Sports Danger of nepotism: Hungary threatens to reduce EU funds in billions of millions

17:20  15 september  2022
17:20  15 september  2022 Source:   ksta.de

Hungary faces reckoning with EU that could cost it billions

  Hungary faces reckoning with EU that could cost it billions BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — After his headline performance at Hungary's Sziget Festival last month, pop star Justin Bieber held a grandiose party for his staff in a luxurious countryside setting — a 19th century castle owned by the son-in-law of the country's prime minister. The castle, to the critics of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, is emblematic of the corruption, nepotism and largesse of which the populist leader and his government have been accused for years — the kinds of behavior which now threaten to cost Hungary billions in European Union funding.

Hungary, the reduction of EU funds in the country due to widespread corruption in the country and other violations of the rule of law. The EU Commission of Ursula von der Leyen on Sunday could decide on a corresponding proposal to the Member States, as the German press agency in Brussels learned from EU circles. It would be the first time that the authority proposed the reduction in EU funds due to violations of the rule of law.

Ungarn droht 2022 wegen der weit verbreiteten Korruption in dem Land die Kürzung von EU-Mitteln in Milliardenhöhe. © dpa Hungary threatens to reduce EU funds in the country in 2022 due to the widespread corruption in the country. Possibility for compromise and payment of the funds still exists

, however, there is still the possibility for a compromise with Budapest. In the European Parliament, it is therefore feared that the money will ultimately flow to Hungary. Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen emphasized on Wednesday that they wanted to take a decisive action against corruption. In doing so, she also mentioned the rule of law mechanism, which is supposed to prevent the misuse of money from the EU budget. Hungary has so far been the only country against which a process of mechanism is running.

Corruption: Brussels maintains the financial pressure on Hungary

 Corruption: Brussels maintains the financial pressure on Hungary © EPA-EFE/STEPHANIE LECOCQ The European Budget Commissioner and to the Johannes HAHN Administration gives a press conference on the protection of the EU budget in Hungary in Hungary The European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, September 18, 2022. The European Commission threatened Sunday September 18, 2022 Hungary to suspend 7.5 billion euros in European funding, due to risks linked to corruption in this country .

The EU Commission has been criticizing for a long time widespread corruption in the country, which has been ruled by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Hungary for twelve years. In a report from July there is talk of "an environment in which the risks of clientelism, favorite and nepotism are not tackled in the high-ranking public administration".

EU resolved due to the risk of money abuse legal state mechanism from

In another document of the authority, deficits in public order are criticized. There are "serious system -related irregularities, defects and weaknesses in the public award procedures". A long list of other defects follows.

Because the EU Commission sees the risk of being abused by EU money, it triggered the rule of law mechanism against Hungary in April. The suggestion to shorten money would be the next step in the process.

Convoy organizers want funds unfrozen to pay for role in upcoming inquiry

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From the EU Commission's document, it shows that the authority could propose the EU countries to withstand up to 70 percent from several programs by the structural funds to promote disadvantaged regions. According to calculations by the Green European Member, Daniel Freis, this could be around seven billion euros. From EU circles it was said that the numbers could still change.

Recommendations to remedy the grievances of EU Commission

In addition, the authority will decide on Sunday recommendations on how the grievances in Hungary could be remedied. Should Hungary implement all the recommendations, the money could not be frozen at all.

The Hungarian government had recently revealed some movement in the dispute with Brussels for the first time in a long time. In the past few weeks, she has promised several measures to appease the EU Commission. Among other things, Budapest wants to create a new anti-corruption authority, significantly restrict the number of public tenders with only one provider and end parliamentary waving through often important laws in the 24-hour rope process.

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Budapest plans the draft law for anti-corruption authority

The responsible department-free minister Tibor Navracsics said on Wednesday evening in a television interview that the draft law for the anti-corruption authority should be brought into parliament at the beginning of next week. The heads of this authority should therefore be appointed as part of public tenders.

The order commission is occupied by international, professionally recognized experts, and the procedure in coordination with Brussels is carried out. The agency's mandate, but their skills and rights remain publicly unclear. Hungarian anti-corruption activists warn that the Orban government could lead the Brussels instances behind light.

EU countries ultimately decide over the billions for Hungary

This fear also has the GREEN politician friend. "We doubt that the list of agreed changes can fix everything that is broken in Hungary," he said on Thursday. His FDP colleague Moritz Körner warned of a "big mistake".

Ultimately, the EU countries make the decision to freeze billions for Hungary from the EU budget. According to the EU Commission's recommendation, you have up to three months for the decision, which at least 15 countries would have to agree with at least 65 percent of the EU population. (dpa)

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