Technology Eight US satellites to hunt down hypersonic weapons

11:55  08 october  2020
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Canadian satellites to help combat threat of collisions in Earth orbit

  Canadian satellites to help combat threat of collisions in Earth orbit Humans produce a lot of garbage here on Earth. It turns out we produce a lot of it in space, too. An estimated 20,000-plus satellites and pieces of debris are orbiting Earth. These satellites can be operational or defunct, and the debris is left over from the thousands of spent rocket stages or the result of collisions that have produced smaller pieces. It's these collisions that are of particular concern, especially with more and more private companies and countries launching satellites into space.

In contrast, hypersonic weapons such as China’s waverider maneuver aerodynamically, enabling them to dodge defenses For now, maneuverability at hypersonic speeds makes the weapons nearly impossible to shoot down The United States has spent decades trying to get hypersonic flight right.

US Plans 150 satellite network to track hypersonic weapons of China and Russian # us #china #russian #ww3 The United States plans to launch 150 satellites

Huit satellites américains vont traquer les armes hypersoniques © Inok / Getty Images Eight US satellites to hunt down hypersonic weapons The US military has called on companies SpaceX and L3 Harris to design and launch satellites into low orbit around Earth. Their mission: to detect and track down hypersonic missiles.

The US military relies on companies SpaceX and L3 Harris to hunt down hypersonic weapons. Washington will offer the two aerospace companies more than $ 340 million to send a total of 8 satellites into low Earth orbit. The latter will have the mission of observing the Russian hypersonic missiles “Avangard” which were put into service in December 2019. “It is the absolute weapon”, welcomed Russian President Vladimir Poutine on the subject of this news ballistic weapons.

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, America's club soccer competition, canceled due to COVID-19

  Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, America's club soccer competition, canceled due to COVID-19 For the first time since its inception in 1913, the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup will not be played, canceled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.The 2020 edition of the American soccer club competition, which is open to professional leagues such as Major League Soccer and the USL Championship to levels as low as amateur adult teams, has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

By contrast, today’s hypersonic weapons attain hypersonic speeds flying in a much flatter trajectory, making them faster to reach their target, harder to But a consensus seems to have emerged in the militaries of China, Russia and the United States that hypersonic weapons are poised to disrupt the

Russia unveiled half a dozen cutting edge strategic weapons systems, including the Kinzhal air-launched hypersonic missile and the ICBM-launched Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle, in 2018, in response to US efforts to build a missile shield

This system is part of a new generation of projectiles capable, according to Moscow, of hitting a target almost anywhere in the world and outperforming any existing anti-missile shield, such as those deployed by the United States in Europe. To guard against such a threat, the US Space Development Agency, attached to the US military, intends to set up a constellation of satellites that can locate these missiles and track them down. In a report, however, this organization specifies that a single space device cannot continuously follow a hypersonic missile. However, it will have the possibility of communicating its last recorded position to the other satellites of the fleet in order to track it permanently.

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First German space radar is ready to go

 First German space radar is ready to go The first German space radar was inaugurated on Tuesday near Koblenz. "According to the latest figures, there are more than 3000 active satellites orbiting the earth today, and there will be significantly more," said the Federal Government's coordinator for the aerospace industry, Thomas Jarzombek (CDU), at the event on the Schmidtenhöhe Bundeswehr site.

To detect and track hypersonic weapons — which fly into space at supersonic speeds and then descend back down to Earth directly on top of [The Most Dangerous Space Weapons Concepts Ever]. The hypersonic threat brings a "new urgency" that the United States has not seen since the

A hypersonic weapon travels at Mach 5 or higher, which is at least five times faster than the speed of sound. Russia and China are leading the way in " We don't currently have effective defenses against hypersonic weapons because of the way they fly, i.e., they're maneuverable and fly at an altitude our

hypersonic missiles Even if Washington manages to carry out this project, the United States will not be protected against hypersonic weapons. The generals of the US Army admit that they are unable to intercept and destroy such devices, even if they know precisely where they are heading. “For the moment the aim of these 8 satellites is to inform our leaders of a strike against our territory so that they can decide on the course to follow by launching for example a nuclear reprisal on the opposing country”, concludes the Space Development Agency report.

To respond effectively to this new threat, the United States is also developing its own hypersonic missiles. The Pentagon has claimed that one of these projectiles flew over the Pacific in March at 17 times the speed of sound. However, American missiles would not yet be able to compete with those of the Russians and Chinese. First, because they are not built to hold a nuclear charge, according to US officials. But also because they will not be ready before 2023, unlike Russian and Chinese weapons, already operational on the ground.

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