Technology Money Path Instead of Love: iPhone Crypto Fraud also escalates in Europe

19:51  13 october  2021
19:51  13 october  2021 Source:   zdnet.de

Apple Share: Even before the start of the iPhone 13, there are first rumors to the iPhone 14

 Apple Share: Even before the start of the iPhone 13, there are first rumors to the iPhone 14 in autumn the iPhone 13 will be presented as well as the market. Some Apple users would have liked a different name for the new generation. But even though the latest Apple smartphone does not already exist, rumors already circulate about the iPhone 14. © Provided by Finanzen.net Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP / Gettyimages • Iphone 13 is probably in the autumn • Survey results: 74% Had another name for the iPhone 13 • Rumors to the iPhone 14 Video: High-tech search: Bavaria's police with new video techni

10132021 PM CryptoRom © default_credit 10132021 PM Cryptorom 1.2 million euro loot in just one wallet discovered. Cyberganster increases more European and American users of apps such as Tinder and Bumble on grain to capers their iPhones for their machinations. Sophos gives the threat the code name Cryptorom.

Wiesbaden, October 13, 2021 - New insights from Sophos suggest that international cyber scams escalates with crypto currency. Cybercriminals use popular dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble to abuse iphones of bustless users: inside for their fraudulent machinations. While the attackers: the inside in the past was mainly on Asian regions, the attacks now relocate to Europe and the USA. Sophos has discovered a cybercriminally controlled Bitcoin Wallet with nearly 1.4 million US dollars (1.2 million euros), which were presumed by the victims.

New Strategy: Ukraine Legalized Krypto Dietes

 New Strategy: Ukraine Legalized Krypto Dietes On Wednesday, the Ukrainian parliament has decided a law on the legalization and regulation of crypto currencies and other virtual assets such as token. So far there were no rules for the cryptographic industry in the country. © EM_Concepts / Shutterstock Ukraine wants to get the crypto industry into the country. crypto currencies were neither legal nor prohibited in Ukraine. There was simply no regulations that have dealt with it.

Sophos has given this threat to the code name "Cryptorom" and published a detailed report " Cryptorom Fake iOS Cryptocurrency Apps Hit Us, European Victims for at Least $ 1.4 Million ".

"The Cryptorom scam is based on social engineering in almost every phase," says Jagadeesh Chandraiah, Senior Threat Researcher at Sophos. "First create the attackers: Inside convincing fake profiles on dating sites. As soon as you have come into contact with a target person, suggest the conversation on a messaging platform. Then try to persuade the target person to install a fake trading app for crypto currency and invest there. At first glance, the returns look very good. However, if the victim reclaims the money or tries to access the finances, it is rejected and the money is lost. Our research shows that the scammers: inside with this mesh millions of euros cited. "

Sec-Chairman Gary Gensler wants to clean up in Krypto-Space

 Sec-Chairman Gary Gensler wants to clean up in Krypto-Space Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said on Tuesday in an interview, he wool crypto currencies "bring in the context of public policy. © DcStockPhotography / Shutterstock.com Authorities seat of US Stock Exchange Supervision. During an Live Interview with the Washington Post, Gensler gave to understand that he wanted to ensure that crypto currencies fall into the regulation area.

Double Until

According to investigations, the attackers can: Steal even far more than just money. You can also access the iPhones of your victims. In this variant of the attack, cybercriminals use a system for software developers called "Enterprise Signature". Normally, these software helps companies to test new iOS applications with selected iPhone users: in advance in advance before they send them to the review and approval to the official Apple App Store. With the functionality of the Enterprise Signature system, attackers: inside with their counterfeit apps for the Kryptohandel can respond larger groups of iPhone users: inside and get control of their devices from afar. Thus, they are potentially able to make even more damage than they already do with the fake investments in Krypto currency anyway. For example, you can collect personal information, add and remove accounts and install apps for other malignant purposes.

rip-off: Delivery Cryptoeats: The Hype, which is used as a crypto scam.

 rip-off: Delivery Cryptoeats: The Hype, which is used as a crypto scam. pay the pizza from the delivery service with crypto currency, for many sound like a dream. They invested in the startup cryptoeats. Now the company is untraceable - and hundreds of thousands of dollars of investors equal. © Picture Alliance / Avi Rozen crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethererum are traded as a method of payment of the future. with Pomp and Gloria pushed the startup Cryptoeate in the recent past into Spotlight, sold as a pioneer.

One rule must be: only apps from the App Store

"until recently spread the crypto thief: inside your fraudulent apps mainly about fake sites similar to a trusted bank or the Apple App Store," explains Chandraiah. "With the use of the iOS developer system, the risk of victims increases again clearly, as it can give the attacker: inside rights on the smartphone and also the possibility to steal personal information. To avoid being sacrifices of this fraud mesh, iPhone users should install: Install only apps from the Apple App Store. The golden rule is: When something risky appears or too beautiful to be true, then finger away - especially if largely unknown persons promise a great online investment program with great profit. "

Sophos recommends installing security solutions on mobile devices . This includes, for example, Intercept X for Mobile , which protects IOS and Android devices from Cyber ​​threats.

More information about the fake crypto feed apps aimed at iPhones, as well as other mobile threats, can be found on Sophoslabs Uncut .

iPhone with or without Case? .
Use A mobile phone case should provide optimal protection for the smartphone. But again and again discussions on whether the iPhone needs a shell or not. © Provided by finanzen.net Mario Vedder / Getty Images An years of discussion for years has been discussions around the iPhone Case theme. Many use a mobile phone case to protect the smartphone of the Tech Giant Apple . But as well as many the cell phone sheaths are superfluous.

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