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  'Not out of the woods yet,' says premier as P.E.I. pandemic restrictions ease With Phase 1 of ease back of COVID-19 restrictions in effect on P.E.I., Premier Dennis King says his big fear is the province is moving too quickly. Starting Friday, more services are available to Islanders, and groups of up to five from different households can gather outside, so long as they respect physical distancing. "My big fear would be that we moved too quickly and we have to recoil and go back to where we were," said King. "[I'm] reallyStarting Friday, more services are available to Islanders, and groups of up to five from different households can gather outside, so long as they respect physical distancing.

Step 1: Assemble the hardware – you’ll need some sphagnum moss (note: do not use dyed moss, it will get all over your hands when wet and stain everything for days), plastic wrap, and twisty ties. Step 2: Go ahead and make an incision cut on the monstera stem, include the node (or nub)

STEP 4: Open any RTMP-encoder. I use OBS on macOS: go to Settings —> Stream: select Custom service and type server and stream key. STEP 5: press Start Streaming and your encoder starts send RTMP feed to RTMPMiniServer. So let’s go to “Server” PC for check result.

Multiply Monstera-Stecklinge © provided by My beautiful garden Monstera cuttings

A Monstera can easily be propagated by cutting cuttings and rooting them in water or soil. With this step-by-step guide you can do it!

Hardly any other houseplant is as popular as the Monstera (Monstera deliciosa). To propagate the trend plant and its varieties, some enthusiasts recommend using offshoots. Colloquially, this usually means cuttings . In real offshoots or lowerers, the shoot that is lowered to the ground initially remains connected to the mother plant. To multiply the Monstera, it is recommended to cut head or stem cuttings and have them rooted in water or soil. Multiply

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Monstera: The best way to cut

head or stem cuttings from Monstera is in spring or early summer. The shoots should have at least one leaf knot and ideally some aerial roots. The cuttings easily root in a vessel with water or in a pot with growing soil. They sprout reliably at a temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius and high air humidity.

When can you multiply a Monstera?

The best time to breed a Monstera from cuttings is in spring and early summer. At this time, the green plants usually have high vigor and there are good growing conditions. It is important that you only cut shoots from healthy, growth-friendly window leaves.

Step 1: Cut the Monstera cuttings

Cut off a 20 cm long shoot of the Monstera with a sharp, clean knife. It has proven useful to cut head cuttings or shoot tips that have one or two leaves and at least one aerial root . Make the cut just below a shoot knot and be careful not to injure the aerial roots: they perform important functions in the nutrition of the plant. The chances of success are greatest if the offshoots have several aerial roots - correct roots form very quickly in them in water or soil. To prevent rotting, the interfaces are left to dry in an airy place for about an hour.

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Monstera-Stecklinge im Glas © MSG / Frank Schuberth Monstera cuttings in a glass Step 2: Put the cuttings in water

Fill a large glass or a vase with room-warm water - ideally you should use rainwater, but tap water with little lime is also suitable. Put the cuttings of the Monstera in the water and place the container in a bright and warm, but not too sunny place - in the blazing sun the offshoot needs to be shaded a little. The temperatures should be around 25 degrees Celsius. Regular spraying or the use of a humidifier is recommended to increase the humidity. Check the cutting regularly and change the water every two to three days.

Step 3: Plant rooted cuttings in soil

The Monstera cuttings should have their own roots within four to six weeks. If these are about ten centimeters long, the cutting can be placed in a pot with permeable, humus-rich soil. Houseplant or green plant soil is well suited. If necessary, support the tropical climbing plant with a suitable climbing aid , such as a bamboo or moss stick.

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Monstera-Steckling im Blumentopf © iStock / Kseniia Soloveva Monstera cuttings in a flowerpot Monstera cuttings rooted in soil

Alternatively, you can have the Monstera head cuttings rooted directly in soil - similar to stem or partial cuttings. It is important that the shoot sections have at least one leaf knot. Make a note of the partial cuttings where the top and bottom are: Depending on their natural growth direction, they are placed in a pot with growing soil - the aerial roots are also conducted into the substrate. For successful rooting, the soil heat should be around 25 degrees Celsius. Keep the substrate evenly moist with an atomizer and protect the cuttings from excessive sunlight. To prevent them from drying out easily, they are covered with a plastic hood, foil or a glass. The cover is removed every few days for ventilation. If the cuttings sprout after a few weeks, the rooting is successful and they are planted in a larger pot.

Further care of the Monstera

In order for the Monstera to develop to its full splendor, it needs a bright, warm and humid place all year round - the best thing is light from all sides. In the summer, the leaf ornamental plant can also move to a partially shaded spot outdoors. Keep the substrate moderately moist and wipe the leaves from time to time. In the summer, fertilization takes place every two weeks. In winter, the window leaf can be a bit cooler - but the floor heat should never be below 18 degrees Celsius.

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Cyclists should make sure that their saddle is correctly adjusted. The Press Service Fahrrad (pd-f) explains how this works. A three-step guide. © Photo: Tino Pohlmann / ergon / pd-f.de / dpa-tmn A question of the right attitude: It is important for cyclists that the saddle height is adjusted to their body size. Step 1: Everything horizontal? First check whether the saddle is level. Important: The bike must stand straight. A spirit level and an Allen key or a multitool are required.

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