Sports At the Milles deportation camp, Macron denounces the "crimes of the French State"

18:50  05 december  2022
18:50  05 december  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Administrative Court stops deportation for the planned new right of residence

 Administrative Court stops deportation for the planned new right of residence The deportation of a gambier has been stopped due to the planned new so -called opportunities for opportunities. The Karlsruhe Administrative Court said on Tuesday that the man fulfills the conditions for this because he has been tolerated in Germany for more than five years. Due to the not yet decided change, well -integrated foreigners should receive a right of residence limited to one year that can result in a permanent right to stay under certain conditions.

Emmanuel Macron prononce un discours sur le site du mémorial du Camp des Milles, à Aix-en-Provence, le 5 décembre 2022 © Christophe Simon Emmanuel Macron gives a speech on the site of the Memorial of the Camp des Milles, in Aix-en-Provence, December 5 2022

Emmanuel Macron denounced Monday "French state crimes" during a trip to the internment and deportation camp of the miles (Bouches-du-Rhône), where 10,000 prisoners were retained between 1939 and 1942, " One of the most complete perjury in the Republic ".

The Head of State spoke on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the inauguration of a memorial on the site of this former tuilerie where the Vichy regime interned thousands of Jews, including 1,800 of between They were deported to the extermination camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Visit Washington, Macron deplores the "super aggressive" economic measures of Biden

 Visit Washington, Macron deplores the © AP - Alex Brandon Emmanuel Macron alongside the American vice -president Kamala Harris at the NASA seat on November 30, 2022 in Washington. He wanted to be "direct" on the first day of his state visit: French President Emmanuel Macron deplored Washington on Wednesday November 30th the "super aggressive" measures taken by his American counterpart Joe Biden to boost American industry . The French head of state pleaded for better economic coordination on both sides of the Atlantic.

Red brick buildings are today a place of memory that welcomes thousands of young people to make them discover the mechanisms that change a society towards totalitarianism and mass crimes.

"The Camp des Milles, it was the crimes of the French state", hammered the president, recalling that "France in the hands of Pétain and Laval s' (y) is lost" by "missing the principles of 1789 ".

"It was in the miles that (the Republic) knew, as in Vél-d'Hiv, one of its most complete perjury", "reminding us that there were camps on our soil" and that " The deportation (also) organized "in the area as" the Marshal Pétain regime then administered in his name ".

"The Camp des Milles was not an accident in history but the fruit of a deliberate shift towards crime," said Emmanuel Macron, stressing that "the Jews were the deliberate victims of the French State" . "Here is sediment each renunciation, each fault, each crime of the French authorities," he added.

The President of the Republic praised the action of the memorial which "restores a political climate and dismantles the springs of the genocidal company: he says why the same causes produce the same effects in other places at other eras" , stressing that "anti -Semitism, racism, any form of rejection carries in it the annihilation of all humanity, as the cloud carries in it the storm".

He notably underlined the "perseverance" of former deportees and resistant to prevent the disappearance of the site and its transformation into a foundation, today chaired by Alain Chouraki, to whom he has given the insignia of the Knight of the Legion of Honor .


According to Lily Collins, Brigitte Macron is a fan of "Emily in Paris" .
© Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection The First Lady of France would be an undisputed fan of the successful series with assumed Parisian clichés. According to the words of Lily Collins , who plays Emily Cooper, Brigitte Macron would have entrusted her adoration for the episodes of Emily in Paris during their meeting. The 33 -year -old actress told her during her visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, this Monday, December 12.

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