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data leaks at alibaba: billions of data tapped

Wednesday  17:35,   16 june 2021

The Chinese online retailer Alibaba has become a victim of a heavy hacker attack. Usernames and mobile numbers were tapped in the billions. © dpa alibaba. In May 2003, the Chinese e-commerce market leader Alibaba introduced his shopping platform... >>>

to Mozilla: Also Amazon Blocked Google's Floc

Wednesday  15:20,   16 june 2021

Amazon Blocks Google's controversial cookie-loose tracking and targeting method Floc active about almost all its websites, including Amazon.com, Wholefoods.com and zappos.com. © Shutterstock Amazon wants to show Google does not show who shopping... >>>

Record transfer to Lens?

Tuesday  11:40,   15 june 2021

© Provided by Sports.co.uk This is particularly the case of Loïc Bade announced in the viewfinder of several European clubs. The beautiful season of the RC Lens in Ligue 1, with a key a promising seventh place, put the artesian troops under the... >>>

WhatsApp promises new privacy functions

Monday  11:15,   14 june 2021

as Messengerdienst WhatsApp announces now, users will have the opportunity to send messages that can only be considered once. © Alex Ruhl / Shutterstock WhatsApp provides new features to protect privacy. WhatsApp reappests after the controversy... >>>

Celebration Decision: Green Soft No to Armed Drones on

Sunday  18:35,   13 june 2021

The party revises a year-long position. It does not reject the procurement of drones for the Bundeswehr no longer categorically if they are intended to protect soldiers in applications. © ABIR Sultan / DPA For a long time, the Greens have... >>>

LKA warns of new fraud mesh at WhatsApp

Friday  17:25,   11 june 2021

A new fraud mesh makes the round on the world's most popular messenger service: WhatsApp. The state criminal office warns and clarifies. © Stockcam / iStock WhatsApp icon On a smartphone by WhatsApp code scammers have developed an new method to... >>>

New operating system: This iPhone models receive iOS 15

Monday  23:40,   07 june 2021

Apple has presented iOS 15. However, not every iPhone gets the new operating system - here you can see all supported models. © pr The iPhone gets with iOS 15 Many improvements in detail Apple has as part of the developer conference WWDC (Worldwide... >>>

Iraq: two drones slaughtered over a base housing

Sunday  20:30,   06 june 2021

© supplied by the point d them drones were slaughtered on Sunday above an air base housing American soldiers in Iraq , a New attack technique for pro-Iranian armed groups that worries Iraqi and American officials. These two flying gear were... >>>

Google: a diversity manager returned after an anti-Semitic article

Friday  18:40,   04 june 2021

in 2007, the one who was then researcher at the University had particularly felt in a blog that the Jews were "insensitive to the suffering of others" and animated by a "Insatiable Warrior Appetite" © Matt Rourke / AP / SIPA Google's logo on a... >>>

Corona Passus: "There is no real voluntary"

Tuesday  15:40,   01 june 2021

by the corona passage of the IOCS in the conditions of participation for the summer games Sabelfechter Max Hartung sees the athletes under pressure. © Provided by Sport1.de Corona-Passus: "There is no real voluntity" by the Corona Passus of the... >>>

Google should have made it difficult to find Android users to find privacy settings

Monday  12:10,   31 may 2021

Google should have made smartphone users hard to find the privacy settings on smartphones. On producers such as LG, a court document has been applied to hide appropriate settings. © Meiwphotographer / Shutterstock.com Google search on a smartphone. >>>

Do you already use these three WhatsApp functions?

Wednesday  18:45,   26 may 2021

WhatsApp is considered one of the most popular messenger in the world. The app has numerous functions for iOS and Android users, but not every user knows all features. Here, users experience how to seek individual content, deletes messages and... >>>

Qualcomm provides Snapdragon 7C for Windows 10 and Chromebooks before

Tuesday  10:55,   25 may 2021

© default_credit Qualcomm (graph: Qualcomm) The new platform brings improvements in the audio, camera and connectivity. Qualcomm promises up to ten percent more performance than the competition. Advantages also arise for enterprise customers.... >>>

Slipknot: Clown Sells Cannabis

Tuesday  13:45,   18 may 2021

Shawn "Clown" Crahan by Slipknot has recently received another pillar alongside his band: He now sells cannabis. © Provided by www.metal-hammer.de Slipknot percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan Shawn "Clown" Crahan by Slipknot has recently received... >>>

Surprise, Apple launches a new feature that will really revolutionize your iPhone

Monday  21:20,   17 may 2021

© Chesnot Surprise, Apple launches a new feature that will revolutionize your iPhone a novelty that will do good to our ears! This Monday, May 17, Apple announced the brand new feature of Apple Music: the spatial audio with the Dolby Atmos and the... >>>