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Google Stadia: AAA games, ports and internal turmoil - everything goes wrong

Monday  14:35,   01 march 2021

Google's cloud gaming platform Stadia is not really getting started. Has the internet giant chosen the wrong strategy? © Shutterstock Google Stadia. Ever heard of AAA games? In the video game industry, AAA games are called games that have certain... >>>

EDITORIAL. “Perseverance” on Mars and… on Earth

Sunday  09:15,   28 february 2021

© Nasa, PL-Caltech, AFP The “Perseverance” robot, on Mars, February 21. Humanity has always gone above and beyond to know the Earth and understand the universe, respond to the call of the unknown and expand the horizon. A new step has been taken... >>>

Big Sur: New macOS update protects against damage from USB-C hubs

Friday  13:56,   26 february 2021

Newer models of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air can be damaged by third-party USB-C hubs. An operating system update is now supposed to help. © t3n Macbook Pro. Apple has released version 11.2.2 of macOS Big Sur . The update protects some newer Macbook >>>

Google: Second senior researcher for ethical AI loses her job

Monday  15:31,   22 february 2021

With Margaret Mitchell's resignation, Google has now laid off both former heads of the AI ​​ethics team. Mitchell had previously commented negatively about the termination of her colleague Timnit Gebru. © Asif Islam / Shutterstock.com Google has... >>>

A second ethics researcher fired from Google

Saturday  07:30,   20 february 2021

Margaret Mitchell, who accuses Google of discrimination against a colleague sacked in December 2020, has, according to the company, “exfiltrated documents” © PATTIER MATHIEU / SIPA The Google logo (drawing). SILICON VALLEY - Margaret Mitchell, who... >>>

Facebook would have purposely inflated its advertising audiences

Friday  15:35,   19 february 2021

© AP - Jeff Chiu All of Facebook's platforms should reach 96.6 billion net advertising revenue in 2021, or 24.4% of the global market. Mark Zuckerberg's firm knew its user numbers were unreliable and artificially high, but ignored the issue in... >>>

Pewdiepie video deleted: Youtube fears cyberbullying by its fans

Friday  15:31,   19 february 2021

Youtube has deleted a video from Pewdiepie in which the 31-year-old attacked a popular channel for nursery rhymes. According to the Google subsidiary, the video could incite Youtuber's fans to cyberbullying. © dpa The Youtuber Felix “Pewdiepie”... >>>

Tilray share goes up: Tilray balance sheet well above expectations

Thursday  19:14,   18 february 2021

Tilray's first balance sheet after the announcement of the merger with competitor Aphria was eagerly awaited. © Provided by Finance.net Peter Bischoff / Getty Images Cannabis group Tilray posted a loss of $ 0.02 per share in its fourth fiscal... >>>

Leak shows Galaxy Book Go with Windows on ARM and possibly new Snapdragon CPU

Thursday  12:00,   18 february 2021

© Provided by Dr. Windows Samsung Galaxy Book S Currently, some leaks are making the rounds about new Galaxy laptops from Samsung. I find one of them exciting enough to take up at this point. It's about the “Galaxy Book Go”, which will succeed the... >>>

Linux 5.11 is here

Tuesday  12:33,   16 february 2021

© DEFAULT_CREDIT Linus Torvalds at his lecture at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland in 2012 (Screenshot: Stephen Shankland / CNET) Linus Torvalds has officially released the Linux kernel version 5.11. It brings a plethora of support updates for... >>>

Slimane: as a couple or single? He confesses everything on Snapchat!

Tuesday  10:45,   16 february 2021

Slimane spent Valentine's Day alone, as he confessed on his Snapchat channel on Monday, February 15 ... © ABACA Slimane: as a couple or single? He confesses everything on Snapchat! " At 25, I fall in love with Hicham. He is 30, charismatic, already >>>

The iPhone Group: Is Apple's Dependence on Its Cult Product a Problem?

Friday  17:11,   12 february 2021

More than a billion people worldwide use an iPhone. The smartphone is still Apple's core product. But can the success story continue like this in the future? © Provided by Finanz.net TANNEN MAURY / AFP / Getty Images Apple is the largest and most... >>>

Electron 11 makes Skype for Windows really work

Wednesday  20:00,   10 february 2021

© Provided by Dr. Windows Skype Microsoft has released a new pre-release version of Skype. The Changelog is rather unspectacular at first glance, because version 8.69 only brings one visible innovation: In group conversations, the avatar of the... >>>

All Windows 10 release information at a glance

Tuesday  14:36,   09 february 2021

© Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Logo Which version of Windows 10 is the latest? What is the rollout status? What are the known problems? Answers to these questions can be found on the official Microsoft website. For some time now, great efforts... >>>

The iPhone has a hidden button on the back that hardly anyone knows.

Monday  23:05,   08 february 2021

Already in September last year, Apple rolled out the update to iOS 14 and made it available for older models from the iPhone 6S . In the variants of the new iPhone 12, which came onto the market in October and November, the new version of the... >>>