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17:10  08 may  2020
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  Für Parkour-Läufer herrschen in Corona-Zeiten ideale Bedingungen © dpa The corona crisis means fewer people are romping around in German city centers. This course can be used by parkour runners, who now pay less attention to passers-by in their stunts. With the surface, however, the dangers for action athletes also grow.

A jump, a quick turn and then the filigree landing - if Dirk Hüfler does Parkour, you might think that the gravity around Kiel's Germania port is currently suspended.

"I see the city as a big playground," says the 54-year-old, "if I see a wall, I jump over it. If I see a bench, I jump over it."

Parkour is a sporty run where athletes have to climb and jump over obstacles to make their way through the city.

Telekom is again giving away ten gigabytes of data volume

 Telekom is again giving away ten gigabytes of data volume © issaro prakalung / shutterstock.com The smartphone is becoming an important tool during the Corona crisis. Telekom again gives its customers an extra ten gigabytes of data volume in April. And other providers also have special offers in the Corona crisis - an overview. Keep in touch with people who are important to you: This is important in times of corona and social distance.

Hardly any more walkers in the way

In times of Corona, far fewer people bustle in German city centers. "I also use that," says Dirk, "because of course I don't have to pay attention to whether someone is in the way." He must fear less than usual with careless walkers, children or dogs.

Franzi Heyn and David Keck are training at the other end of the Germania port. You know Dirk as the trainer of the parkour course at Kiel's Christian Albrechts University.

Franzi is currently trying a daring maneuver in which she jumps over a railing. Behind it goes deep down. Franzi is highly concentrated. "It's not about aesthetics, it's about overcoming obstacles quickly and efficiently," says the 28-year-old.

Before she started four years ago, she did a lot of gymnastics. Parkour is what she prefers to do. Her friend David agrees: "You also have to train your memory to make a movement the way you want it."

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He would have tried other sports as well, but they were too boring for him, says the 29-year-old.

training for two

Franzi and David are training in the Corona crisis for two and are allowed to do so because they live together. But the corona restrictions would also put a strain on them, "because we are simply not allowed to meet in the group, that's the problem," says Franzi.

Not an isolated case, says Lucas Flümann from Deutsche Sporthilfe and emphasizes: "What makes this scene stand out are the so-called jams." These are events in which the action athletes challenge each other, give tips and celebrate together. "And none of this is happening right now. So even an elementary part that makes up the scene is lost," he regrets.

Flümann is responsible for the "Our House" project of Deutsche Sporthilfe. The aim is to support action athletes such as BMXers, skaters, or parkour runners so that they can pursue their hobby on a professional level in addition to their job.

Why we dream so vividly during the corona crisis and what we can learn from it

 Why we dream so vividly during the corona crisis and what we can learn from it © Getty Images Sleep: What our vivid dreams mean during the corona crisis Getty Images Rarely do you hear so much about curious dreams from your friends as in Moment. And you can keep up perfectly yourself. Hardly a day goes by without waking up in the morning and being involved in the most absurd adventures or unpleasant nightmares.

To be able to participate, it is not only the athletic performance that counts . Values ​​such as mutual respect and the potential for inspiration for the scene are also important. What unites all action sports at the moment, says Flümann, is that the corona crisis also prevents many important meetings here.

Special situation through Corona

The current situation could even be dangerous for him, emphasizes the parkour runner Kiel Dirk Hüfler: "If I fall somewhere or something should happen to me, I'm alone."

nothing had happened to him yet, of course the fear still accompanies him: "Parkour is a matter of the head. You are in the hall, jump 2.5 meters, there is a soft mat under you. Then you are out here, see the 2.5 Meters the same way, and I never think I can do it. "

Dirk is currently training the basics. He also does not want to take any risks in the corona crisis. As for many Kielers, the same applies to him: Even if everyday life is gradually returning, he does not want to take any risks.

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