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Technology Small business tips for taking payments over the phone

18:00  15 november  2019
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CEO stuns employees with immediate $10K raise, pledges $30K raise over next 5 years

  CEO stuns employees with immediate $10K raise, pledges $30K raise over next 5 years CEO Dan Price said he felt it was "wrong" for him to make a million dollars while his employees made $30,000.Employees at an Idaho business got the news of a lifetime this week. Workers making $40,000 -- the company's current minimum salary -- would get an immediate $10,000 raise (C$13,257) and that within five years, the minimum salary would increase to $70,000.

Stripe, an online payment processing service, and Twilio, a cloud communications platform, have announced a partnership they say will make it easier for small businesses to take payments over the phone . That partnership has taken the form of new payment service from Twilio called < Pay >.

If your business takes card payments by phone , there are steps you can take to prevent fraud. In many cases, the customer would like to pay over the phone with a credit card number. It’s very disheartening to hear about people taking advantage of hard-working, small - business owners like

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Has a customer ever asked to pay you over the phone? For many consumers, it’s simply easier to read a credit card number than write a check, fill out a form or make a payment online.

Having more options makes your customers’ lives easier—and that makes your life as a business owner easier, too. Being able to accept a real-time payment is essential to your business’s cash flow.

Believe it or not, taking a phone payment is not as simple as writing down your customer’s credit or debit card number. As a business owner, you need to take precautions related to security and privacy. Card payments require diligence and care.

The bright side of business debt

  The bright side of business debt The bright side of business debtNo matter what type of business debt you take on, you’ll be putting your personal assets and personal credit on the line. That’s a lot of responsibility that can be tough for a small business owner to manage.

Andy Preston provides top tips for selling over the telephone . While we present some practical Contact Centre sales techniques Confidence is vital, whether the call is inbound or outbound. For anyone to buy from you or take the action you Andy Preston specialises in sales and selling for small businesses . Very helpful article for those who are doing business over the phone .Thanks so much.

Card payments over the phone are done in a virtual terminal, but how do you do it? Top 5 card machines in 2019 – Best UK options for small businesses . Being able to take phone payments allows you to close sales on a call, process deposits and ship products ordered by mail, among other

Here are some steps to follow to ensure a smooth process—and to protect your customers from potential turbulence along the way.

1. Be communicative, patient, reassuring and friendly with your customer

As a small business owner, it’s important to cherish every point of communication with your customers. Even if you’re focusing on the transactional side of the equation, it’s important to step back, pause and ask, “How are you?” Don’t be afraid to have a conversation and to simply catch up. After all, you’ve built your relationship on a foundation that’s more than just money.

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Remember that your customer’s credit card is sensitive data. Taking a credit card number over the phone is not like an online checkout process. Most online checkout platforms use payment processors that add extra protection and compliance features for buyers.

Toronto business owner loses $14K to technical glitch at mobile payment company

  Toronto business owner loses $14K to technical glitch at mobile payment company A glitch in the popular Square payment technology is causing financial headaches for some of the company’s users, CBC News has learned. Square won’t say how widespread the issue is, or how many customers have been affected but the company concedes it's not a "one-off."The tech company won't say how widespread the issue is, or how many customers have been affected.

Over - the - phone payments are especially good for business when: You have a remote or delivery-based business where the customer doesn’t visit you or your store in-person. You work on-the-go, leaving no time to take immediate payments or visit customers at a later date. You and the customer

Before small business owners start accepting mobile payments , they should take the time to compare the benefits and risks of mobile payments so that For starters, customers prefer to pay with their credit or debit cards over methods like cash. Also, most mobile payment processors transfer funds to

“With the nature of my business, I must take clients’ personal information, including banking details, over the phone,” says Lisamarie Monaco, a mother of five kids and an entrepreneur. “In today’s world, it is imperative to make your client feel at ease, as they feel very vulnerable.”

Don’t depersonalize the situation. Take the extra time to read back the credit card number and explain how you’re taking steps to protect your customer’s information. Be clear that in the future, your customer has multiple payment options beyond using the phone. You may want to offer guidance or instructions on how to make an online payment.

2. Prioritize security and record-keeping—create a digital paper trail

If you plan on keeping your customers’ credit card or bank account details on file, be sure to have a safe system for storing this data. One option is to consider using the same software that you use for credit card processing online. For instance, many ecommerce platforms will allow you, on the backend, to enter credit card details manually. You can use your own smartphone to take care of the payments process.

10 tips to avoid being scammed shopping online this holiday season

  10 tips to avoid being scammed shopping online this holiday season From identity theft to phishing scams, fraudsters are gearing up for the holiday season. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says 90 percent of consumers have engaged with a scam on social media and more than 50 percent of people fell for them.The BBB says scammers love to create lookalike websites that, at first glance, appear to belong to a trusted retailer. It's the reason why the BBB is urging consumers to think before they click.

Take remote credit card payments over the phone or from your computer, and get paid fast. Payments platform and APIs. Build your own custom solutions to run your business your way. Sign up and start taking payments with Square in minutes. No bank visits or merchant accounts required.

For example, payment processing services from PayPal and Square allow a small business to take phone orders using mobile phones . A good rule of thumb is to collect as much information from the customer as possible when taking a credit card payment over the phone .

If you have a valid reason for storing your customers’ payment information, such as using your payment processing software to bill a monthly fee, you should always destroy this information immediately. If you write it down, shred it. If you type it, delete it. Storing your customers’ personal information is a potential liability. Regardless, there are some steps that you can take.

Depending on the industry, you may determine that the security and compliance risks of offering payment over the phone aren’t worth it. If this is your situation, you might want to steer your customers toward other point of sale options.

One option to consider is PayPal. Your customer would transmit funds to your account online. You can be available as a resource on the phone to help ensure that the transaction goes through. With PayPal, you can avoid the need to collect your customers’ credit card or other bank account information, altogether.

Regardless of how you process information over the phone, make sure that you follow up with your customer in writing. This extra step will ensure a paper trail in your accounting system—and protect you, should a problem arise.

Telescammers not only want your money. They're also after your phone number

  Telescammers not only want your money. They're also after your phone number Telescammers not only want your money. They're also after your phone numberIt turned out to be from an elaborate telephone scam whereby fraudsters steal phone numbers to make their calls — the latest twist in a long line of similar schemes that have bilked people across Canada out of millions of dollars.

Your small business needs to be in sync with this payment method. Otherwise you could lose customers rapidly, damage your brand, and be left out in If you’re planning to accept payments over the phone for your small business , you need to keep yourself well informed about the entire process.

How safe are phone payments ? With security measures in place, it is safe. We cover the most But with the right security processes in place, taking payments over the phone is extremely safe for Some of our top tips include: Never store card numbers or security codes, either on paper or in an

“Only take what information is required to complete a sale or set them up in your system”

recommends Jared Weitz, founder and CEO of United Capital Source, Inc. “Any additional information should not be collected. Be sure to encrypt all data that could personal identification of your clients and host all of your data on a personal server. The more protected you make your customers, the more protected you will be.”

3. Use your mobile device to simplify the process

Believe it or not, taking a phone payment can get complex. Human error can always interfere with the process. It’s easy to mishear customers or accidentally type the wrong number.

“They have to read the number right, and you have to hear it right,” explains Christian Boyce, who runs a Mac, iPhone and iPad consulting company. “Not to mention, people have to stop doing everything else in order to take the payment. It’s a disruption.”

These bottlenecks have the potential to get frustrating, so you’ll want to minimize any potential for error. That means setting up clear processes.

For one, you’ll want to decide whether you accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard or any other form of payment. You might decide, for example, that you feel comfortable accepting a debit card or your customer’s bank account information.

Supreme Court sides with university in case of missing professor's pension

  Supreme Court sides with university in case of missing professor's pension Supreme Court sides with university in case of missing professor's pensionGeorge Roseme, a political science professor at Carleton University, was 77 and suffering from early-stage Alzheimer's disease when he disappeared in September 2007.

Before you can take card payments over the phone , you first need to have a virtual terminal set up. Choosing a virtual terminal provider can be a daunting task, but there are many available in the UK such as Valitor, who can provide payment acceptance solutions for small and medium-sized businesses .

Taking over a family business combines two of the most important parts of our lives — family and work — in a potentially volatile process that can affect relationships and keep the transition from being as smooth as it could be. We asked Anna Sergunina, a financial advisor who works with small

Make sure that you have the merchant services to support the infrastructure you need. You’ll need a device that you can use for payment processing. With your smartphone, you can easily set up a point of sale system. Mobile payment apps are available for both iPhone and Android devices.

These payment processing solutions are easy to integrate with the rest of your accounting and inventory management systems, and will help you stay secure and compliant.

Proper phone payment process propels profits

Accepting phone payments requires the right balance of technical skills and interpersonal skills. Take the time upfront to document, implement and practice clear processes, so that you’re always confident if a customer phones in.

If you receive a request and aren’t sure, simply call your customer back, or offer to process payment through an online portal or payment processor. Always have a smile when you process a payment—your customers will hear and appreciate your positivity. And, getting paid should always make you happy.

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