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The World Has a Germany Problem

Wednesday  21:17,   21 august 2019

The World Has a Germany... >>>

Greenland fallout: Trump's canceled trip blindsides Denmark

Wednesday  21:16,   21 august 2019

Greenland fallout: Trump's canceled trip blindsides... >>>

The Mystery of ‘Skeleton Lake’ Gets Deeper

Wednesday  16:01,   21 august 2019

Hundreds of skeletons are scattered around a site high in the Himalayas, and a new study overturns a leading theory about how they got... >>>

Trump postpones meeting with Danish PM after she dismisses offer to purchase Greenland

Wednesday  07:40,   21 august 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump said he has postponed a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredricksen due to her lack of interest in his offer to purchase Greenland. "Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime... >>>

Italy’s Government Collapses, Turning Chaos Into Crisis

Wednesday  04:45,   21 august 2019

After 14 months of bickering, Italy’s government collapsed on Tuesday, plunging a key European nation already hobbled by financial fragility and political chaos into a renewed period of crisis and... >>>

Flight Logs Reportedly Link Prince Andrew to Alleged Jeffrey Epstein Victim Virginia Roberts

Tuesday  17:20,   20 august 2019

Flight Logs Reportedly Link Prince Andrew to Alleged Jeffrey Epstein Victim Virginia... >>>

A young Indian couple married for love. Then the bride’s father hired assassins.

Tuesday  15:16,   20 august 2019

A young Indian couple married for love. Then the bride’s father hired... >>>

U.S. Tests Missile Banned for Decades, Ignoring Warnings from Russia

Tuesday  05:05,   20 august 2019

A U.S. cruise missile hit a target over 310 miles away, breaking the limits of a deal struck in 1987 with the Soviet Union and since abandoned by President Donald Trump's administration. In a press release published Monday, the Pentagon announced... >>>

China May Win Fight 'Before America Can Respond' in Pacific, Report Says

Monday  22:41,   19 august 2019

China May Win Fight 'Before America Can Respond' in Pacific, Report... >>>

Trump just said buying Greenland would be "a large real estate deal.” He’s making a dangerous mistake.

Monday  18:50,   19 august 2019

Nations don’t buy and sell territory any... >>>

The Manson Family’s Youngest Member Tells All: ‘If He Could Kill Strangers, He Could Kill Me’

Monday  17:01,   19 august 2019

This month marks 50 years since eight black-clad hippies snuck into a series of upscale Los Angeles homes and carried out the nine killings now known as the Manson Family Murders. Between July 25 and Aug. 9, 1969, the followers of cult leader and... >>>

Amid the Kale and Corn, Fears of White Supremacy at the Farmers’ Market

Monday  03:55,   19 august 2019

Justin Williams was baking a tray of gluten-free seeded bread for the next morning’s farmers’ market when his phone buzzed. It was a friend who grows organic sprouts, nervously wondering if he should bring along a shotgun to... >>>

French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich'

Sunday  11:05,   18 august 2019

A customer shot a waiter dead at an eatery on the outskirts of Paris, apparently enraged at being made to wait for a sandwich, a source close to the investigation said Saturday. With the shooter still on the run Saturday, shocked residents gathered... >>>

A sex offender evaded the law for 3 years. He was found in a homemade, solar-powered bunker.

Sunday  05:15,   18 august 2019

A tin-can chimney, eight solar panels and a TV antenna taped to a tree were just the first clues to a wanted man’s meticulously planned escape, officials... >>>

Inmate 76318-054: The Last Days of Jeffrey Epstein

Sunday  04:55,   18 august 2019

Jeffrey Epstein, inmate 76318-054, hated his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. It was cramped, dank and infested with vermin, so Mr. Epstein, long accustomed to using his wealth to play by his own rules, devised a way... >>>