Technology Android malware BlackRock steals passwords and financial data from 337 apps

11:16  17 july  2020
11:16  17 july  2020 Source:   zdnet.de

Octopus Scanner: Malware attacks on GitHub Windows, Linux and macOS on

 Octopus Scanner: Malware attacks on GitHub Windows, Linux and macOS on © DEFAULT_CREDIT GitHub (Image: GitHub) The backers are targeting NetBeans projects. Your malware steals data from developers' database passwords. Octopus Scanner is able to manipulate new builds of a project so that its malicious code is kept. An Italian security researcher has discovered several GitHub repositories that are used to spread malware. The Microsoft subsidiary GitHub informed the researcher, who calls himself JJ , on March 9.

How is this malware able to steal data from so many different apps ? Its secret lies in how it skims your data . Then, once you enter financial information or login data (like usernames and passwords ) If overlays are enabled by BlackRock , here’s just a small sample of the kinds of data it can steal and

New malware discovered from ZDNET: New BlackRock Android malware can steal passwords and card data from 337 apps | ZDNet. Per ThreatFabric, the data collection takes place via a technique called "overlays," which consists of detecting when a user tries to interact with a legitimate app and

Malware(Bild: Shutterstock) © DEFAULT_CREDIT malware (Image: Shutterstock) The malware uses the source code of an already known malware. However, the developers are adding new functions. BlackRock is targeting apps from various categories such as communication, dating and productivity.

The security provider ThreatFabric has analyzed a new Android malware, which has extensive functions for data theft . It is able to extract information from 337 Android apps. The malware called BlackRock was first discovered in May.

Malware(Bild: Shutterstock) © Provided by ZDNet Malware (Image: Shutterstock) The backers are said to have developed BlackRock on the basis of the leaked source code of the malware Xerxes, which they expanded with new functions. The procedure, however, corresponds to that of other banking Trojans, which on the one hand steal login data and on the other hand try to trick users into entering financial data in fake forms.

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(Photo : Pixabay) Card Data and Password Can Be Stolen by New Android Malware While Remaining Undetected: BlackRock Targets 337 Apps . Most of the BlackRock overlays are used for phishing financial and social media/communications apps ; only a small portion of the overlays is

As ZDNet reports, the malware is called BlackRock and it was discovered by security company ThreatFabric. BlackRock isn't exactly brand new The apps the malware targets cover the usual financial and social apps , but also spreads its net to include the categories of Books & Reference

According to the analysis, BlackRock also displays an overlay window for this purpose as soon as the malware detects an interaction with a legitimate app. This window corresponds to the surface of the legitimate app, but transmits all inputs to the cybercriminals. The peculiarity of BlackRock is the variety and range of legitimate apps that are attacked in this way.

So the malware is not limited to financial apps, but also targets social media and communication applications. It can also imitate dating, lifestyle, news, and productivity apps.

BlackRock reaches an Android device via an app contaminated with the malware. During the installation, the user requests authorization for the Android operating aids in order to carry out actions on behalf of the user, but without his knowledge. In this way, BlackRock grants itself additional authorizations to intercept SMS, send spam SMS, run certain apps, spy on keystrokes, display notifications and sabotage security applications.

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 New extortion software for macOS exposed © Shutterstock New extortion software for macOS exposed Security researchers have discovered new ransomware for macOS. After all, the blackmail software doesn't seem to be overly sophisticated. The antivirus manufacturer Malwarebytes has discovered a new type of ransomware for macOS. The malware is apparently distributed via illegal pirated copies of paid Mac programs as torrents. As soon as the infected installation routine is executed, the malware called Ransom.OSX.EvilQuest begins to do dama

BlackRock hits 337 app | Get Help for Android Phone. BlackRock is the name of the new threat which undermines users of smartphones Android : the malware is capable of stealing passwords and data cards through well 337 applications .

BlackRock , as the malware is known, has targeted 337 Android applications . The malware can steal login credentials, including usernames and passwords , and can According to ThreatFabric, BlackRock uses overlays that are geared towards phishing data from financial and social

So far, the malware has not been seen in the official Play Store. Instead, it spreads through fake Google update packages that are offered through third parties. However, hackers always succeed in bypassing the security precautions of the Play Store and distributing almost any malware via the official Android marketplace.

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