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17:20  02 october  2022
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Un isoloir dans un bureau de vote à São Pedro; une communauté sur le fleuve Amazonas, le 1er octobre 2022. © Bruno Kelly / Reuters a compactor in a polling station in São Pedro; A community on the Amazonas river on October 1, 2022.

The polling stations opened. Some 156 million Brazilians are called this Sunday, October 2, to go to the polls in the largest country in Latin America to choose their head of state for the next four years. Outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro is given a loser in front of his rival, the former metallurgist Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva and ex-president of the country from 2003 to 2010. The figure on the left, sentenced to prison and then released two years later, already believes to his victory during one of the most tense elections in the country.

Presidential in Brazil: final stretch, Lula still in the lead

 Presidential in Brazil: final stretch, Lula still in the lead is a week before the presidential election, Brazil enters the final stretch of an ultra-popular electoral campaign boiling to a merciless duel between Jair Bolsonaro and Lula , whose election in the first round seems possible.

The polling stations welcome voters from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Brasilia (10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tu), with electronic polls. The Brazilians must then have to type the number of their candidates, and then shortly after the polling stations, the first results should fall.

The Two main candidates held meetings in São Paulo , the economic capital, the day before the vote, without there being overflows.

Saturday, October 1, Lula held a press conference where he already presented himself a bit like the future president: he promised to release the country from the economic and social crisis . But at the same time he tempered expectations by saying that it would surely take time.

Lula knows that he is likely to win the election, but he absolutely wants to win it in the first round. If it goes with more than 50% of the vote, it will be difficult for Jair Bolsonaro to challenge the ballot, reports our special envoy to São Paulo, Achim Lippold.

State election management: No comprehensive election failure

 State election management: No comprehensive election failure From the perspective of Berlin's acting state election manager Ulrike Rockmann, there was no "nationwide election failure" in the election for the House of Representatives in September 2021. It was completely undisputed that errors occurred, said Rockmann on Wednesday at the hearing of the Berlin Constitutional Court. "What happened should not have happened," said Rockmann. © Christoph Soeder/dpa/Archive picture Landes election manager Ulrike Rockmann in Berlin.

According to the latest surveys published on Saturday evening, Lula could actually win the majority of votes today, but that could be played with a few votes: the polls institutes give 50% or 51% votes for Lula, with a comfortable 14 points advance on Jair Bolsonaro, reports our correspondent to São Paulo, Martin Bernard .

Apart from the two main ones, there are 10 other candidates in the running for the first round. Lula hopes to benefit from postponements, in the event of a second round.

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A campaign marked by murders of left -wing sympathizers

but electoral day takes place in a very tense climate. Because the outgoing president of the far right has already brandished the threat of not recognizing the results several times if they were not favorable to him. If Jair Bolsonaro has slightly tempered his words since, the question has hovered in all minds.

provide videos that provide evidence?: Empty ballot papers probably counted in shammal. However, the vote is not recognized internationally because it obviously did not go democratically. Videos and pictures in social networks are now increasing the alle

 provide videos that provide evidence?: Empty ballot papers probably counted in shammal. However, the vote is not recognized internationally because it obviously did not go democratically. Videos and pictures in social networks are now increasing the alle © dpa counting in Donetsk: Calls after election maniupulation for false referenders become louder. Numerous states condemn carpenters in Ukraine after the false referenders in four occupied areas in Eastern and South Ukraine, the count was clearly approved as expected. Numerous states condemned the votes in advance that the Ukrainian president called the Russian approach "a crime, a crime against all countries that consider the inviolability of the border to be vital".

An voter of the workers' party (PT) said that he will not put a red t-shirt-the color of Lula's party-when he goes to vote, for fear of being attacked by a bolsonarist. Because Lula’s sympathizers have not forgotten the many attacks on leftist activists: in the months preceding the vote, Several of them were attacked or killed by Bolsonarists . Fear of violence in polling stations This context of worried tensions Marina Martins, who will be an assessment in a polling station in Rio de Janeiro. In her apartment, she wears a red t-shirt with the effigy of Lula matches her nails, but this Sunday she plans to wear white to the polling station: "It's completely crazy to be afraid of dressing like You want, because you are afraid that a person kills you because of your candidate. It's too hard to live a reality like that, "she indignant at our correspondent at Rio de Janeiro,

Sarah Cozzolino

. This year, the Electoral Superior Court has taken several measures for the elections: mobile phones are prohibited in the polling cabin, as well as the port of weapons less than 100 meters from the polling stations.

"I will know all the police people when I arrive, to call people if necessary, because one cannot defend themselves on its own," she said in French.

In the event of the victory of former president Lula, Marina says she is more afraid of the aggressiveness of the supporters of Jair Bolsonaro than a real attempted coup of the President: "We have a lot of stories of people who are attacked by the extreme right, so I think they are able to do things like that. Yes, you have to protect yourself, but you also have to try not to be dominated by fear.

An exceptional security system was set up in each of the states this Sunday, with a large number of police and military on the streets.

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