Weekend Reads Thailand: demonstrators draw inspiration from Hong Kong's fluid tactics

18:30  20 october  2020
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Hong Kong: search of the office of media mogul Jimmy Lai

 Hong Kong: search of the office of media mogul Jimmy Lai © ISAAC LAWRENCE Media mogul Jimmy Lai, September 3, 2020 in Hong Kong Hong Kong police carried out a search of the office of media mogul Jimmy on Thursday morning Lai, a figure in the pro-democracy struggle who had been arrested punctually in August. The septuagenarian, who notably controls the pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily, is among those who were arrested in August in a wide net under the new security law imposed at the end of June by Beijing in response to the 2019 protests.

  Thaïlande: les manifestants s'inspirent des tactiques fluides de Hong Kong © Provided by Le Point

Umbrellas to protect themselves, secure messaging and coded signs to sound the alarm: pro-democracy protesters in Thailand are inspired by the techniques of Hong Kong activists to challenge power.

The images of helmeted protesters, wearing goggles and gas masks to protect themselves from the police this weekend in Bangkok were strongly reminiscent of the monster rallies in Hong Kong last year.

Thai youth have also adopted Hong Kong's lightning, fluid and fast rally tactics, according to the motto "Be like water" attributed to martial arts champion Bruce Lee.

"We are like a swift current that is ready to change direction every minute," says Panumas "James" Singprom, co-founder of Free Youth, one of the main groups in the Thai protest movement.

Raid on media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai

 Raid on media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai He was already in custody and felt that the state power controlled by China was serious. And it seems like the Hong Kong authorities won't let up on Jimmy Lai. © Kin Cheung / AP Photo / picture alliance The critical entrepreneur Jimmy Lai (archive picture) The police in Hong Kong searched the private offices of the democracy activist and media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai and confiscated documents. The police said after the raid that "relevant evidence for the investigation had been confiscated".

"The state forced us to adapt very quickly".

Thai protesters have defied authorities' bans and warnings and have continued to rally in recent weeks by tens of thousands to demand reforms from the government and the monarchy.

To counter surveillance and prevent arrests, they use secure couriers like Telegram to coordinate rallies and reveal meeting points at the last moment.

After the arrest of the most prominent figures of the movement, the Thais, as in Hong Kong, continued the mobilization without apparent leaders and using hashtags to propagate their messages on social networks.

The majority of activists who go to the demonstrations are independent, notes "James".

"The Milk Tea Alliance"

Empathy between activists from Hong Kong and Thailand was evident in Bangkok on Sunday when activists sang "Make Hong Kong Independent" by pointing lamps at the night sky .

John Ivison: No amount of smooth diplomatic phrases can mask China's bullying

  John Ivison: No amount of smooth diplomatic phrases can mask China's bullying The stale jargon of Chinese diplomacy is designed to make threats and bullying sound respectable. China’s ambassador in Ottawa, Cong Peiwu, was asked to explain alarming comments made by President Xi Jinping that his nation’s troops should be preparing for war. China’s path of peaceful development is enshrined in its constitution, Cong told reporters on a video conference call to mark 50 years of Canada-China relations. “But of course, we have to be careful about our external environment in the South China Sea. It is generally stable but the U.S. is trying to make trouble in the region.” He categorized the U.S.

If we could see crowds raising their hands with fingers spread in Hong Kong, to symbolize the five demands of the demonstrators, it is however the three-fingered salutes inspired by the films "Hunger Games" which are omnipresent in the demonstrations of Thailand.

Young Hong Kong and Taiwanese activists gave advice to their Thai counterparts forming what has been described as a "milk tea alliance" between these three sweet drink-loving Asian countries.

And when the Thai police started to toughen their response, by spraying the protesters with water cannons, the Hong Kong people shared their techniques for protecting themselves.

A twitto named Crystaljel advocated umbrellas for protection and salt water for washing eyes in case of gas fire. "Make good use of your talent and courage," he added.

The "Roman turtle" tactic with umbrellas as shields, widely used in Hong Kong, was seen on Friday night in Bangkok's commercial district.

Kelly McParland: Canada needs more than just words in its spat with China

  Kelly McParland: Canada needs more than just words in its spat with China Liberal MP Anthony Housefather on Monday made a case for the government's assisted dying bill before the House of Commons, stressing it is the duty of MPs to protect the rights of all Canadians to make their own choices and not impose their own moral or religious beliefs.

Protesters gathered their umbrellas at the front of the procession to act as a barrier against riot police.

On Sunday, they formed human chains to deliver messages and materials - helmets, goggles and water - to those most at risk.

This rapid communication system also made it possible to free the passage for ambulances heading for hospitals.

Coded messages borrowed from the Hong Kong people were also used by Thais who thus folded their arms to signal a danger

Numerous coups d'état

As in Hong Kong, volunteers went up to the front line as soon as an offensive by the forces order was looming.

"I want to do more than participate in the demonstration," said a 23-year-old student, who refused to give his name.

"Now is the time to mobilize and protect your friends".

Despite many similarities, Hong Kong has not seen a bloody crackdown like Thailand has seen in previous pro-democracy movements.

And an Internet user recalls on the Hong Kong forum LIHKG that Hong Kong does not have much to teach Thais about the demonstrations.

"They have had more coups d'etat than you have had meals," he says.

"When they were using grenades in 2014, you were still singing protest songs".

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