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Technology The biggest treasure finds of 2019

17:15  02 december  2019
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Archaeologists Uncover an 'Early Bronze Age New York' in Northern Israel

  Archaeologists Uncover an 'Early Bronze Age New York' in Northern Israel An ancient city "ten times the size of Jericho" has been unearthed in northern Israel. The site, En Esur, is still expected to be paved over by a new road.The city, En Esur, was located in what is now Israel's Haifa District. It was uncovered across two and half years by professional archaeologists of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) as well as volunteers, some of whom were teenagers, according to United Press International.

We take a look at the most jaw-dropping finds of 2019 . Weighing in at an incredible 1,758 carats, the gemstone is the second-largest diamond ever mined. The biggest of all time is the famed 3,106.75-carat Cullinan, which was cut into nine diamonds for the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 The most astonishing treasure finds of 2019 so far | Clever Number Dazzling gold jewellery and coins, mythical sunken temples and

a close up of a green plant: A close-up of a cannabis plant in a production facility in Kelowna, B.C. © Flowr Corporation A close-up of a cannabis plant in a production facility in Kelowna, B.C.

New Brunswick is adding illegal cannabis to the list of activities that can be reported for investigation.

According to the government, it would be an amendment to the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act.

“The federal decriminalizing of cannabis has limited our ability to effectively use this legislation when dealing with properties engaged in illegal cannabis-related activities,” said Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart in a media release.

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Touching Moment Sees Owner Reunited With Painting Stolen Decades Ago

  Touching Moment Sees Owner Reunited With Painting Stolen Decades Ago Judy Karinen said she was out to dinner when a thief broke into her home and stole it. She has since moved but said she can hardly wait to hang the painting in her new home. It was a touching moment as people were reunited with art stolen from them decades earlier. A reputable auction house earlier this year informed the Los Angeles Police Department they had come across art they believed to be stolen, officials said.

As the 2019 treasure -hunting season gets under way on Oak Island, we look back at the biggest discoveries of last season which the team now The finds were varied and intriguing on the island, ranging in size and shape from bits of pottery to, as a sneak peek for Season 7 showed, a possible ship!

Found the treasures of desert! Incredible Treasure FOUND in Abandoned Mountain Ruins | Metal Detecting Adventure - Продолжительность: 20:37 Green Mountain Metal Detecting Recommended for you.

“This amendment would ensure the continued provision of a civil legal process to shut down such properties.”

The purpose of the safer communities legislation, according to the province, is to protect against the harmful effects of specified illegal activities including the use of properties for selling illegal drugs.

Prior to October 2018, cannabis was included in the legislation.

Cannabis remains a regulated commodity under federal legislation. The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act currently covers other regulated commodities and activities, such as the unlawful sale of liquor and illegal gaming.

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Minoan treasures found on Libyan Sea island: experts

  Minoan treasures found on Libyan Sea island: experts Archaeologists in Greece have located a "major treasure" of Minoan origin in a Bronze Age settlement on a small island in the Libyan Sea, the culture ministry said Friday. A team excavating on the tiny island of Chrysi south of Crete for over a decade have unearthed a 3,800-year-old Bronze Age compound containing gold jewels, glass beads and the remains of bronze talents, the common unit of value of ancient Greece. Some of the beads are of Egyptian origin, the culture ministry said in a statement.

The FIND of a LIFETIME: ONE of a kind Treasure ( 2019 ) located by Treasure Hunters while metal detecting and exploring in the deep woods. They uncovered an

This is the richest treasure of 2019 ! You are on the best in the world channel of searching for hidden treasures , gold and diamonds!

The proposed amendment would add to the definition of "specified use" the possession, consumption, purchase, sale, distribution or cultivation of cannabis in contravention of federal legislation.

“We are concerned about illegal cannabis-related activities,” said Urquhart.

“This amendment will ensure that residents who have concerns regarding these activities can make a confidential complaint for investigation.”

According to the government, the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act provides for a confidential complaint-driven process which holds both commercial and residential property owners and their tenants accountable for specific illegal activities that have been proven to be habitually occurring and have adversely affected the health, safety or security of any individual or group in a community or neighbourhood.

It targets and, if necessary, shuts down properties, including lands, through a civil legal process.

Artefact telling story of Noah's Ark suggests 'fake news' has been around for 3,000 years .
Cambridge University researcher has found duplicitous language was used in Babylonian clay tabletA study of a clay tablet discovered in the 19th century in present-day Iraq has found its writers deployed a pre-historic version of “fake news” by providing multiple meanings of the same words when telling the story of a flood.

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