News: Weekend Reads

Turkish authorities require insurance proof

Wednesday  20:40,   07 december 2022

. The Turkish authorities now require oil tankers to pass through the Bosphorus and the Dardanellen. Cases in which attempts were made to disguise insurance protection was known, it was said to be justified by authorities. Due to the EU, which was... >>>

Vladimir Putin: "It can be a long process"

Wednesday  20:40,   07 december 2022

around nine and a half months after the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not exclude a long war against the neighboring country. "Of course, it can be a long process," said Putin at a meeting with representatives of a... >>>

A star is missing from "Celebrity Big Brother"

Wednesday  19:50,   07 december 2022

at the grand finale A star is missing today at "Celebrity Big Brother" © t - Online final round in the celebrity container. But a participant in this year's cast will not be part of the big final show. Who it is. two and a half weeks were more or... >>>

election victory in Georgia strengthens Senate majority of the US Democrats

Wednesday  16:40,   07 december 2022

with the election of the democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock in the runoff election in the US state of Georgia, President Joe Biden has strengthened its majority in the Senate. Warnock had won the Republicans about the former American football... >>>

Ukraine sends drones to Russia, embarrassment of Washington

Wednesday  12:50,   07 december 2022

The United States said on Tuesday "not encouraging" Ukraine to launch strikes in Russia after drone attacks considered to be emanating from Kyiv on several bases Russian air. View onononews © AFP Ned Price, spokesperson for the US Department of... >>>

War in Ukraine: Zelensky visits his troops in Donbass, Macron considered too tender with Russia

Wednesday  06:50,   07 december 2022

"20 minutes" takes stock of you every evening on the advance of the conflict in Ukraine © AFP The President Ukrainian poses with his soldiers near the Bakhmout front. Recap ' - "20 Minutes" takes stock for you every night on the progress of the... >>>

Federal Supreme Court negotiates lawsuits to reef on the Baltic Sea tunnel

Wednesday  04:30,   07 december 2022

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig will again deal with the Baltic Sea tunnel between Germany and Denmark on this Wednesday (start: 9:00 a.m.). This time it is about the additional plans to protect, which are affected by the tunnel... >>>

Hungary blocks 18 billion euros for Ukraine

Wednesday  01:30,   07 december 2022

Hungary continues to block EU financial aids of 18 billion euros for Ukraine. The Hungarian Finance Minister Mihaly Varga voted on Tuesday at the meeting with his EU colleagues in Brussels against the release of the funds that requires unanimity.... >>>

German Eurofighter control Russian aircraft at NATO limit

Tuesday  20:30,   06 december 2022

An Eurofighter team of the German Luftwaffe checked a Russian aircraft in international airspace on Monday. As a spokesman for the Air Force confirmed on the request of this newspaper on Tuesday, the so -called alarm rotting was activated because a >>>

Iran: "According to the Constitution in force, the moral police have no legitimacy"

Tuesday  16:50,   06 december 2022

© AFP "I do not think that the law on the compulsory port of the veil will one day be abolished". Marianne: Can we say that the customs police have been really abolished? Mehrangiz Kar: the moral police will be abolished the day when the law on the >>>

The French bishops create a canonical court to judge the crimes committed within the church

Tuesday  15:10,   06 december 2022

© Jeff Pacoud / AFP for a more effective treatment of the crimes committed within the Church, the Conference of Bishops of France comes from 'Establish a "episcopal national criminal court", a first in the world. A measure that follows the Ciase... >>>

Vladimir Putin seen driving on the Crimean deck damaged by Ukraine

Tuesday  13:00,   06 december 2022

The Russian President crossed the bridge aboard a Mercedes in the region annexed in 2014 while Ukrainian forces want to take up this the peninsula. © supplied by Bang Showbiz Vladimir Putin was seen driving on the Crimea deck having been damaged... >>>

Canada provides 10.5 million euros for demining in Ukraine

Tuesday  12:00,   06 december 2022

provided by News 360 Archive - Mines risk warning on Odessa beach, Ukraine - Yulii Zozulia / Zuma Press / Contactophoto The Government Canadian said on Monday that he was going to provide $ 15 million Canadian dollars (10.5 million euros) to... >>>

United States: Why the election in the Senate in Georgia does not count for

Tuesday  09:50,   06 december 2022

butter if the Democrats already have a majority, the duel between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker, this Tuesday, will not be without consequence © / AP/SIPA The Democrat Raphael Warnock wants to keep his senator from Georgia to the Republican... >>>

Germany, new destination dreamed of legal migrants from Tunisia

Tuesday  01:50,   06 december 2022

© AFP F Rance, Canada , Gulf, and now Germany . Despite the language barrier, the young Tunisians are more and more numerous to want to legally emigrate to the first European economy, crying out of labor. This growing exodus-with 5,474 work... >>>