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Technology Abandoned churches for sale that are simply divine

15:50  24 september  2019
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SNC-Lavalin says court okays highway stake sale to CPPIB

SNC-Lavalin says court okays highway stake sale to CPPIB SNC-Lavalin says court okays highway stake sale to CPPIB

Steeped in history and with plenty of original features to boot, these abandoned churches are bursting with potential, and best of all, they're a bargain. From a tiny 19th-century chapel in rural Scotland to a palatial stone church in Massachusetts, check out these promising conversion projects for sale

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Jim Carrey wearing sunglasses posing for the camera© Champagnepapi | Instagram, Denis Makarenko | Dreamstime

We never really question how international celebs end up moving to Hollywood without a struggle. It's just the place where most celebs end up, including Canadians. The truth is while a lot of Canadians just acquire green cards to work in America, (that's why Shawn Mendes came back to Canada to get his full license) a lot of them just apply for dual citizenship. Here are some Canadian Celebrities who applied to become American.

While some people would take that as a betrayal to their "roots", sometimes it's just easier for their career. Not to mention if you're constantly living in another country you'd want some kind of ability to influence the government. Right? In fact, some celebs below became American for just that reason. A lot of them also mentioned that no matter where they lived, they would always be Canadian through and through.

Abandoned Stork Adopted by Polish Family Is Now Enjoying a Life of Luxury

Abandoned Stork Adopted by Polish Family Is Now Enjoying a Life of Luxury The Czesnicks saved the bird earlier this year when it was just a chick. When its own family didn't want it, a stork in Poland found another family that did. Jan Czesnick and his wife, Alicia, are now the proud parents of the bird after it was rejected by its real parents because it was the weakest in the flock. The Czesnicks saved the bird earlier this That might not have been the worst thing. The feathered friend is now living the high life, munching on chicken and fish. The stork also lounges with its new humans and takes regular bird baths.

In 1970, Divine abandoned work as a hairdresser The film contained several controversial scenes, notably one which involved Lady Divine masturbating using a rosary while sitting inside a church . Divine -themed merchandise was produced, including greeting cards and The Simply Divine Cut-Out

These wonderful abandoned properties for sale are crying out for some love to restore them to their former glory. From the faded grandeur of a 1920s silk maker’s mansion in Pennsylvania to an old country house in Bulgaria, you’ll find something here to inspire you.

Pamela Anderson

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Sale joins elite company with 200 Ks in 7 straight seasons

Sale joins elite company with 200 Ks in 7 straight seasons Chris Sale had his best stuff on Thursday against the Los Angeles Angels. Nobody: Chris Sale: KKKKKKKKKKKKK — Red Sox (@RedSox) August 9, 2019 Sale struck out 13 over eight innings of work, bringing his total to 206 on the season. In doing so, he became only the fifth pitcher in baseball history to punch out at least 200 batters in seven straight seasons, according to's Jessica Camerato. Only Walter Johnson, Tom Seaver, Roger Clemens, and Max Scherzer have reached that milestone. Sale has struggled in various aspects this season, going 6-11 with a 4.41 ERA in 24 starts, but his ability to fan opponents has never been brought into question.

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Former church complete with a stained-glass window in the kitchen could be yours for £600,000. The 19th century converted church costs £40,000 less Some parts of the church are over 150 years old, and the main living space is an astounding 3 STOREYS high. The property, on sale by estate agents

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Pamela Anderson became a U.S. citizen back in 2004 when she, "felt it was important to become a U.S. citizen in order to vote in the United States.” She also said she had, "no intention of giving up [her] citizenship in Canada and [is] very proud to be a Canadian."

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey wearing sunglasses posing for the camera© Denis Makarenko | Dreamstime

Jim Carrey, arguably the funniest man in Canada, became a U.S. citizen back in 2004 as well. He also has no intention of giving up his Canadian roots saying that his upbringing in Canada made him who he is. He couldn't help but thank America though for defining him in some ways!

Michael J. Fox

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Red Sox ace Chris Sale done for season but avoids Tommy John surgery

Red Sox ace Chris Sale done for season but avoids Tommy John surgery Boston Red Sox left-hander Chris Sale is receiving treatment for inflammation in his elbow that will shut him down for the rest of the regular season. Orthopedist Dr. James Andrews gave Sale an injection of platelet-rich plasma on Monday and said he will be re-evaluated in six weeks. The treatment could be good news for the ball club, who feared that Sale might need Tommy John surgery. That would likely have cost him all of the 2020 season. But losing Sale deals a blow to the defending champions' already slim hopes for a repeat. Sale went on the injured list Saturday, four days after facing the Cleveland Indians.

You're going to find this abandoned church in Indiana fascinating. After years being abandoned , the weathering away Tucked away in Gary, Indiana is a magnificent cathedral that is slowly crumbling to the ground. Looking more like something from a fairy tale than the midwest, City Methodist Church is

Abandoned places can be very fickle things. Some are cast aside, left to rot on their own. The world quickly forgets about them and wants nothing to Having failed at their calling purpose, they eventually turn into something ugly. And that is what we have here today. It was once a thriving staple of the

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Michael J. Fox was born in Alberta. Although he hit the jackpot with his role in Back to the Future, he didn't become an American until 2000. When he swapped citizenships he said, "In my heart, I'm a Canadian, I'll always be a Canadian."

Wayne Gretzky

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Gatineau residents frustrated by Old Hull's abandoned homes

Gatineau residents frustrated by Old Hull's abandoned homes A number of abandoned homes in the Old Hull area of Gatineau, Que. is causing some residents of the neighbourhood to feel unsafe — two weeks after a fire ripped through one such building on Kent Street.

Abandoned Churches and Bell Tower, Bulgaria. I came across this place a year ago, nestled amongst bushes and tumbled stone walls, in the middle As a result, Bulgarian Orthodox churches built before that were typically dug deep into the ground, to form semi-subterranean spaces of worship that

The First German Reformed Church is formerly abandoned church in the East End neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is being stabilized and renovated into a Prince, West Virginia is a small community that is best known for its Art Moderne passenger depot for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.

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Wayne Gretzky, potentially one of Canada's most well-known Canadians, became American in 1988 when he was traded to play for the Los Angeles Kings.

Alanis Morissette

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'Maybe, I'm a little crazy': Canadian man dubbed world's strongest priest sets dozens of Guinness records

'Maybe, I'm a little crazy': Canadian man dubbed world's strongest priest sets dozens of Guinness records The newest edition of the Guinness World Records book is out Tuesday, and a Canadian man dubbed the world's strongest priest is prominently featured. Rev. Kevin Fast, a full-time Lutheran minister in Cobourg, Ont., about 100 kilometres east of Toronto, has set more than 30 Guinness records, mostly for pulling heavy objects, such as fire trucks, houses and even an airplane. A video of Fast pulling a 189-tonne Globemaster aircraft across the tarmac at CFB Trenton 10 years ago has garnered more than eight million views on YouTube. That feat makes him the record holder for "heaviest aircraft pulled" by a male.

And regrettably, abandoned churches are becoming more and more common across the region. With higher repair costs and declining attendance, many The only other place that I got a similar vibe from was the infamous Sunrise Resort many years ago. And that was the first abandoned place that we

In further proof that buildings might be more beautiful abandoned than inhabited, German photographer Matthias Haker has captured breathtaking scenes of seemingly otherworldly light streaming into Share All sharing options for: Abandoned European Churches Captured in Crumbling Glory.

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Alanis Morissette hit the epitome of Canadianess when she dated fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds. The originally Canadian singer swore her American oath back in 2005.

Justin Bieber

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Abandoned Hull homes being used as illegal parking lots

Abandoned Hull homes being used as illegal parking lots Abandoned Hull homes being used as illegal parking lots

Showcasing Abandoned Houses, Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, as well as my personal photography Whats New (Updated 4-20-19). New content added to the website is listed below. If you would like to be notifed about new content, please click on SIGN UP to join the mailing list. Takes 30 seconds to do

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Justin Bieber only had the heart to apply for dual citizenship probably because his entire family still lives back home. He also owns multiple properties in Ontario that he and wife Hailey Baldwin visit often.


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This one is a little bit surprising. Drake lives in Canada almost full time with his newly built mansion on Bridle Path in Toronto so there's no need to live anywhere else. His dual citizenship with the U.S. seems to be just a convenience for when he's there for work.

Where Do Cobwebs Come From? .
The sticky spider streamers tend to appear in room corners. Here's why they hang around even after a spider has left the premises.The term cobweb is used to describe any web spun by a member of the Theridiidae family of spiders, made up of a number of species that tend to be found in residential homes. But colloquially, people tend to use the phrase to refer to abandoned threads of webbing they wind up clearing with brooms. When in use, these cobwebs tend to be sticky but unstructured, lacking the amazing and intricate design of webs woven by other species. Spiders make webs in the hopes of trapping prey, but if one location isn’t proving fruitful, they’ll move to another.

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