Sports Giroud takes Mbappé in his arms and Twitter ignites

16:11  05 december  2022
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Photo - Kylian Mbappé with the daughter of an ex -president: this snapshot that makes people talk ...

 Photo - Kylian Mbappé with the daughter of an ex -president: this snapshot that makes people talk ... The Blues faced the Denmark team this Saturday, November 26, in Qatar. After a match under tension, the French striker Kylian Mbappé was photographed with the famous daughter of an ex-president. At first glance harmless, the cliché has toured social networks and caused the indignation of certain Internet users.

it was enough that Kylian Mbappé expresses his joy by joyfully leaping on his teammate Olivier Giroud during a goal against Poland on December 4 for internet users And fantasize a "Bromance". Cute reactions like everything.

  Giroud prend Mbappé dans ses bras et Twitter s'enflamme © Abaca

"Giroud grabs his Tarpé and Kylian grabs his neck. What chapter is they galocy to?". On Twitter, a celebration sparked many reactions: the "hug" between Kylian Mbappé and Olivier Giroud after the opening of the score against Poland during the 8th finals of the World Cup on December 4.

In the photos circulating, we see Kylian Mbappé (author of a double subsequently) grabbed affectionately to Olivier Giroud, who had just scored his 52nd goal in the French team, both watching himself with a big smile. A moment of shared happiness which generated that of Internet users ... who did not hesitate to comment on the scene between the two Blues from the "Bromance" (and more affinity) angle.

Ukraine: Wladimir Putin relies on the war tiredness of the West

 Ukraine: Wladimir Putin relies on the war tiredness of the West despite the military successes of Ukraine when recapturing its country, the doubts about further support grow in the west. In surveys, more than half of the Germans state that they want more diplomatic efforts. Weapons deliveries to Ukraine support fewer and fewer people - they prefer to talks peace. And only 42 percent of Germans believe that Ukraine will win war against Russia, 40 percent do not count on it.

"I want a guy who looks at me like Mbappé looks at Giroud", commented on an internet user , Smiley well felt in support. And the Twitta is not the only one to think ...

"Kiss me, my noble giroud"

"I need the gif of the idle, because Mbappé leans towards him as if to kiss him!", " Kiss me, my noble giroud "," does not prevent it from taking place in Qatar, they should be a galoche for the beauty of the gesture, "commented with the spectators. Montages featuring the two football superstars in a bed, where Mbappé's love expression against other great players ("we can consider a romantic triangle", supposes a surfer, photo of the Polish player Robert Lewandowski Support), use of the same " Heterosexuality has never been an option" ...

The reactions accumulate in the name of the same fantasized romance.

PSG: The American Secretary of State thanks Macron for having "kept Mbappé in Paris"

 PSG: The American Secretary of State thanks Macron for having © Abaca The head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, thanked Emmanuel Macron for contributing to the extension of Kylian Mbappé at PSG . Time of relaxation and jokes between France and the United States. While he is currently on a state visit to the other side of the Atlantic, French President Emmanuel Macron was received this Thursday, December 1, by Francophile Antony Blinken, head of American diplomacy and vice- President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

"Kylian he likes to look at his teammates too much as if he was going to eat their mouths", "Mdrrrrr squarely I thought they were going to sin", "we witness at the beginning of a magnificent bromance", "love at first sight in Qatar , new M6 TV movie, "it was still able to read. At the whim of these publications, the Rainbow Flag , rainbow flag of the LGBTQ community, was abundantly posted. Other twittos, finally, do not hesitate to post gifs of queer works like the secret of Brokeback Mountain ...

What to ironize on the title " of Virile Friendship " . However, if many of these reactions, notably relayed by queer people, valued a benevolent derision, it should not be forgotten that homophobia still hovers on the sports environment, and in particular that of football. Last year , the same Kylian Mbappé was the target of virulent insults of this taste after daring to approach ... a simple turtleneck. Yes yes.

Musk cheerleaders and conservative influencers criticize journalist suspensions from Twitter .
Some of Elon Musk’s biggest boosters, alongside some conservative influencers, are condemning Twitter’s decision to suspend several high-profile journalists.“In short, I’m against the Twitter suspensions,” conservative podcast host Ben Shapiro tweeted Friday, in a thread that also attempted to equate the suspensions with content moderation decisions that predated Musk’s takeover. Shapiro has been a vocal supporter of Musk since he began the process of taking over Twitter.

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