Technology While you were asleep: Google search caused Microsoft Edge to crash

08:42  31 july  2020
08:42  31 july  2020 Source:   drwindows.de

Windows 10: Microsoft starts automatic conversion to Chromium Edge

 Windows 10: Microsoft starts automatic conversion to Chromium Edge © DEFAULT_CREDIT Microsoft Edge (Image: Microsoft) users can now get the browser via Windows Update. Chromium Edge takes settings and data from the old Edge version during installation. The update to Windows 10 version 2004 also switches users to Chromium Edge. Microsoft has started to automatically distribute the new version of its Edge browser, which uses the substructure of Google Chrome , to Windows 10 users .

Microsoft Edge . Search Community member. I was working on my computer when it suddenly crashed . Had to reset the application because every time I tried to use the search bar the application would close.

Microsoft Edge Legacy. Search Community member. Yesterday I opened a large number of Facebook tabs (around twenty), this caused a freeze of all my system, the mouse wasn't responding anymore, I had to do a hard reboot. I also am experiencing Microsoft Edge crashing .

Neues Microsoft Edge Logo © provided by Martin Geuss (Blog Dr. Windows) New Microsoft Edge logo

Using Google as the default search provider causes Microsoft Edge to crash. A nice material for conspiracy theories, but it was a temporary error that most users in this country must not have noticed.

The problem occurred around 2 a.m. according to the local time, in the USA depending on the time zone in the late afternoon or evening. As soon as any entries were made in the address line, Edge crashed. It quickly became apparent that everyone affected was using Google as the default search engine. In an initial reaction via Twitter, Microsoft recommended that the search suggestions be turned off in the address bar via edge: // settings / search to avoid the crash.

With a new feature against zoom and teams: Google Meet now suppresses noise

 With a new feature against zoom and teams: Google Meet now suppresses noise © Google Google Meet - now with noise cancellation. Google Meet, the search engine giant's video conferencing solution that competes with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, gets noise cancellation with AI support. The results are impressive. The use of video conferencing solutions within your own four walls, which has risen sharply due to the corona crisis and resulting home office boom , has brought up a number of challenges.

Search the whole site. Website issues. Microsoft Edge . Search Community member. Starting a few days after I upgraded to the latest Edge , searching in the address bar consistently causes the browser to crash . It only takes 2 to 3 characters to reliably crash .

Browser crashes or stops working. Microsoft Edge . Search Community member. After an edge closure if I click on the icon it reopens with the unexpectedly closed notification. This is a new bug apparently present on the latest Edge release. Here's the workaround, until MSFT releases a fix

In the meantime, the all-clear has been given: The error should have been fixed in the meantime, it says on Twitter:

Thanks for everyone's patience while we investigated! We believe this to be resolved now. We encourage you to revert your browser settings that you may have changed, and let us know if you are still experiencing any crashes typing into the address bar. https://t.co/IcХ-$qR3UHM

- Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) July 31, 2020

If someone still has problems, it is recommended to apply the workaround recommended by Microsoft.

Pixel 5: Google confirms 5G smartphone for autumn .
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