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on these phones WhatsApp does not run from November

Tuesday  20:10,   07 september 2021

even if many changes may not be directly visible: the Messenger service WhatsApp is regularly developed and every year, support for older smartphones. On these devices you can then no longer use the message service or only very limited. Also... >>>

CMP 170HX: NVIDIA brings dedicated graphics card to Etherum Mining

Monday  14:15,   06 september 2021

NVIDIA is apparently working on a new dedicated graphics card for Etherumining. The CMP 170HX is intended to achieve first tests a hashrates of around 164 megahashes per second. © Codefordl / Zhihu NVIDIA graphics card for Etherum mining. In... >>>

10 Places that Google Maps can not show

Monday  11:55,   06 september 2021

The Map Service Google Maps makes it possible to travel via the computer, smartphone or tablet to the most remote places of our Earth. Not all of them may be shown. © Erikona / iStock Ten places that Google Maps may not show Very different reasons... >>>

Etherum deflation: Inventory is reduced, more ether burned as shaped

Saturday  15:55,   04 september 2021

The goal of the EIP-1559 improvement proposal introduced with the London upgrade was to slow down the growth of the Ether stock. Now it has happened that it was even reduced. © Cryptographer / Shutterstock It remains hot around the ether. At the... >>>

Twitch: Boycott showed effect, platform praised improvement

Friday  14:25,   03 september 2021

The protest of the streamer: inside seems to have had success. But part of the burglary comes through the departure of two prominent - they left Twitch towards YouTube. © Salarko / Shutterstock The Amazon daughter suggests its streamers too little... >>>

What is Orano, Ex-Areva?

Friday  08:40,   03 september 2021

© AFP The French group Orano celebrates its twenty years this Friday. But what is this company, better known as AREVA until 2018, National Nuclear Fleuron? Every day, JDD's antisic answers a question that is not so stupid as that, to better... >>>

Record Criminal against WhatsApp in Europe

Thursday  20:20,   02 september 2021

Ireland's Privacy Commission has imposed a fine of 225 million euros against the Messengerius WhatsApp. The fine was justified with lack of transparency in the transfer of personal data. © Jakub Porzycki / Nurphoto / Picture Alliance Provided by... >>>

AS Saint-Etienne tried a Poker Poker

Wednesday  16:45,   01 september 2021

© provided by Sports.fr 3 goals In search of an offensive reinforcement Since the beginning of the summer, Stéphanois recruiters have activated many tracks including that From the attacker of Nîmes Olympique . While crocos had refused several... >>>

Joveljic meets twice: spectacle between LAFC and Galaxy

Sunday  11:23,   29 august 2021

in the MLS city duel between the Los Angeles FC and Los Angeles Galaxy went back and forth on Saturday. In the middle: an ex-frankfurter. © Imago Images / Zuma Wire Main Actor of a rapid Derby: Dejan Joveljic. 3: 3 In the MLS city duel a few weeks... >>>

Friedrich About Ekkelenkamp Poker: "There is no agreement"

Thursday  16:29,   26 august 2021

Hertha Sport Director Arne Friedrich has demonstrated an agreement with Ajax Amsterdam through a transfer of Jurgen Ekkelenkamp. © Imago Images / Pro Shots Hertha talks to him: Jurgen Ekkelenkamp. Hertha in Munich expected without Boateng "There is >>>

Digital World: Top 3 Tools to Manage Files in Your Computer

Tuesday  08:50,   24 august 2021

Covid-19 has impacted the world on so many levels. It drastically affected our way of living in a way that we can no longer do the things that we are used to. That also changed how we accomplish our tasks. Since we are stuck at home, we are forced... >>>

China's new Data Protection Act: Stricter Conditions for Alibaba and Tencent

Monday  15:37,   23 august 2021

Chinese Tech corporations need to rethink the topic of privacy. This year, stricter data protection laws should apply significantly. © Mirko Kuzmanovic / Shutterstock.com The National People's Congress has decided new privacy rules for China.... >>>

Password for Wallet Forgot: So Crypto Investors can restore their passwords

Monday  06:05,   23 august 2021

In a study by the online portal Cryptovantage, many of the Krypto investors surveyed stated that they have ever lost their access data to their wallet. However, this does not always mean the worst. Due to a recovery service, the passwords can be... >>>

Tinder Account: How does it work

Friday  15:37,   20 august 2021

Remove You want to delete your Tinder account? We show you how that works in a few steps. © Akinbostanci / iSock Tinder account Delete: How it works no matter if you do not go longer than Single through the world, simply insert an (Online) Dating... >>>

Google accused of paying companies to protect their monopoly on

Friday  10:15,   20 august 2021

applications © DADO Ruvic / REUTERS Unlike the iPhone maker, Google allows alternative stores. (Photo illustration) Epic Games, developer game Fortnite phenomenon, filed a complaint against Google on Thursday. The giant of Silicon Valley is accused >>>