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How to shop for cannabis online in Ontario

Thursday  23:27,   11 october 2018

How to shop for cannabis online in OntarioThe site will be up and running at 12:01 a.m. ET on Wednesday, and consumers will be able access it from computers and mobile devices. The products offered for sale will include dried flower, oils, capsules, >>>

Dream job alert: Get paid $25 an hour just to watch sports

Thursday  23:03,   11 october 2018

Sign us... >>>

Reality check: Do Canadians need to worry about growth hormones in dairy post-USMCA?

Thursday  19:52,   11 october 2018

The new and improved NAFTA -- called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement – has opened the door to allow U.S. milk into the Canadian market. Canada has agreed to provide U.S. dairy farmers access to about 3.5 per cent of its approximately $16-billion... >>>

L Brands explores options for La Senza chain

Thursday  18:09,   11 october 2018

L Brands said it would pursue all alternatives for its La Senza lingerie and intimate-apparel chain as it focuses on its larger core businesses. The Columbus, Ohio, parent of Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works said La Senza has 126... >>>

In major shift, the U.S. says it won’t ban Canadian pot workers

Thursday  18:06,   11 october 2018

In a policy change made without fanfare Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) now says Canadians who work in the legal cannabis industry here will be free to enter the United States. It's a major reversal of a position announced in late... >>>

Choosing a business name is hard. Here is how to make it easier

Thursday  16:51,   11 october 2018

Trying to find the perfect business name? Follow these steps.A bad name is forgettable, confusing, and causes you to spend advertising money clarifying what your business... >>>

How to Have the Best Fall Getaway to Toronto

Thursday  16:51,   11 october 2018

The general manager of Bucars RV in Calgary offers advice to consumers who want to buy a camper or motorhome. Jeff Redmond says budget and floor plan are major factors to keep in... >>>

16 ways retirees waste their money

Thursday  16:26,   11 october 2018

A retiree's golden years can be anything but that if they're not careful with their... >>>

Celebrities who swear by cannabis-infused beauty products

Thursday  16:25,   11 october 2018

CBD, aka cannabidiol, is taking over Hollywood — one beauty product at a time. Stars from Olivia Wilde to Mandy Moore to Dakota Johnson are swearing by cannabis-infused skin care products such as lotions and oils for their A-list glow and... >>>

Canadian Home Construction Takes A Plunge In The Middle Of A Population Boom

Thursday  11:05,   11 october 2018

Canada's housing market slowdown, which began with a drop in sales, is now spreading to home construction. Canada's housing market slowdown, which began with a drop in sales, is now s Housing starts in Canada have fallen steeply in recent months >>>

Trump doubles down on Fed attacks, saying it’s ‘going loco’

Thursday  07:51,   11 october 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump continued his tirade against the Federal Reserve in a late Wednesday television appearanceSaying he’s “not happy” with the Fed, Trump told Fox News he could’t understand why it was continuing to tighten U.S. monetary... >>>

Metro Vancouver could see 8-cent gas price hike after pipeline explosion: analyst

Thursday  07:31,   11 october 2018

Prices could climb as high as $1.659 by Saturday, with three Washington state refineries cutting back production.Dan McTeague with Gasbuddy.com said the anticipated soaring fuel prices are yet another byproduct of a natural gas pipeline explosion... >>>

A rare and worrisome thing happened during Wednesday’s stock market slaughter: Bonds fell, too

Thursday  06:51,   11 october 2018

Sharp stock market sell-offs usually send buyers into the Treasury market, but bonds continued to drop in a rare market move Wednesday as the Dow fell more than 800 points.But that’s not the case now, since Wednesday’s sharp plunge in stocks is... >>>

Why this market selloff isn't like the correction at the beginning of the year

Thursday  02:51,   11 october 2018

Investors watching what ended up as an 832-point loss in the Dow Jones Industrial Average couldn't help but remember the frenzied correction that began in late January and never really abated until April. Multiple trading days looked a lot like... >>>

Dow industrials sink 831 points as tech companies plunge

Thursday  02:06,   11 october 2018

U.S. stocks plunged Wednesday as investors ramped up their selling of high-flying technology and internet stocks. Although the losses were widespread, stocks that have been the biggest winners on the market, including technology companies and... >>>