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Weekend Reads As Tesla Cybertruck Armor Glass Stunt Goes Awry, Musk Notes "Room for Improvement"

20:20  22 november  2019
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Car erupts in flames as driver does ‘doughnuts’ in Mississauga parking lot, police say

  Car erupts in flames as driver does ‘doughnuts’ in Mississauga parking lot, police say Police said the vehicle tried to leave the area, but wasn't able to travel a far distance. The driver, and possibly other occupants, reportedly left the scene. "Clearly it didn't work out," Mooken said. READ MORE: OPP call alleged stunt driving video ‘dangerous and illegal’"My advice to people would be if you don't want your car to catch on fire, then use it as it's intended to -- which isn't to do doughnuts in."Mooken said the driver could potentially be charged under the Highway Traffic Act for stunt driving and/or be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada for dangerous driving.

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup window glass broken © Motor Trend Staff Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup window glass broken

Minutes into Tesla's huge reveal of the earth-shattering Cybertruck electric pickup truck, the truck itself shattered. Well, its windows sort of did. What happened? Tesla founder Elon Musk was in the middle of claiming that the Cybertruck will feature "armor glass" windows when he invited Tesla lead designer Franz von Holzhausen to throw a large metal ball at the driver's side window of the prototype truck onstage. So von Holzhausen did as he was told, threw a major-league pitch and . . . smeared the window glass.

Musk, visibly surprised, beckoned von Holzhausen to heave the metal ball again, this time at the rear window, earnestly remarking that "it [the ball] didn't go through!" (A reference the fact that, like conventional laminated glass used on windshields, the Tesla's windows smeared and held their shape without exploding into a million pieces.) Clearly hoping for redemption, Musk looked on as the von Holzhausen threw the ball again and, again, smashed another window. Obviously, the windows weren't supposed to react to the metal ball that way. Just before the stunt, other helpers onstage with Musk had repeatedly dropped the same metal ball on a piece of the "armored glass" from ever-greater heights. Each time, the ball bounced off the window, which is made from what we understand to be a Gorilla Glass-like material. And then there is the connotation of the word "armored," which implies an impenetrability and, in this context, an imperviousness to metal balls.

20 ways to feel richer

  20 ways to feel richer Luxury is about more than how much you spent on something, how many things you own or how fancy your house is. It’s about feeling comfortable, relaxed, safe, and contented with your life, no matter where or how you live. Here are 20 small ways I’ve made myself feel richer without spending a lot of cash.

The audience fell quiet—and, we assume, those watching at home on Tesla's livestream did, too—and Musk repeated the refrain "it didn't go through" before adding "room for improvement."

From there on out, the Tesla Cybertruck reveal seemed to dodder off-kilter. Musk's delivery of the the truck's other features slowed down, while the audience tried whooping and hollering and cheering, practically willing the performance back on track. The large screen looming over the stage began racing through presentation slides, and Musk and the event organizers clearly rushed through the rest of the talking points.

a man standing in front of a car: Tesla Cybertruck armored glass window fail © Motor Trend Staff Tesla Cybertruck armored glass window fail

It's almost too bad about the failed window stunt, because Tesla had several other jaw-dropping, swaggering stunts throughout the reveal that did succeed. The same Randy Johnson wannabe who overpowered the Cybertruck's armored-glass windows, earlier in the reveal, repeatedly whacked the Cybertruck's stainless steel body panels with a sledgehammer, causing no damage. Just before, he had done the same to what appeared to be a Ford F-150's aluminum-skinned door and destroyed it. On video, Tesla also showed the Cybertruck's stainless steel skin being shot with a 9-mm handgun round, denting, but not yielding. There were far more wow-inducing moments during the Cybertruck reveal, but unfortunately they're likely to be bashed by a single (well, two) tragic tosses of a metal ball.

Health care workers call on Doug Ford government to reinstate paid sick days

  Health care workers call on Doug Ford government to reinstate paid sick days A group of doctors and nurses gathered in the rain near the Ontario Legislature on Monday to demand that the Doug Ford government bring back paid sick days. The health professionals, members of the advocacy group Decent Work and Health Network, said the province should reinstate paid sick days ahead of what is expected to be a severe flu season. They also called on the province to scrap rules that allow employers to demand sick notes from workers."We see this is a huge risk to public health," said Carolina Jimenez, a registered nurse and network organizer. "Workers need to be able to stay at home if they are sick.

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Customer complaints against Canadian telecoms jump to record .
Customer complaints against Canadian telecoms jump to recordTORONTO (Reuters) - Complaints against Canadian telecoms operators spiked by more than a third in the year ending July 2019 to a record, with billing issues emerging as the most frequently raised issue, a federal complaints bureau said on Thursday.

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