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12:12  03 october  2022
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Some celebrities just don't understand fun

 Some celebrities just don't understand fun training should improve our body feeling and make us stronger, faster and fitter. Effective training is a and m: endurance and strength training should alternate, as well as intensive and moderate workouts. © Tony Anderson / Gettyimages Is it more effective to do a sport intensively or many different ones? There is no lump sum, because every person, every body and every life is individual. Likewise the training. The following points can help you to do effective sport in the future.

light the fitness turbo with our rope jumping training plan! In just 8 weeks you become a sporty slim and fuel endurance-reduced this week!

Seilspringen ist ein sehr wirksames Ausdauer-Workout. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock jumping rope is a very effective endurance workout.

A jump rope still reminds you of the time when you called funny rhymes with friends at the schoolyard to the jumps? Just like you, the training tool has developed and is a fully grown sport: Rope Skipping. Athletes compete in national and international competitions in speed disciplines, in which nobody can follow the rope with the naked eye.

What do the professionals pull out of it? An intensive cardio training for the entire body, which also trains coordination and is incredibly fun. The happiness hormone distribution is guaranteed afterwards. Our sophisticated rope jumping training plan gives you exactly these effects without requiring advanced technology and skills. From October 3rd to 9th, 2022, you will receive this program as a training plan of the week at a discounted price of only 9.90 euros instead of 14.90 euros. What are you waiting for? Get rid of jumping rope right away!

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Here you can download your new training plan for jumping rope directly :

Why makes rope jumping quickly and fit?

you complete our 8-week plan, you will also have a lot of fun when looking at your reflection, because the workouts make you look (even) fit. In other words: defined and sporty slim.

Why faster? Because the jumps (even at a low frequency) require a higher intensity than about a permanent run. In addition, our plan includes targeted bodyweight exercises as a supplement as well as frequent change of tempo. It couldn't be more effective.

Why slim? When jumping, you use many of the largest muscles in the body (thighs, buttocks) and thus burn a lot of calories.

is difficult to jump rope?

No, don't worry! You don't need to learn spectacular choreographies for our plan. Instead, a handful of basic tips (also included in the plan) are sufficient to pull the maximum out of every workout. By the way,

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developed this plan an absolute expert in this area: Marie-Luise from Gordon from Lüneburg. As a passionate rope skipper, she not only took part in several world championships, but is also a judge at German championships and with her team, the Funny Skippers , on various stages for show competitions.

What do I need for jumping rope?

To get started directly, you only need a commercially available jump rope made of plastic in addition to our training plan.

More information about buying the jump rope can be found here .

With a jump rope you can train around 400 muscles of your body. Hard to believe, right? But that's not all! In the workouts you can also expect stability and strengthening exercises that further improve your performance. In addition, the bodyweight elements ensure a stable middle of the body and leg muscles. The exercise instructions including images can be found directly at the end of the plan.

Our rope jumping training plan gives your fitness an efficient all-round update-with visible consequences: a sporty and slender reflection. The best thing to do is download the plan directly and dare to jump to your new fitness!

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