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Facebook: a list of "dangerous organizations" used by its moderators made public

Wednesday  14:55,   13 october 2021

In addition to the mafia and terrorist groups, the lists contain several political organizations considered as appealing to hatred, including several French far-right groups. The American site The Intercept published, Tuesday, October 12, a list of >>>

Apple is likely to shorten iPhone production goals because of chip clamps

Wednesday  09:30,   13 october 2021

(Bloomberg) - Apple Inc. will probably reduce its production targets for the iPhone 13 for 2021 because of the global chip clamp by up to 10 million pieces. Reporting with the matter familiar persons. Most Read From Bloomberg How France Turned The... >>>

An "idiot that whining": courteous is dryingly cropping

Tuesday  21:10,   12 october 2021

Rafael van der Vaart has not really tasted the last words of Thibaut Courtois, who laid out the infernal calendar imposed by the instances. © Provided by Football 365 Thibaut Courtois plague still known for its franc-talk, Thibaut Courtois does not >>>

Thibaut Courtois: "We are not robots»

Monday  13:55,   11 october 2021

© provided by Sofoot it pulls real balls. Thibaut Courtois has never tongue in his pocket. Past through the interview box after the meeting lost against Italy at the small finale of the League of the Nations , the Belgian guard told all the harm he >>>

Pandora Papers: In Niger, revelations on dubious attributions of mining permits to Russian companies

Monday  09:15,   11 october 2021

© AFP Photo / Pierre Verdy Niger: Uranium operation (archive). A survey published in Niger This weekend makes revelations on the allocation of mining licenses to Russian... >>>

Pandora Papers: an open investigation against Chilean President Piñera

Saturday  03:05,   09 october 2021

© Copyright 2021, Obs The Chilean floor announced this Friday 8 October, the opening of an investigation against President Sebastian Piñera concerning the sale of A mining company by a company owned by its children, an operation cited in the... >>>

Tilray Share Importantly stronger: Tilray again with loss - Disappointing sales figures

Thursday  16:30,   07 october 2021

The Cannabis Group Tilray has submitted its figures for the past financial quarter. © Provided by Finanzen.net Andrew Burton / Getty Images After the final merger of Tilray in May with APHRIA, the merged company has submitted the second common... >>>

More profit as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft together - so successful is Apple with Gaming

Thursday  10:40,   07 october 2021

Apple has always been very silent, as far as internal information is concerned. However, during the dispute with the game company EPIC Games, it became known how much of the iconic earnings with gaming earned in the mobile area: these are billions... >>>

Alexa alarm clock: How it works!

Tuesday  18:40,   05 october 2021

Alexa should get her out of bed early in the week, but only when a trip is planned? The house shows how to put one or more alarms with Alexa and which wake-up settings you can make with Amazon Echo otherwise. © Provided by the house Alexa wakes you >>>

Facebook Services Not available for many users

Monday  21:20,   04 october 2021

In an unusually large failure, several services of the Facebook group were gone on a broad front on Monday on Monday. © Fabian Summer / DPA In an unusually large failure, several services of the Facebook group have gone on a broad front from the... >>>

Pandora Papers: Ireland, choice destination for tax optimization

Monday  21:10,   04 october 2021

© Getty Images - Edwin Remsberg Ireland recorded a rise in limited partnership registration since 2017. Pandora Papers, last investigation of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (herej), highlights tax optimization practices of >>>

Pandora Papers: An organization working to facilitate Jewish colonization in Jerusalem-is cited

Monday  16:45,   04 october 2021

© Reuters / Ammar AWAD Wall of separation between the district of Jabel Moukaber and the Jewish district of Armon Hanatziv, in Jerusalem East. The tax evasion scandal revealed by the Pandora Papers affects more than 500 Israelis. Among them,... >>>

Pandora Papers: Superreis and nevertheless, they barely pay taxes

Monday  12:40,   04 october 2021

numerous celebrities from the world of politics, sports and show business have passed their assets past the fiscal. An international consortium of investigative journalists had brisant documents - the so-called Pandora Papers - played. Pandora... >>>

Sonos-CEO thanks customers in "the most difficult time for tech companies"

Monday  05:15,   04 october 2021

The speaker manufacturer Sonos gets massively felt the semiconductor deficiency. But Sonos boss Patrick Spence is convinced: The consequences for tech companies are not profound. © Provided by Finanzen.net Raymond Boyd / Getty Images •... >>>

Google renounces launch plex, its own banking offer

Friday  22:25,   01 october 2021

© Pixabay Google gives up launch plex, its own banking offer Google planned on a banking offer project in collaboration with the American bank citigroup. But the digital giant announced his renouncement on October 1st. Google bank will not see the... >>>