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Hard Impact Remedy on Defense Policy and Ukraine

 Hard Impact Remedy on Defense Policy and Ukraine Berlin. The Federal Chancellor has defended his decision to upgrade the Bundeswehr and promised further assistance to Ukraine. At the same time he moved in the general debate in the Bundestag but a sharp border with a complication of NATO in the war with Russia. © Michael Kappeler Chancellor Olaf Scholz talks in the general debate in plenary in the Bundestag. like the citizens around Germany with this new crisis, show, "how much good is in our country," Olaf Scholz said.

In the questionnaire in the Bundestag, Olaf Scholz understood allegations that no one had made Germany. Whether and how he boosts his help for Ukraine, however, remained in the fog.

Hunde des Krieges: Straßenszene in Butscha, Ukraine, nach der Befreiung. Wie genau Deutschland die Ukraine in ihrem Existenzkampf künftig unterstützen will, sagte Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz am Mittwoch im Bundestag nicht. © Rodrigo ABD / DPA Dogs of War: Street scene in Boucha, Ukraine, after liberation. How exactly Germany wants to support Ukraine in your existence in the future, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz did not say on Wednesday in the Bundestag. in doubt not reply

In times of upheaval, surveys of the Federal Chancellor by the Bundestag, if nothing else, after all, the certainty that not everything changes. In the tradition of its predecessor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday had neither asking questions nor by demands from rest. Here and there he has taken AFD deputies ironically to the chest and also routinated otherwise. The privilege of Parliament is to be sent to the Chancellor. In the discretion of the Chancellor, it is to answer in his own way - in case of doubt not at all. However, Alaf Scholz has given another opportunity to explain. The parliament, the population, the ally and above all the Ukraine.

War in Ukraine: Coalition peaks agree on relief pack

 War in Ukraine: Coalition peaks agree on relief pack This is known after a meeting of the Coalition Committee. The reason is the highest level of energy prices because of the war in Ukraine. © Michael Kappeler / DPA Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) coalition peaks agree on relief pack After the energy prices have risen greatly because of the Russian attack on Ukraine last strong, the peaks of government parties have become SPD, FDP and Greens on a discharge package Agreed for the Germans.

becomes increasingly acting as a TROTT Scholz of the more than a month ago in the Bundestag announced later. Nobody raised that better than the Chancellor himself. Again and again after the weapon deliveries from Ukraine as a sluggishly defendant weapons deliveries from Germany, the Federal Chancellor referred to the allies were committed to the allies. Germany does not prefecture. In fact, it is probably the last reproach that would be made by the Federal Government - that they pretended impetuous when it was serious weapons for Ukraine or far-reaching energy sanctions against Russia.

also the contradiction resulting from this has named Scholz itself. The goal must be, he clarified that Russia does not win the war against Ukraine. Under the impression of the Russian attack war led by terrible brutality and the horrible war crimes in Boucha, there can be no other goal. The Ukraine loses the war, she loses everything. As cynical the Moscow propaganda represents the crimes in detail in agreement, so incredibly bluntly articulates a Russian descent, who will find new victims after Ukraine. If the word turning tour should have a sense, then the danger has been understood, which emanates from a fascist regime in Moscow.

Marius Müller-Westernhagen expects Ukraine War with Gerhard Schröder from

 Marius Müller-Westernhagen expects Ukraine War with Gerhard Schröder from A new single of Marius Müller-Westernhagen (73) did not exist for a long time. On Friday it is time again after eight years and it will be politically political. In his song "Zeitgeist", the rocker expects Gerhard Schröder (77). © Imago / Future Image Marius Müller-Westernhagen When he was still chancellor, he and Müller-Westernhagen were friends. The musician was considered part of the "Culture Kitchen Cabinet".

Ukraine needs heavy weapons. Does she get them?

Scholz likes to refer to the traffic light in weapons deliveries a turnover like no federal government in front of her. That's true, but it's - with relapse - irrelevant. The nature of the turning time is just that things are done and need to be done for impossible. The question must be how the Ukraine can be helped so that she wins the war against the Russian aggressor. Active will not intervene against the nuclear night Russia neither Germany nor another NATO state. But the more but the Ukraine depends on heavy weapons like tanks. After all, what is known so far, Germany remains clearly behind what many other allies deliver.

Olaf Scholz has promised the Ukraine the best possible support in the Bundestag and he spoke of unclear speed. Due to the supposedly offered secrecy, this is not easy to understand. But it does not matter that either. More importantly, if Scholz can look at the next video call to the Ukrainian President Wolodimir Selenskij.

"We all do not know why Olaf Scholz is so hesitated": When delivering heavy weapons, the pressure on the Chancellor is growing .
traffic light politicians to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine. But Chancellor Olaf Scholz is reserved. Behind the scenes there is incomprehension. © Photo: Imago / Jens Chic Olaf Scholz 'restraint causes traffic light parliamentarians to incomprehension. Marie-Agnes Strack Zimmermann pushes. The FDP defense politicians told on Wednesday from their journey into Ukraine, which she started with two traffic lights colleagues.

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