Weekend Reads Several al-Qaeda leaders apparently killed in US attack in Syria

04:50  23 october  2020
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Libya: thousands of emails from American diplomacy about to be declassified

 Libya: thousands of emails from American diplomacy about to be declassified © MARK WILSON / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP The departure of state, seat of American diplomacy, in Washington, United States . This is a fresh take on the underside of American foreign policy. In recent days, Mike Pompeo, the head of American diplomacy has finally promised to declassify, under pressure from President Donald Trump, emails sent at the time by Hillary Clinton, incumbent between 2009 and 2013, under the Obama presidency.

On 8 November 2003, on the day the US State Department warned of further attacks in Saudi Arabia, a suicide truck bomb Several men have been convicted for their involvement. An Al - Qaeda agent posing as a double agent killed 7 CIA officers in the Camp Chapman attack on December 30, 2009.

A US strike kills a notable al - Qaeda leader in Syria . Experts have only pointed to several attacks against terrorists since 2017 where they believed the missile was used. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has accused the US -led coalition, which has been battling extremists

US forces apparently killed several leaders of the al-Qaeda extremist network in an air strike in northwestern Syria. A meeting of al-Qaeda leaders near the city of Idlib had been attacked, said a spokeswoman for the US Army's Central Command responsible for the Middle East on Thursday. According to her, "the elimination" of these leaders was achieved. Al-Qaeda’s ability to carry out attacks was "impaired" after the attack.

Die US-Streitkräfte haben bei einem Luftangriff im Nordwesten Syriens offenbar mehrerer Führungsmitglieder des Extremistennetzwerks Al-Kaida getötet. Die US-Armee gab die © Omar HAJ KADOUR The US armed forces have apparently killed several leaders of the extremist network Al-Qaeda in an air strike in northwest Syria. The US Army announced the "elimination" of several al-Qaeda leaders.

The US military spokeswoman did not provide any information on the number of deaths in the attack. However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 14 extremists had been killed in the drone-led attack. Among them are six leaders. Two of these commanders were said to belong to the Hajat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) group, which was formerly part of the al-Qaeda network.

The unbearable wait for the family of the "forever" prisoner of Guantanamo

 The unbearable wait for the family of the © Supplied by Le Point For 13 years, Sehar Bibi has been waiting for the release of his son from Guantanamo, where the life for this captive, one of the only two Afghans still in the prison, is nothing but isolation, hunger strikes and forced feeding. While hundreds of prisoners, including senior Taliban leaders, were released from the notorious US military detention center, Asadullah Haroon, who has not been convicted of any crime, is still there.

A senior leader from Al-Nusra Front, Al - Qaeda ’s branch in Syria , has been reportedly killed Al-Nusra released several photos showing a car hit by an air strike along with several bodies of The jihadists did not specify if he was killed in a Russian airstrike or in an attack carried out by the US -led

The US has mostly focused its attacks in Syria on the Islamic State group. But in recent months, US forces have also launched several attacks against its al - Qaeda rivals. Idlib province is largely occupied by the former Syrian branch of al - Qaeda , Fateh al-Sham, which has been allied to several Syrian

The UK-based observatory draws its information from a network of local informants. Your information can often hardly be verified by an independent party.

Video: NATO calls for a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh (Euronews)

The HTS declared that "a tent that belonged to one of our dignitaries" had been attacked in the village of Jakara in the Idlib province . Several people were killed in the process. Idlib is the last rebel bastion in the Syrian civil war. About half of the province is controlled by the HTS and other Islamist militias.

A prominent Muslim cleric was killed by a car bomb near the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, the state news agency Sana reported. Initially, no one took responsibility for the attack. The 66-year-old Adnan al-Afijuni was the Sunni mufti for the Damascus region and was considered a confidante of the head of state Bashar al-Assad.


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