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Tax court says space trip was taxable benefit

Friday  23:05,   14 september 2018

Tax court says space trip was taxable benefitAt issue was a $41.8-million price tag for a trip the Cirque du Soleil's founder had been reimbursed for as a business...[...]

Kinder Morgan hires TD to sell Canadian business: sources

Friday  22:26,   14 september 2018

Kinder Morgan hires TD to sell Canadian business: sourcesThe move comes about two weeks after Kinder Morgan closed its sale of the Trans Mountain pipeline to the Canadian government for about $4.5...[...]

Elon Musk plans to launch a person around the moon in a giant new SpaceX rocket ship

Friday  09:51,   14 september 2018

Elon Musk's aerospace company, SpaceX, plans to launch "the world's first private passenger" around the moon with its upcoming Big Falcon Rocket or BFR spacecraft.The company's announcement came Thursday night via Twitter, and it included a...[...]

Windsor, N.S. Mansion Is Selling For Less Than Some Big-City Condos

Friday  09:26,   14 september 2018

Once in a while there comes along a piece of real estate that seems to good to be true. Today, that property comes from Nova Scotia, where a stunning eight-bedroom Victorian house, complete with a pool, two dishwashers, and a wine cellar has been...[...]

DavidsTea reports $10 million net loss

Friday  00:52,   14 september 2018

DavidsTea has reported a $10 million net loss in the first results since founder Herschel Segal took back control of the company's board. The Montreal-based retailer says the results for the quarter that ended Aug. 4 works out to a loss of...[...]

3 mistakes entrepreneurs always make when they scale their businesses

Thursday  23:26,   13 september 2018

They're definitely avoidable.They're definitely...[...]

Empire warns of rising food prices

Thursday  23:26,   13 september 2018

Empire warns of rising food prices"It's clear with what's going on in terms of transportation cost and tariff-related cost that our expectation — although we're not economists — is that there will be some inflation," he said during a conference call [...]

Transat to raise prices after Q3 earnings miss

Thursday  23:26,   13 september 2018

Transat to raise prices after Q3 earnings miss“The fuel increases happened very suddenly in a short time period. In those circumstances, often we are not able to pass those increases to consumers,” said chief operating officer Annick Guerard in a...[...]

High cost of housing top of mind for women, renters and millennial voters, poll says

Thursday  22:06,   13 september 2018

High cost of housing top of mind for women, renters and millennial voters, poll saysFifty-seven per cent of Toronto-area voters say they strongly agree it is increasingly difficult to own a home in the region and 38 per cent say housing...[...]

Rona tried to buy Lowe's Canada in 2011

Thursday  20:52,   13 september 2018

Rona tried to buy Lowe's Canada in 2011Robert Dutton made the claim in an autobiography published...[...]

U.S. dollar's place as reserve currency under question in the Trump era: Don Pittis

Thursday  20:26,   13 september 2018

The European president wants the euro to challenge the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. But President Donald Trump must do much worse to kill the mighty dollar.In a rousing call for greater currency independence yesterday, European...[...]

Nio IPO: China's answer to Tesla goes public

Thursday  12:53,   13 september 2018

Nio stock is about to start trading in New York. It wants to rival Tesla, but the young company has a long way to go to catch up with Elon Musk's outfit.Like other high-profile Chinese companies that have gone public recently, Shanghai-based Nio [...]

Tax-free way to pass on an inheritance while still alive

Thursday  12:45,   13 september 2018

Sabina wants $30K to be used for her grandkids’ education. Should she transfer it to her son’s...[...]

Realtor starting bid on west Edmonton home at $1

Thursday  12:45,   13 september 2018

Anyone can put an offer on this Edmonton housebecause bidding starts at $1.If you're looking for a new house, there will be an eye-catching deal on the market...[...]

TREB warns realtors against false sales data

Thursday  12:44,   13 september 2018

TREB warns realtors against false sales dataRealtors must report accurate sales prices for properties they've listed now that the public can access that data, the Toronto Real Estate Board is warning its...[...]