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Weekend ReadsThis Is Why Costco Always Checks Your Receipts

22:05  10 january  2019
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Police carding should be banned in Ontario, independent review says

Police carding should be banned in Ontario, independent review says Police carding should be banned in Ontario, independent review says

After every trip to Costco , your receipt gets checked by an employee. According to The Takeout, receipts get checked to make sure the cashiers didn’t overcharge you for anything. Because Costco is a lot like Target — you go in for one thing, and you suddenly come out with a 0 bill, at a minimum.

Costco has been checking receipts at the door since opening in 1983—but why ? Here's the reason Costco started it in the first place. This Is Why Costco Always Checks Your Receipts —and It’s Not for Shoplifting.

This Is Why Costco Always Checks Your Receipts © Provided by Trusted Media Brands, Inc. You think the reason would be preventing shoplifting, right? It makes sense! Costco is a pretty magical place. Between the Kirkland items you should always buy and Costco’s free samples, it sure is the place to be. But are Costco employees really worried about theft? Surprisingly, the answer is “No!” Here are some more secrets Costco employees won’t tell you.

Here’s what Costco really wants to know

According to an article published by SFGate.com, Costco checks receipts to make sure that everything was properly scanned. And not just for the items that weren’t scanned, but the items that might have been double scanned.

Rosie DiManno: Toronto’s rising violence can’t be blamed on the decline of carding

Rosie DiManno: Toronto’s rising violence can’t be blamed on the decline of carding The new year had barely been rung in —12:35 a.m. — when there was a fight on Queen St. W., the victim taken to hospital in critical condition. By the time this column is published, that man might be Toronto’s first homicide of 2019, blood splatter on a fresh page as the calendar flips. If not him, some other poor soul. Across the city, violence struck here, there and everywhere on Jan. 1: A shooting, a stabbing, a broken bottle ground into a male’s face, a hit-and-run collision, several vicious kicks to the head.

There's a reason why membership clubs ask to check your receipt before you leave the store, and it I don't know about you, but I've always assumed the store employees checking receipts at the door Contrary to popular belief, especially at wholesale retailers like Costco and Sam's Club, the

That explains why the exit-door employees at my Costco don’t go rummaging through my cart: They’re mainly checking to make sure I haven’t been charged multiple times for an item, which presumably would make me unhappy once I returned home and checked my receipt . If they deter someone from

“It’s pretty simple,” Kevin Heuer, general manager of the Costco in San Francisco, told SFGate.com. “We want to make sure they’re not getting overcharged and they’re not getting undercharged. It’s not to target shoplifters. Invariably that could happen without someone paying for something, but if there’s an extra item in their basket, that’s not their fault. That’s our fault. Sometimes checkers forget to ring up items placed on the bottom of the basket.”

Having your receipt checked may seem a bit nerve-wracking, but Costco is only trying to respect customers’ purchases before they head out the door. So if you’re heading to Costco for a grocery run or any other type of errand, know that they have your back. Next, find out the Costco items you absolutely shouldn’t be without.

Ontario judge to discuss carding report

Ontario judge to discuss carding report TORONTO - An Ontario judge who issued a report on the police practice of street checks, widely known as carding, is set to discuss his findings today. Justice Michael Tulloch issued a report earlier this week saying carding has little to no value as a law enforcement tool and should be significantly limited in the province. The report does allow that police may have legitimate grounds to conduct street checks in certain circumstances, but notes those are very specific and the practice as a whole should be sharply curtailed. Tulloch is set to speak about his conclusions and recommendations in a news conference in Toronto at 11 a.m.

The receipt checkers aren't there to verify that you're not stealing from Costco , but more to protect Costco from accidentally stealing from you. For most of my life, the guy checking receipts at the Costco exit was a well-known quasi-celebrity — as you walked up, he would guess your total just by

This Is Why Costco Always Checks Your Receipts —and It’s Not for Shoplifting. This recipe is a good staple recipe! My first time and they came out perfectly. Follow the note that says add more water or flour as needed, but for the most part the recipe is exact.

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To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen’s wife, Mary Joan, filed for divorce before his arrest, Radar Online reports. Joan ended the couple’s marriage of 30 years in June 2018, claiming in court documents that their “marriage has broken down irretrievably.” She also requested alimony and “a fair division of property and debts.” Celebrity Splits of 2019 The duo, who share two children, met on Tuesday, January 15, to hash out “financial disputes” and they will appear in court later this month, according to the news site. Hansen and Joan’s split came seven years after he was caught cheating on her with NBC anchor Kristyn Caddell.

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