Technology Hackers use leaked passwords against Spotify accounts

13:05  25 november  2020
13:05  25 november  2020 Source:   zdnet.de

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Is your Spotify account suddenly playing music in another language? Think your Spotify account was This Spotify dump matches emails with leaked passwords and shows their Spotify account level. Pastebin removes these pretty quickly, but Spotify hackers have tools that run through these

Its really easy to hack a Spotify account . But majority of all these “ hacked ” accounts is password reuse. The customers are to blame for using their password everywhere for convenience. My account got hacked a while back and I noticed it when suddenly the hacker started queueing dozens

Spotify (Bild: Spotify) © DEFAULT_CREDIT Spotify (Image: Spotify) A database with 380 million entries also contains valid login data for the streaming service. Spotify then resets the passwords of several hundred thousand users. The origin of the unsecured database remains unclear.

Researchers from security provider vpnMentor have uncovered a possible hacker attack on Spotify user . They found an unsecured Elasticsearch database with over 380 million entries. It also contained credentials that were apparently being checked for possible use to log into the Spotify streaming service.

The researchers discovered the data in early July 2020. According to their analysis, they were used for credential stuffing attacks. Hackers take advantage of the fact that users like to assign weak passwords and even store them with several services. The previously unknown hackers are said to have succeeded in determining between 300,000 and 350,000 valid login details for Spotify accounts.

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Spotify has reset the passwords of 350,000 accounts , after researchers found a database online Within were login credentials that were being validated against Spotify . The specifics of the hacking operation are unknown. Spotify Resets User Passwords . vpnMentor discovered the leak on July 3

How do " hackers " hack you're account ? First off make your password different guys I can not stress this enough, use lastpass or an alternative. People later sell hits to users for a whole lotta $$$. These accounts can be used to boost plays or just be used as their primary accounts !

They informed the Swedish streaming provider about their findings on July 9th. He then reset the passwords of the possibly affected accounts between July 10 and 21, making the data found "worthless" according to vpnMentor.

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The researchers emphasized that Spotify was not responsible for the incident. The data found probably came from other sources or was obtained through illegal methods in order to use it for credential stuffing attacks on Spotify accounts. In general, this is a known procedure for gaining access to paid services.

The researchers were unable to determine the origin of the 72 GB database. In addition to user names and passwords, it also contained email addresses and information on countries of origin and IP addresses. In addition, some entries in the database were shown as valid credentials for Spotify accounts.

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It looks like some Spotify user account credentials have been leaked to pastebin, so might want to Also if you re- use the same password on multiple sites, you should consider changing them as well. The reason for this is that with user credentials, hackers will try them on other sites to see what other

Over 300,000 Spotify accounts hit in cyberattack. A report from VPNMentor has highlighted how a database containing over 380 million records is currently being used to hack into Spotify accounts , with the company's app and online platform both affected.

vpnMentor warns that the data is also suitable for identity theft. In addition, the fraudsters could gain access to other services or social media accounts. Phishing attacks are also possible to trick users into installing malware.

The security provider keeps stumbling across unsecured online databases. In October, it hit the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which had stored communications from patients with its own customer support in a cloud storage without encrypting it or providing it with a password.

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