Technology BGH rejects lawsuit against Google to delete search results

14:32  27 july  2020
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investigation: Google Trends do not reliably depict trends

 investigation: Google Trends do not reliably depict trends © Jarretera / Shutterstock The results of Google Trends are obviously often not meaningful. The popular search statistics that the search engine operator offers under the name "Google Trends" are apparently not reliable. This is the result of a current study. A team consisting of employees from the Universities of Hanover and Oldenburg, the big data consulting company "Hase & Igel" and the North German broadcaster NDR dealt with the reliability of the search statistics "Google Trends".

In the suit , her campaign claimed that Google "helps to run elections" through political advertising and search results — an argument District Judge Stephen Wilson firmly When it comes to Google , "an undisputedly private company," the First Amendment's free speech protections do not apply.

How do I file a lawsuit against Google ? I have 2 inboxes that got deleted suddenly which contain very important info. Can you recommend a good law firm to sue Google for posting only outdated, defamatory results when people search for my name?

In einem Streitfall um die Auslegung des © Robyn Beck In a dispute over the interpretation of the "right to be forgotten", the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decided on Google. The search engine provider is not obliged to delete references to certain press articles about the plaintiff.

In a dispute over the interpretation of the "right to be forgotten", the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) dismissed on Monday the lawsuit of a former managing director of a welfare organization against the Internet company Google. The search engine operator was not obliged to delete links to press reports about the plaintiff in connection with a financial loss of the organization, the BGH judged. (Az. VI ZR 405/18).

With a new feature against zoom and teams: Google Meet now suppresses noise

 With a new feature against zoom and teams: Google Meet now suppresses noise © Google Google Meet - now with noise cancellation. Google Meet, the search engine giant's video conferencing solution that competes with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, gets noise cancellation with AI support. The results are impressive. The use of video conferencing solutions within your own four walls, which has risen sharply due to the corona crisis and resulting home office boom , has brought up a number of challenges.

Important: If you've already made a change to a live page, you don't need to fill out the form. If content was deleted from a site but still shows up in Google search results , the page description or.

A similar lawsuit filed against Google alleged that users are forced to share their personal data to be able to use an Android device. “We have made our policies clearer, our privacy settings easier to find and introduced better tools for people to access, download, and delete their information,” Facebook’s

According to the case law of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the Federal Constitutional Court, the application of the right to be forgotten is always linked to a weighing of conflicting fundamental rights, the judges said. The plaintiff's fundamental rights would have to "withdraw" from the interests of the search engine users, the public and the press organs responsible for the articles in question.

The "continued legality" of the reporting displayed by Google in the Internet search results is of crucial importance, added the BGH. With his judgment, he confirmed the decisions of the lower courts and rejected the plaintiff's revision. According to the court, the press reported on this in 2011 with full mention in connection with financial deficits at a regional association of the organization.

Against fake news: Google also starts fact check for image search

 Against fake news: Google also starts fact check for image search © Shutterstock Against fake news: Google starts fact check for image search In image search, Google now shows information on a fact check for certain content. Checking is done by external bodies. References to fact checks can be found on news and search results on Google. Google first introduced the feature in the context of the 2016 US presidential election. Four years later, Google now extends the function to image search.

Mother’s lawsuit against Google for child’s purchases of virtual currency follows suits and fines against Apple for similar ‘freemium’ in-app charges. By Samuel Gibbs.

Google has been involved in multiple lawsuits over issues such as privacy, advertising, intellectual property and various Google services such as Google Books and YouTube. The company's legal department expanded from one to nearly 100 lawyers in the first five years of business

In a second legal dispute over the deletion of search results against Google, the BGH suspended its decision on Monday and referred the case to the ECJ for preliminary clarification of related questions. (Az VI ZR 476/18) This concerned lawsuits brought by two managers of financial service companies. These were mentioned, among other things, with photos in reports on the website of a US company that critically questioned their investment models. According to their own statements, the plaintiffs were blackmailed by the latter.

In this case too, the plaintiffs failed in the lower courts trying to force Google to delete the search engine hits on the reports. The Internet company claimed that the truthfulness of the disputed reports could not be assessed.

The BGH decided to ask the ECJ in advance to clarify the procedure in such constellations from the perspective of EU law. The question is whether, in cases in which parties argue about the truthfulness of certain value judgments or factual claims, one side could obtain an injunction and thus bring about a preliminary clarification. It also deals with questions related to displaying images when searching.

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While you were asleep: Google search caused Microsoft Edge to crash .
© provided by Martin Geuss (Blog Dr. Windows) New Microsoft Edge logo Using Google as the default search provider causes Microsoft Edge to crash. A nice material for conspiracy theories, but it was a temporary error that most users in this country must not have noticed. The problem occurred around 2 a.m. according to the local time, in the USA depending on the time zone in the late afternoon or evening. As soon as any entries were made in the address line, Edge crashed.

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