Technology Fraudsters almost swindled the Royal Canadian Mint with payroll 'spoofing' scam

11:41  12 december  2019
11:41  12 december  2019 Source:   cbc.ca

Vancouver police warn of new scam: fraudsters presenting themselves as Vancouver police

  Vancouver police warn of new scam: fraudsters presenting themselves as Vancouver police Police warn that fraudsters are using a variation of the old CRA scam, with a brazen new twist.Police say the fraudsters are using a variation of the old Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam.

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Since its opening in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced coinage and planchets for over 73 countries. This list of foreign countries with coinage struck at the Royal Canadian Mint lists countries that have been serviced by the Crown corporation

a man standing in front of a refrigerator© Provided by cbc.ca A The Royal Canadian Mint fell for what's known as a "spear-phishing" scam and almost forked over an employee's paycheque to fraudsters, according to a breach report obtained through access to information.

Phone scammers claiming to be Vancouver Poppy Fund to get credit card info, group says

  Phone scammers claiming to be Vancouver Poppy Fund to get credit card info, group says "Right away my bells went off because we do not solicit that way," said the Vancouver Poppy Fund's administrator.That's according to Jim Howard, administrator of the Vancouver Poppy Fund, who says a new phone scam is making the rounds, trading on the organization's good name.

The Royal Canadian Mint issued two different specimen sets. One set had a variant dollar in its set, while the other set had a variant two dollar coin. Among the many commemorative 25 cent coins which didn't have the Queen on the reverse were: The Canadian "Loonie" is minted in its regular version

The Royal Canadian Mint reportedly didn’t even notice the gold was missing. But unfortunately for Lawrence, the gold scheme was rumbled – by an observant But the court was unable to definitively prove that the gold came from the Mint , as it had no markings, and no gold had been reported missing.

Spear-phishing is a type of fraud which sees swindlers carefully collect information on a target in order to impersonate them. It's one of the "most common and most dangerous attack methods" and it's getting increasingly difficult to investigate, says a bulletin issued by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre last month.

In the Mint's case, a "malicious actor" masquerading as a former Mint employee reached out to the Crown corporation's human resources department back in February. The scam artist requested a change to a real former employee's bank account information for payroll purposes, according to a copy of the incident report obtained by CBC News through access to information.

Delta Police issue warning after new Canadian resident scammed out of $6K by fake officer

  Delta Police issue warning after new Canadian resident scammed out of $6K by fake officer Police said in a statement Friday the victim had saved the money while working at a local fast food restaurant for six months. The scammer then instructed the woman to purchase $6,000 in bitcoin, which police said she did at a machine in Surrey.Police now want to use the woman's story as an example to others. READ MORE: Vancouver police warn of new scam: fraudsters presenting themselves as Vancouver police "Canadian police officers will never call you and ask for or demand payment," Delta Police spokesperson Cpl. Cris Leykauf said. "If this happens to you, it is a scam. Hang up immediately.

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After some back-and-forth emails, a human resources worker at the Mint — thinking they were talking to the real former employee — changed the banking information. They also gave the fraudster a pay stub, as requested.

Luckily, the receiving bank rejected the payroll deposit. The funds were returned to the Mint and the former employee lost nothing.

The surrendered pay stub, however, included the former employee's address, employee number, payroll information (including annual salary) and the last four digits of her bank account.

"It's regrettable that there was a privacy breach," said Alex Reeves, senior manager of public affairs for the Mint.

"We take this kind of thing very seriously and you can't let down your guard when it comes to preventing that sort of thing."

High school students targeted in bank card scam

  High school students targeted in bank card scam Ottawa police have issued a warning about a scam targeting high school students who are being offered easy money in exchange for their banking information. According to police, the fraudsters approach young people through an acquaintance or on social media, then offer a financial reward to convince them to give up their bank cards and PINs.  The suspects will then make a deposit as "payment" — sometimes the proceeds from an earlier fraud — and immediately make a withdrawal. Banks will normally determine the deposit is fraudulent, leaving the card holder on the hook for the money that was withdrawn.

The Royal Canadian Mint is investigating how a sealed, "pure gold" wafer with proper mint stampings may in fact be a fake. The one-ounce gold piece He said the manager was told by a mint dispatcher they were checking security footage, and trying to trace everyone involved in the handling of the bars.

Spoofing is a disruptive algorithmic trading activity employed by traders to outpace other market participants and to manipulate markets.

Significant losses are common

Jeff Thomson, a senior RCMP intelligence analyst with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, said the agency is seeing a rise in payroll spoofing scams, a variation of spear-phishing.

The scam succeeds because it's hard to detect and exploits an existing relationship of trust, he said.

"Oftentimes it can result in significant losses," Thomson said. "It typically falls in our top two in terms of dollar loss in the amount of money that the victims can lose."

According to recent figures, more than a half a million dollars has been lost to spear-phishing and wire fraud scams so far this year.

The Mint later found out the affected individual was a victim of identity theft and had been hit with fraudulent credit card activity.

The report says the malicious actor (or actors) used the former employee's social insurance number and date of birth in those credit card transactions. The Mint said there's no evidence to suggest that information came from the Crown corporation.

Scammers Are Using Government Department Phone Numbers To Get Your Money

  Scammers Are Using Government Department Phone Numbers To Get Your Money Scammers Are Using Government Department Phone Numbers To Get Your MoneyScammers have been trying to swindle Canadians for years and new scams keep on popping up all the time. The latest phone scam has people pretending to be official government employees saying you owe money and threatening legal action.

The Royal Canadian Mint produces Canadian circulation coins in response to demands established by the markets. Circulation coins go into circulation through financial institutions. You may wish to request from your bank that they order some of these coins for you through their normal channels.

The Royal Canadian Mint 's headquarters occupy the historic building in central Ottawa where the Mint was founded in 1908. Today, the Ottawa facility produces hand-crafted collector and commemorative coins, gold bullion coins, medals and medallions. This is where the master tooling is done to create

The former employee has reached out to Ottawa Police and the Mint said it has cooperated with the investigation.

Thomson said spear-phishing scams are often international in scope and hard to investigate.

"So the tactics the fraudsters employ certainly make it more difficult to track them down," he said. "And it's challenging in investigating when you're crossing jurisdictions."

While spear-phishing emails can be sophisticated, Thomson said people should watch out for spelling errors, unsolicited messages or emails from high-ranking officials who aren't normally in contact with the subject. Other red flags in spear-phishing messages include requests for absolute confidentiality or attempts to ramp up pressure on the target.

Reeves said the Mint has taken corrective measures, including security and privacy training tailored to its human resources department.

"Phishing and scams like that are a concern facing organizations like ours on a regular basis," he said. "We have to be vigilant."

Police arrest man in alleged long-standing taxi scam involving debit cards .
Toronto police say they have made an arrest in a long-standing alleged scam that's played out throughout the city. Investigators have said they've seen a rash of allegedly fraudulent transactions since 2018, collectively costing hundreds of customers millions of dollars. They allege the scam operates by asking passengers in licensed taxis to pay their fares with a debit card, then switching out the customer's card for a different one from the same financial institution. Last year police laid more than 260 charges against six people, but said the scam remained active.  A 22-year-old man from Mississauga, Ont.

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