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14:55  13 october  2021
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Neo-Nazis are still on Facebook. And they’re making money

  Neo-Nazis are still on Facebook. And they’re making money BRUSSELS (AP) — It’s the premier martial arts group in Europe for right-wing extremists. German authorities have twice banned their signature tournament. But Kampf der Nibelungen, or Battle of the Nibelungs, still thrives on Facebook, where organizers maintain multiple pages, as well as on Instagram and YouTube, which they use to spread their ideology, draw in recruits and make money through ticket sales and branded merchandise. The Battle ofThe Battle of the Nibelungs — a reference to a classic heroic epic much loved by the Nazis — is one of dozens of far-right groups that continue to leverage mainstream social media for profit, despite Facebook’s and other platforms’ repeated pledges to purge themselves of extremism.

In addition to the mafia and terrorist groups, the lists contain several political organizations considered as appealing to hatred, including several French far-right groups.

The American site The Intercept published, Tuesday, October 12, a list of "dangerous individuals and organizations" used by Facebook moderators. The document, which is not dated, brings together on a hundred pages a little more than 4,000 organizations and personalities, divided into several categories that determine whether these groups and their apology are tolerated or prohibited on the platform. We discern three main.

Canadians will see less politics on Facebook during election

  Canadians will see less politics on Facebook during election Canadians will see less political content in their Facebook feeds than they did in past elections, and the social media giant will not hesitate to take down posts that promote misinformation about subjects like the election or COVID-19, says the company's head of public policy for Canada. Kevin Chan said even posts by political parties or candidates could be removed if they violate Facebook's rules. However, he said the company will also take into account the right to free speech. "Politicians are not exempt from enforcement against breaches of our harmful misinformation policy," Chan said in an interview with CBC News.

The first brings together terrorist, criminal or racist groups considered particularly violent or dangerous. These are not only forbidden for presence on Facebook, but any message considered to be their apology or advertising must also be deleted, according to the rules transmitted to the moderation teams consulted by The Intercept.

The list used by Facebook is largely based on the classifications of the US government, which maintains its own list of organizations considered terrorists. Unsurprisingly, there is a multitude of small groupcules affiliated with the Islamic State Organization, Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah. It can also read the names of a handful of neonazis groups, as well as some European clandestine organizations. The list mentions several orangist paramilitary groups of Ireland and groupuscules such as true IRA, as well as fails related to ETA. Added to all this a list of criminal groups considered particularly violent, mainly composed of Mafias from Latin America - Brazil and Mexico in mind.

Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Lighting Back Up Again After Hours-Long Outage – Update

  Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Lighting Back Up Again After Hours-Long Outage – Update UPDATED with service mostly restored. Facebook has given an official all-clear, but service appears to be returning for most users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp after a multi-hour outage. The social media platforms went dark in much of the U.S., the UK and parts of Europe this morning. The timing generated a a large amount of speculation on Twitter (the main outlet for many Facebook users unable to express themselves in their usual fashion) that somehow the outage was related to some non-technical issue. The tech giant has faced weeks of hard-hitting stories about its inner workings in the Wall Street Journal.

The moderation rules are, on the other hand, a little more flexible for a list of "violent non-state actors", which constitute the second category defined by Facebook. The latter brings together paramilitary organizations leading guerrillas, including several Syrian or Chechen groups. Moderators are encouraged to tolerate messages that evoke these groups for their non-violent actions, but to remove any glorification of armed actions.

"The idea that Facebook places the profits before people is false" Calls to hatred

The third main category brings together groups and individuals who are not directly suspected of violent actions, but whose speech encourages violence. or hatred. Facebook users are in their case authorized to discuss it broadly, but their messages are reported to the moderators as having a particular risk. Several French groups are in this list, including the group-generation, dissolved in March, whose Facebook page had been closed in 2018, or the Equality and Reconciliation movement, of Alain Soral, convicted of multiple occasions, including the Facebook page was closed in 2017; There are also neolazis or related music groups, including the French group Elsass Korps, dissolved in 2005.

Claire Foy Cast as Sheryl Sandberg in Series About Facebook Titled Doomsday Machine: Reports

  Claire Foy Cast as Sheryl Sandberg in Series About Facebook Titled Doomsday Machine: Reports The series is based in part on Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang’s bestseller An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination Frenkel, Kang and Marantz will reportedly consult and executive produce on the series. © Provided by People Emma McIntyre/Getty RELATED: Facebook Whistleblower Reveals Her Identity, Claims Company Is 'Causing Ethnic Violence Around the World' Doomsday Machine will begin around the 2016 presidential election and the rise of "fake news" and misinformation that continues to flourish online.

The main revelation of these documents is probably the existence, within these lists, a category "armed social movements " Very detailed, the latter comprises several hundred armed groups, all Americans. Some are linked to the American far right, others at the Pro-Weapon Boogaloo Movement; The Intercept sees in this specific classification proof that Facebook practices a moderation "Americanocentrée" and more tolerant for the American far right than for other groups.

An accusation strongly disputed by the social network, which says ranking according to the degree of dangerous groups and their behaviors. "When American groups respond to our definition of what a terrorist group is, we designate them as such (this is, for example, the case for The Base, Atomwaffen Division or National Socialist Order [three American Neonazis groups]))) Explains a spokesman for the company in The Intercept. When they respond rather to our criteria designating organizations that call on hatred, we then classify them in this way, for example the Proud Boys, the Rise Movement Above Movement, or the Patriot Front.

boogaloo, the strange movement that mixes Libertarians and neonazis advocating riots and "revolution"

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