Weekend Reads Fight against Islamism: "We can have emergency laws in a State of law", judge Marine Le Pen

11:25  21 october  2020
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Why Marine Le Pen hates the property of Montretout, nicknamed Amityville

 Why Marine Le Pen hates the property of Montretout, nicknamed Amityville © Agence / Bestimage Why Marine Le Pen hates the property of Montretout, nicknamed Amityville According to L'Express, Jordan Bardella and Nolwenn Olivier, the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, would form the new couple from Montretout. A place that has always haunted Marine Le Pen. Love story at the National Rally. In its edition of Thursday, October 15, L’Express revealed the supposed romance between Jordan Bardella and Nolwenn Olivier.

Islamist terrorism is a cancer on Islam, and Muslims themselves must fight it at our side. Once things are called what they are, the real work begins. 9 hostage crisis in a kosher grocery near the Porte de Vincennes in Paris. However their actions have been hobbled by a series of mistakes committed by

The state of emergency expires after a year unless the president renews it, and the Senate and the Like all emergency powers, the laws governing the conduct of war allow the president to engage in Moreover, the evidence against the target is typically classified, which means he is not allowed to see

La présidente du Rassemblement national a confirmé mercredi sur Europe 1 qu’elle serait bien présente à l’hommage national organisé en l’honneur de Samuel Paty, dans la soirée, à la Sorbonne. Mais cela ne l'empêche pas de juger l'action du gouvernement trop laxiste en matière de lutte contre l'islamisme et de plaider pour des lois d'exception. © EUROPE 1 The president of the National Gathering confirmed Wednesday on Europe 1 that she would be present at the national tribute organized in honor of Samuel Paty, in the evening, at the Sorbonne. But that does not prevent him from judging the government's action to be too lax in the fight against Islamism and to plead for emergency laws.

France pays its last tribute to Samuel Paty on Wednesday evening at La Sorbonne , the history teacher who was assassinated on Friday in the Yvelines for giving a course on freedom of expression. Many ministers and political figures will be present in the courtyard of the prestigious Parisian university during this ceremony chaired by Emmanuel Macron . Among them will be Marine Le Pen , which received its invitation on Wednesday morning. This did not prevent him, a few minutes later on Europe 1, from criticizing the government's laxity in the fight against Islamism. "To manage this problem, you need specialized magistrates, but also specific laws. We can perfectly well have emergency laws in a state governed by the rule of law," ruled the president of the National Assembly.

Mélenchon calls to "capture and expel" the Chechens linked to political Islamism

 Mélenchon calls to The deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône considers that it is necessary "to take up one by one all the files of the Chechens present in France". © CELINE BREGAND / SIPA The leader of La France insoumise Jean-Luc-Mélenchon called for “expelling” the Chechens who act on the ground of “political Islamism”, two days after the beheading of a teacher in Yvelines .

Arguing against the law on Wednesday, conservative lawmaker Constance Le Grip warned of a danger to " in a way, entrust the policing of thought and expression" to private businesses mostly based in foreign countries. Populist leader Marine Le Pen said the law was "a serious violation of the freedom

A judge made law , also known as stare decisis or case law , is the legal rule, ideal, or standard that is based on the past decisions of other judges in past cases, instead of laws made by an elected, legislative body.3 min read.

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"The penalty of national unworthiness has existed, it suffices to recreate it"

"We need emergency laws, we need courts of exception ", hammered Marine Le Pen. "Besides, here we are: the state of health emergency is an exceptional law and yet we are in a state of law. We are in an institutional system in which the public power is subject to law, based on the principle of legal norms, each being subject to the same law, whether an individual or the public power. "

Marine Le Pen is not afraid, therefore, to put forward proposals that could however be challenged by the Constitutional Council. The president of the RN thus wishes to restore the penalty of national unworthiness. "It existed, you just need to recreate it," said the president of the National Rally. "It makes it possible to condemn to a penalty of national degradation, which entails a whole series of consequences: ban from leading an association, ban from voting, ban from running a business. We put under guardianship the people we consider, if they are French, that they incur national indignity. "

Phoenix Rising FC relinquishes hosting rights for 2020 USL Championship Final after earning home-field in part due to forfeit

  Phoenix Rising FC relinquishes hosting rights for 2020 USL Championship Final after earning home-field in part due to forfeit Phoenix Rising relinquished claim to home-field advantage for the 2020 USL Championship Final out of respect to the LGBTQ community.Having tied Louisville City FC in total points and victories thanks to a forfeit by San Diego Loyal, Phoenix Rising had earned hosting priority based on a third tiebreaker: goal differential. But because that forfeit was the result of San Diego's protest of an alleged homophobic slur by Phoenix forward Junior Flemmings, Rising management recognized what might have been a glaring optics issue.

The girl, whose name is Sharbat Gula, is now married with three daughters, and lives in a remote region of Afghanistan. The exact location is a secret to protect her privacy. After this, the magazine set up a special fund to provide educational opportunities for girls and young women in

Contract law deals with promises which create legal rights. In most legal systems, a contract is formed when one party makes an offer that is accepted by the other party. When the contract is negotiated, the offer and acceptance must match each other in order for the contract to be binding.

"We must crack down" with the countries of origin

But this is not the priority, according to her. "Before doing all that, we must also expel the binationals who have been stripped of their nationality for Islamism, and then obviously, first of all, expel the foreigners with S files," said Marine Le Pen. And to do so, according to Marine Le Pen, it is necessary to hit the countries of origin in the portfolio. "We have to tighten the screws. Today we can no longer show weakness towards countries that do not respect international law."

The president of the RN then cited the Algerian example and pretended to address the authorities of the Maghreb country. "If you do not get them back, I will denounce the Convention which binds us and which makes the immigration of Algerians to France probably the most facilitated of all the countries in the world," she said. "They can't have all benefits and not have any downs. Yes, I think it's time to get tough."

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