Sports Presidential: "Valérie Pécresse could not win without the UDI"

12:42  26 january  2022
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Valérie Trierweiler: What did she know about François Hollande's relationship and Julie Gayet?

 Valérie Trierweiler: What did she know about François Hollande's relationship and Julie Gayet? The Valerie Trierweiler / François Hollande couple was broken following the "Gayetgate" on January 10, 2014: the infidelity of the President of the Republic broke out. His ex-companion, Valérie Trierweiler, did not think he lived a double life, in his back. On January 10, it was Gayet Gate who blew his eighth candle. If time has now passed and the couple formed by François Hollande and Julie Gayet has resisted this scandal, at the time, it's time for enormous controversy.

Sur Europe Matin mercredi, le député et président de l'UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde est revenu sur l'alliance du parti centriste avec la candidate LR à l'élection présidentielle. Il a assuré qu'une part du programme de l'UDI a été reprise par Valérie Pécresse et que cette dernière ne peut pas gagner sans les centristes. © Europe 1 on Europe Wednesday, the member and President of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde returned to the Central Party Alliance with the candidate Lr in the presidential election. He assured that one part of the IDU program was taken up by Valérie Pécresse and that the latter can not win without the centrists.

The candidate LR in the presidential election Valérie Pécresse into his allies for the centrist party. Guest on Europe morning Wednesday, his president Jean-Christophe Lagarde assured that part of the IDU program was taken over by the latter and that their two parties complement each other. Without this, he felt that the president of the Ile-de-France region "could not win".

Anne Hidalgo would she close the door to the popular primary?

 Anne Hidalgo would she close the door to the popular primary? © AFP Anne Hidalgo unveiled this Thursday the main measures of its program for the presidential election. A way maybe close the door to the popular primary, organized from January 27 to 30. The candidate in the presidential election , Anne Hidalgo, presented Thursday the main measures of his program in terms of work, education or health and health. It also presented its vision of France, believing that it "is struck by three crises," the social, ecological and democratic urgency.

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"We took the time to build this alliance. In the last five years, the IUD has conquered its independence through A number of political fighting. It was not an evidence to support Valérie Pécresse at the end of the primary, "he laid. "We discussed for a month and a half, she wanted it to be an alliance on a project and we too. And today there is a part of the UDI program that is taken up by Valérie Pécresse," continued the Deputy Centrist before quoting several examples. "His slogan on Europe 'strong France in a powerful Europe', it is my slogan of 2019. There is also the proposal on the carbon tax at the borders, which is absolutely indispensable."

The children of the TV (France 2): who are the guests of Laurent Ruquier this Sunday, January 16th?

 The children of the TV (France 2): who are the guests of Laurent Ruquier this Sunday, January 16th? © Gilles Gustine / FTV The children of the TV (France 2): who are the Guests of Laurent Ruquier this Sunday, January 16th? Laurent Ruquier will receive five personalities on his plateau for his new number of the children of the TV, broadcast this Sunday 16 January from 18h20 on France 2. Laurent Ruquier is definitely the Figure of the weekend on France 2.

"We complete the project of Valérie Pécresse"

Jean-Christophe Lagarde assured him, the program of Valérie Pécresse is compatible with the centrist line. "The recovery line of authority, the fight against immigration - that we would not choose - and of a strong state, I have never been weak on that. I want a strong state because it is the only way to protect the weak, "said UDI president again. "But what I did not really like in this primary Republicans, is that there was a focus only on the regal subjects. And I have a good news for the French, if it There were these topics as a problem, it would be great for the country. "

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according to him, it is obvious that Valérie Pécresse needs centrists to win the presidential election. "We complete the project. It's not 100% the UDI project, otherwise I would have been a candidate. But I think without we could not win for a simple reason: the only one when a candidate coming from the right And the center won, it was when he knew how to gather both and that's what Valérie Pécresse knew how to do. "

Campaign Clip of Éric Zemmour: The Tribunal will make its decision on 4 March .
© Bertrand Guay / AFP The Far Right Candidate to the Presidential Eric Zemmour on January 10 in Paris during his wishes to the press. The extreme right polemicist and presidential candidate was assigned to the Paris judicial court by corporations and cinema personalities after the use of images without their authorizations for his application. "It is not prosecuted for its political ideas, but its actions.

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