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Slidable: Samsung presents a new display form in front of

Saturday  01:00,   08 october 2022

Samsung-CEO GE-Sung Choi (71) on the keynote of this year's innovation event from Intel after a good 50 minutes, the cat from the sack: "Foldable is gone" explains The South Korean. In his hand he holds a tablet that can be pulled to 17 inches on... >>>

Overwatch 2: How Blizzard managed to exclude poorer gamers

Thursday  18:30,   06 october 2022

gamers: In the beginning, the new game could only play if they did not use prepaid or VOIP number. Blizzard is now changing the provisions - but not for all users: inside. © Parilov / Shutterstock The launch of "Overwatch 2" provided frustration at >>>

Christophe Castaner without taboo on his new life: this SMS which says a lot…

Tuesday  21:10,   04 october 2022

© Bruno Bebert / Bestimage Christophe Castaner without taboo on his new life: this SMS which says a lot… Our colleagues from France Info were interested To the fallen from Macronie, ousted during the last legislative elections. The opportunity to... >>>

billion fine for financial companies because of messenger services

Wednesday  15:50,   28 september 2022

Unregulated communication via messenger services such as WhatsApp has a number of large banks and financial companies in the USA. The 16 companies will pay a total of $ 1.1 billion (almost 1.15 billion euros), as the US stock exchange regulator SEC >>>

Who blocked me at WhatsApp?

Saturday  22:40,   17 september 2022

Your messages are no longer answered? Maybe the person is blocking them on WhatsApp. This is how you find out! © iStockphoto You can see who blocks them on WhatsApp iStockphoto Sometimes you are not quite sure why contact suddenly no longer... >>>

Telegram transmitted data to German security authorities

Wednesday  23:50,   07 september 2022

The Telegram messenger service has passed on user data to German security authorities. The Federal Ministry of the Interior confirmed this at the request of the NDR, as the broadcaster announced on Wednesday. Compared to the research format... >>>

"Oumuamua": Finally solved puzzles about alien object?

Wednesday  17:00,   07 september 2022

The interstellar object called "Oumuamua" has been presenting researchers with a mystery for years. Now there is a new theory regarding the origin of this mysterious space body. © Dottedhippo/iStock Oumuamua The infinite width of the universe are... >>>

Messe Berlin expects other IFA editions in Berlin

Monday  11:40,   29 august 2022

The IFA electronics fair could remain in Berlin, according to Messe Berlin, beyond 2023. The contract with the rights holder GFU expires after the issue next year. "At the time, we are in conversations," said trade fair chief Martin Ecknig of the... >>>

does not receive a financing: Blockchain company Skynet Labs concludes

Thursday  06:00,   25 august 2022

da Skynet Labs was unable to complete a new financing round, the blockchain company must close. However, the Web3 platform should continue their online operation and continue to offer users an actively developing infrastructure. © provided by... >>>

Firefox: Mozilla published version 104.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Tuesday  18:40,   23 august 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Firefox cover Mozilla has published Firefox 104.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition to new group guidelines, the new update also brings a big swing to bug fixes. This time, however, new functions are only available... >>>

Fitbit ends support for Windows and Mac: No more synchronization

Tuesday  15:50,   09 august 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Fitbit cover The devices from Fitbit can soon no longer be synchronized via Bluetooth with the Fitbit Connect app for Windows and Mac. The corresponding function will be stopped and deactivated in October. Apparently... >>>

Intel hopes for a groundbreaking in Magdeburg in early 2023

Monday  08:50,   01 august 2022

The US chip manufacturer Intel hopes for an early start next year when building his new semiconductor works in Magdeburg. "We are planning the groundbreaking ceremony in the first half of 2023 and are optimistic that Chips Act will also be adopted... >>>

Samsung thanks to the strong chip business with higher profit

Thursday  11:40,   28 july 2022

thanks to the persistently strong demand for chips for data centers, the electronic giant Samsung earned significantly more in the second quarter of 2022 than a year earlier. The surplus increased by 15 percent to 11.1 trillion (about 8.34 billion... >>>

Can we deviate an asteroid with a nuclear bomb like in Armageddon?

Wednesday  00:30,   27 july 2022

© supplied by Gentside Armageddon (1998) that we love or hate the filmography of Michael Bay, we must admit that this director, who has never hidden his love for explosions, produced Some nuggets. Among these, we can count Armageddon, an... >>>

with your smartphone when traveling: You should note that

Monday  17:50,   25 july 2022

to find the best beach bar, the shortest way back to the hotel or to capture the most beautiful holiday moments in photos: Without the smartphone, many can hardly imagine your vacation nowadays. So that the loyal trouser pocket companions do not... >>>