbock replied that RT personnel has access to the Federal Press Conference and also reports of demonstrations. It always has access to journalistic activity, Baerbock said. She emphasized that Germany's press freedom is committed.

In mid-December, RT had started its German-speaking live program RT DE via various distribution channels. The media regulators in Berlin then initiated a method against RT. As a result, the satellite operator Eutelsat introduced the spread of RT DE shortly before Christmas.

Background The decision is that German regulators have not granted a broadcasting license for broadcasting. RT is always in the West as a propaganda instrument of the Kremlin in criticism. Central accusation: The transmitter spread conspiracy theories and disruption on behalf of the Russian state. RT points back. (dpa)

Ukraine-USAmbassador US in Russia Transmitted the Washington Responses to Moscow .
Ukraine-crisis / USA-Russia: Ukraine-Umbassador US in Russia transmitted the answers of Washington to Moscow Moscow, January 26 (Reuters ) - The US Ambassador in Russia, John Sullivan, wedard the Russian Foreign Ministry Wednesday to give Washington's written responses to the Moscow security requests, reports the Kommersant newspaper, without indicating from sources. No comment was obtained immediately from the US Embassy in Russia.

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