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22:06  22 january  2018
22:06  22 january  2018 Source:   thestar.com

A few little things to start a week where I will take up residence in Atlanta for far longer than I’d like.


Was watching some football last night because you couldn’t get away from it no matter how hard you tried and I will admit the end of the New England game was quite good.

That might have had to do with the fact I really quite like that Tony Romo fellow as a talking head; he sure knows the game (it was like he was calling the plays) and he’s got a sense of genuine enthusiasm that’s not over-bearing at all.

But as I’m watching and reading stuff on the tweeter machine and listening to conversations around me there was one question that kept going through my mind:

Why do people seem to hate Tom Brady so much?

Brady does nothing but win© Provided by Toronto Star Brady does nothing but win

I heard and read lots of whining about him, people wanted him to fail, wanted his team to lose and there seemed to be some genuine anger when he pulled out another victory.

Strikes me that he’s a guy to be admired and appreciated, the best to ever play his position; at, what, 40 years old he’s as good as he’s ever been and he’s off to something like his 10th Super Bowl.

So, a winner who seems gracious in victory and equally so in defeat, I don’t remember him doing anything off the field that was inappropriate, seems to be an okay family guy and, well, I’d be kind of jealous if I cared that much.

I suppose it could be dislike by association, that the surly and churlish coach paints his star player with the same brush but, really, as a player, I find it impossible not to like and appreciate what Brady does.

Am I right? Or have I read it entirely wrong?


Speaking of Atlanta, met up with a large table of Raptors types in an area of the city I’d never been – Atlantic Station – which seems pretty cool.

And I will admit that if your in the same saloon and sitting a table away from Rasheed Wallace and Dale Davis and a few of their friends, you must be in a good place.


Since we’re here for like forever …


Note to travellers:

I don’t know if it was the American government shutdown or just one of those days but going out of Pearson on Saturday, the U.S. border clearance took forever.

There’d be one guy working, three or four would walk out of the back, one would sit down, the guy who was working would go to the back and they were taking all kinds of people in for secondary inspection with the dreaded yellow file folder.

Maybe it just one of those days but it sure looked like work to rule when I was watching it.

Made the flight easily and didn’t hear too much grumbling but it was a pain. As was the fact last Saturday morning was the day that every single family with two screaming kids was going to Florida or somewhere warm.

Oh, and Pearson People: Do something about archaic waiting areas near Gates A6-9, would you? That’s shameful for an airport that purports to be good.

End o’ rant.


Anybody got a good restaurant downtown Atlanta or even mid-town, we’ve got a couple of nights and will need to eat.



The Raptors?

Day off yesterday after the back-to-back and flying basically overnight from Minneapolis to here in Atlanta.

They’re back at it later this morning and I think a couple of days in the film room and on the practice court are just what the doctor ordered.

As we wrote today and they said Saturday night, there’s been some slippage the last few games and some things need to be tightened up.

It’s nothing horrible or too serious but catching their breath at this time of year is important, just to get a bit refocused and work on some little things.

They know they’re in it for the long run and need to be at top efficiency three or four months from now and a day or two getting themselves right can only help in the long run.


Back to travel.

Remember me saying Delta’s become my favourite American-based airline? Well, even more so now because the plane we were on yesterday had free, live satellite TV so we could watch the football game or a basketball game or whatever we wanted for the two hour flight.

And given the 45-minute delay we had before leaving for some mechanical glitch, it was quite welcome.

Now, if they did something to make it easier to accumulate points toward flight upgrades, that would be even nicer.


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