Weekend Reads On the verge of implosion, Kurdish prisons will release Syrian jihadists

01:10  13 october  2020
01:10  13 october  2020 Source:   rfi.fr

Libya: Syrian mercenaries on the way to Azerbaijan?

 Libya: Syrian mercenaries on the way to Azerbaijan? © REUTERS / Ismail Zitouny (illustration) Libyan chaos: house bombed in a southern district of Tripoli, February 28, 2020. The time for the departure of the Syrian mercenaries deployed by Turkey in Libya has sounded ? It seems, in any case, that Ankara transferred nearly a thousand of these mercenaries to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Several planes left on September 28 and 29 from Libya with mercenaries on board.

A prison camp for jihadists in north-eastern Syria . According to researchers, there are more French jihadists in French prisons today than in Syria and Turkish forces captured him near the Syrian border in July, and handed him over under a Paris-Ankara deal covering the return of French jihadists .

Turkey's offensive against Kurdish militia in northeast Syria has sparked fears that some of the 12,000 jihadists , including thousands of foreigners, being held in Syrian Kurdish prisons The magistrate, who said he was speaking out on the issue because 'I would feel responsible if I didn't say it', also

Des femmes et des enfants de jihadistes dans le camp d'Al Hol dans le Rojava le 3 juin 2019. © AP Photo / Baderkhan Ahmad Women and children of jihadists in Al Hol camp in Rojava on June 3, 2019.

After having fought against the Islamic State group in Rojava, in northeastern Syria, the Kurds have announced that they are releasing certain Syrian terrorists, “the least dangerous”, held in their prisons. Last week already, the Kurdish authorities amnestied the Syrian families of the jihadists.

For the Kurdish authorities, the jihadists and their families are a real burden. There are tens of thousands of mouths to feed, tens of thousands of people to care for. So they have to find a solution.

"The Daesh leaders, guilty of violent attacks and bombings, will not be released," Thomas McClure, a foreign activist with the Kurds in Syria, told the Rojava Information Center. This is about releasing second-rate Daesh operatives. Those whose behavior has been exemplary in prison and who no longer represent any danger for society. These will be released ”.

Five-year-old Canadian orphan in Syrian camp set free, will come to Canada

  Five-year-old Canadian orphan in Syrian camp set free, will come to Canada OTTAWA — A five-year-old Canadian girl stuck inside Syria after her family was killed in an airstrike is on her way to Canada. Her family in Toronto says they were told Sunday that the child, known as Amira, was in the care of a Canadian consular official. Amira was found on the side of the road last year and was taken to a refugee camp in a region of Syria controlled by Kurdish-led forces. Led by the girl's uncle, the family has been trying to get her to Canada since. "We are delighted by this news and would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has made this possible," they said in a statement Monday.

Foreign fighters have fought on all four sides of the Syrian Civil War, as well both sides of the War in Iraq. In addition to Sunni foreign fighters

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:30 A.M.) – The jihadist rebels of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) are on the verge of surrendering the key town of Khan Al-Sheih to the Syrian government after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) completely encircled the area. Initially, Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham refused

Better manage foreign jihadists

Because Kurdish prisons are on the verge of collapse. Behind bars are also thousands of foreign jihadists, especially Westerners. The problem: their countries of origin do not wish to repatriate them, neither them nor their families held in camps.

“In the camps, like Al Hol, alongside the families of foreign jihadists, there are these Syrian families who have had links or not with Daesh. And the Al Hol camp is overcrowded, says Thomas McClure. So the idea is to release these Syrian families so that we can better manage the families of foreign jihadists who pose a greater threat. "

Regularly, mutinies break out in the camps as well as in the prions of Rojava. However the Kurdish authorities do not specify the date of these releases, which also concern common law detainees.

Iraq: the headquarters of a Kurdish party burnt down in Baghdad .
© REUTERS / Thaier Al-Sudani Supporters of Hachd al-Chaabi, a coalition of pro-Iran paramilitaries, set fire to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan , Saturday October 17, 2020. The headquarters of a Kurdish party in Baghdad was torched on Saturday October 18 by a crowd of supporters of Hachd al-Chaabi, a coalition of paramilitary groups mostly pro-Iran. The attack came after a member of this Kurdish party recently criticized these armed factions.

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