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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe: Tablet in the price deal for melting

Monday  00:50,   25 july 2022

© Samsung Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe Prime Day Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: This is how the tablet is reduced SPAR-TIP: The best price is currently Amazon. The shipping giant skin is the popular tablet samsung galaxy tab s7 fe with 64 GB in the colors... >>>

Mercato: Real monitors two Ligue 1 cracks!

Wednesday  13:20,   20 july 2022

© supplied by Sports.fr The two attackers would be on the SHORT-LIST DU REAL. In recent years, the Real Madrid likes to draw in Ligue 1. It must be said that the success of Karim Benzema has something to inspire more than one, like Ferland Mendy... >>>

Windows 11 version 22H2: Please do not disturb

Wednesday  09:43,   20 july 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows There are people who can still work and concentrate in the largest chaos. And there are people like me who can be distracted by every little bit of little things and at the end of the day often do not create the workload... >>>

iPhone Trick: So people disappear in the background of their photos

Thursday  15:48,   14 april 2022

photos of busy places are tricky - not infrequently, many people are in the background. With this iPhone Trick you will be los © Getty Images This iPhone photo trick you need to know Getty Images Everyone knows it: Posing on a busy place for a... >>>

iPhone Trick: How to move on the phone at the same time movies and listening to music

Wednesday  18:05,   06 april 2022

The music on your phone stops always when you want to film? At the same time with this iPhone trick works at the same time © iStockphoto How to work the video take and music listening at the same time iStockphoto you know the problem: You are... >>>

help these tips and tricks if Google Maps does not work

Tuesday  07:05,   05 april 2022

If the world's most widespread map app google maps does not work as usual, this is in most cases easy to solve problems. Therefore, keep calm and take the necessary steps. © Provided by Finanzen.net ASIF Hassan / AFP / Getty Images What if Google... >>>

"Reddit place". How the French flag was in the heart of a pixel war

Monday  19:15,   04 april 2022

© YouTube screenshot / The videos of Chris The French flag on Reddit / R / Place Monday, April 4, 2022, in the morning. Internet users around the world are invited to contribute to an artistic virtual fresco by each depositing a pixel. The... >>>

Apple will no longer accept the iPhone stolen or lost in its

Thursday  18:50,   31 march 2022

stores © Aly Song / Reuters The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11 5G Apple in an Apple Store in Shanghai, China, October 23 2020. Photo Stock Illustration. Before repairing an iPhone, Apple Store technicians and authorized stores will now consult the... >>>

Fake Crypto Ballet Apps Threat Iphone and Android Users

Monday  21:15,   28 march 2022

© default_credit Bitcoin (Image: Shutterstock) The distribution takes place via counterfeit websites for crypto feed services. The campaign focuses on newcomers when dealing with virtual currencies. Cybercriminal Try to steal crypto currencies from >>>

UFO361 publishes new "THC-Gang" Video

Monday  18:42,   21 march 2022

The rapper UFO361 releases its fans once again insights into the many circumscribed lives of a rap star. He moves not only in the dumps of the music. © Provided by www.musikexpress.de Ufuk Bayraktar ALIAS UFO361 at a concert in Huxleys on April 30, >>>

Weltglückstag: These apps should make Happy

Sunday  13:05,   20 march 2022

2012, the United Nations decided to make the back of the world, ten years ago. He still celebrates his round birthday until next year, because the first time was officially committed in 2013. It was hard to find his luck with computer software,... >>>

assistant Gittenmann after beaker: "The act makes me stunned"

Saturday  16:45,   19 march 2022

a day after being hit in Bochum by a mug, referee assistant Christian Ggantmann has reported to speak. © Picture Alliance / DPA Christian Gittenmann (center) had to be treated after being hit by a mug. skull impelling and a whiplash diagnosed still >>>

Apple share: Apple's Siri with new voice version

Friday  18:15,   18 march 2022

With the new iOS update, Siri gets a new voice option that represents a gender-neutral version. © Provided by Finanzen.net Servais Mont / Getty Images New iOS Update With the latest iOS update 15.4, there are some innovations for Apple devices. For >>>

Lenovo sells laptops and workstations with Linux also to end customers

Tuesday  02:20,   15 march 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Ubuntu Linux Title Image On request, business customers have already been able to get Lenovo PCs with Linux so far. Now the world market leader expands its Linux offer and offers selected models for end customers with >>>

Google sets advertising in Russia - Intel stops deliveries

Saturday  03:56,   05 march 2022

with Google and Intel pull back further global companies from Russia. The reason for this is the start of attack started by Russia on Ukraine. © Ymgerman / Shutterstock Google. The Chiprese Intel exposes all deliveries to customers in Russia after... >>>