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16:10  06 april  2021
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Facebook challenges Australia by blocking news content

 Facebook challenges Australia by blocking news content © AP - Richard Drew Facebook's blocking of information sharing in Australia on February 18, 2021 has affected health services in areas in the midst of an emergency fire. As of Thursday morning February 18, no news content is visible on Facebook in Australia. The social network announced that this was a retaliatory measure.

sap rise © Default_Credit SAP Rise The Google Member Group Alphabet relocates its internal financial business from Oracle to SAP software and thus follows a similar step from Amazon. Both hyperscalers look more and more than competitor more and more.

The Google Mother Company Alphabet plans in the coming weeks to end the use of Oracle Financial Software and instead to use software from SAP . The nuclear financial systems of alphabet and Google will be transferred to SAP in May, Google shared its employees in an e-mail. The change refers only to the software that Google uses to prosecute the finances, and there are no signs that the company removes other Oracle systems.

Facebook blocks users in Australia from sharing news. Could Canada be next?

  Facebook blocks users in Australia from sharing news. Could Canada be next? As Australia battles Facebook in an effort to force tech giants to pay publishers for news content, Canada has made it clear it intends to introduce a similar plan.The move was triggered by Australia joining France and other governments in pushing Google, Facebook and other internet giants to pay publishers for news content.

Google and Oracle are increasingly competing in the cloud computing market, and follows a similar step of cloud market leader Amazon , which has greatly reduced its use of Oracle software in favor of its own cloud services over several years.

The change does not seem to be related to the long-term legal dispute between Google and Oracle, which is about Google's use of Java code in the application programming interface for Google's operating system Android . Previously, the Supreme Court had decided on Monday that Google's copying of Java code was fair use.

is now officially finished during the ten-year struggle for Java-APIs, Google and Oracle are still competing on other fronts. Both Google Cloud and Oracle attempt to increase its proportion of the cloud computing market by addressing corporate customers - especially those that need hybrid and multi-cloud services, as well as those on-premise workloads in the cloud Migrate.

Google: Second senior researcher for ethical AI loses her job

 Google: Second senior researcher for ethical AI loses her job With Margaret Mitchell's resignation, Google has now laid off both former heads of the AI ​​ethics team. Mitchell had previously commented negatively about the termination of her colleague Timnit Gebru. © Asif Islam / Shutterstock.com Google has fired another well-known AI researcher. Margaret Mitchell announced on Twitter that she has been fired by Google.

Oracle refused for years to certify his database software for Google Cloud what Google's offer to customers who wanted to host Oracle databases in the Cloud. Last year, however, Google Cloud has introduced Bare Metal instances for Oracle databases.

"Google Cloud is enabling Oracle customers to carry out their Oracle database workloads on Google Cloud through our Bare Metal Solution," said Google Spokesman José Castañeda in a statement to Zdnet. "But this is completely independent of our decision as a business customer of financial software to switch our financial systems from Oracle to SAP."

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9 April Fools' Day Headlines That Turned Out to Be True (Photos) .
From the death of Marvin Gaye to a Will Ferrell-Kristen Wiig Lifetime movie, these events were unfortunately timed for April Fools' Day but were 100 percent real. Happy April Fool's Day. We hope you don't fall for any tricks — and that you don't take any real headline to be fake. Here are some examples of April 1 headlines that turned out to be completely real. Singer Marvin Gaye was fatally shot by his father, Marvin Gaye Sr., on April 1, 1984. The news was so shocking and the timing so unfortunate that even Gaye's close friend Smokey Robinson thought it was a morbid prank by the disc jockey on the radio station where he heard it.

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