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07:40  23 october  2020
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Biden makes closing pitch to TV viewers — without Trump's interruptions

  Biden makes closing pitch to TV viewers — without Trump's interruptions After a cacophonous debacle in the first presidential debate, American voters were given a chance on Thursday to watch, without interruption, the candidates vying for high office. Joe Biden and Donald Trump each had their own prime-time slot in town hall events on competing television networks. The bizarre scene was triggered by an unusual turn of events, featuring a dispute over the debate format precipitated by Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis. ItJoe Biden and Donald Trump each had their own prime-time slot in town hall events on competing television networks.

The Biden campaign on Friday launched a new counterattack on President Donald Trump and his response to the coronavirus pandemic, zeroing in on his approach to dealing with China throughout the crisis.

Trump offered little vision and barely any policy, while Biden was solid. Trump failed to slow down Biden just days before the election. The president needed a big win, but Biden maintained his ground with that one statement, looking straight into the camera: “You know Biden attacked the oil industry.

US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have delivered their second and last TV duel before the election. And once again it was shown that Trump can above all praise self.

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Beyond controversial attitudes to issues such as Corona, alleged Russian interference in the election campaign, North Korea, health insurance, immigration policy or racism and climate change, one thing was different from the previous TV duel: It was shown in Nashville in the US state of Tennessee twelve days before the presidential election much more matter-of-fact and moral. Both candidates tried to please their constituents.

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Trump mockingly said that Biden will "listen to the scientists" on the coronavirus. Trump regularly rejects scientific advice in his own approach. President Donald Trump ridiculed Democratic nominee Joe Biden on the campaign trail on Sunday by saying Biden will "listen to the scientists" when it

Trump 's Twitter tirade came as global markets tumbled from coronavirus fallout, and Joe Biden appeared to be surging toward the Democratic nomination. President Trump , whose administration is under increasing pressure and criticism for its response to the coronavirus outbreak, lashed out in a

Former US Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump for his handling of the corona pandemic: "Anyone who is responsible for so many deaths should not remain President of the United States of America. The President still" has no plan "for the fight against the pandemic, while a" dark winter "looms.

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Trump, on the other hand, praised the work of his administration twelve days before the presidential election and was once again optimistic that the USA could soon leave the crisis behind. He does not expect a "dark winter" like Biden. The coronavirus will "disappear" and the pandemic will soon be over. And once again Trump emphasized with regard to the virus, "it is." It's not my fault that it got here, it's China's fault. "Biden will shut down the whole country, with dire consequences for the country, he warned. If there were more lockdowns because of the virus e, many people would lose their jobs and the number of suicides would increase.

'SNL' Cold Open Gives Alec Baldwin's Trump Town Hall the Wrestlemania Treatment (Video)

  'SNL' Cold Open Gives Alec Baldwin's Trump Town Hall the Wrestlemania Treatment (Video) Surprising no one, the latest edition of "SNL" began with a parody of the week's most talked-about politics moment, the dueling town halls by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Obviously, the cold open sketch featured an appearance by Jim Carrey as Biden, joined by Alec Baldwin once again playing Trump. The joke: They presented the debates as they presumably were watched by a great many people — clicking back and forth between them.

Trump and his allies have attacked the former vice president's son Hunter Biden for his foreign business dealings . Trump echoed one of the biggest Hunter Biden has been red meat for Trump 's base on the campaign trail ever since his impeachment proceedings began. There's rarely much truth

Democratic nominee Joe Biden was the first candidate to interrupt his rival during the second and final debate before Election Day in less than two weeks. Biden said President Donald Trump 's claim that he allocated money to American farmers from money from China was actually from U.S. taxpayer money.

Biden replied that he did not want to close the country, but rather put an end to the pandemic. The Democrat accuses Trump that many Americans with COVID-19 would be alive without his mismanagement of the pandemic.

... und der Amtsinhaber schenkten sich nichts © Mike Segar / Reuters ... and the incumbent didn't give each other anything

One of the other topics was health policy. In a heated argument, the candidates argued over the future of health care. Trump accused his challenger of striving for "socialist medicine". On the other hand, he wanted to abolish the system of health insurance and nursing care introduced by his predecessor Barack Obama and known as "Obamacare" and to introduce "a wonderful new health care system". Biden, on the other hand, stressed that "everyone should have the right to affordable health care". That has nothing to do with socialism.

Trump: My Korea Policy Saved Millions of Lives

Another topic was Trump's relationship with North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un. Trump said he had achieved great things in the conflict with North Korea. He prevented a war with North Korea. Without his policy of dialogue, "millions of people" would have died in a war, Trump claimed. Trump said he inherited a "mess" from the previous government under President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden. Now both countries have "a very good relationship". Biden accused Trump of giving "legitimation" to dictator Kim Jong Un. Through his meetings, he had given North Korea time to further develop its own weapons program. Kim was a "gangster", he added, with whom one could not meet without clear conditions.

Are the American media too soft on Joe Biden?

 Are the American media too soft on Joe Biden? © CHIP SOMODEVILLA Joe Biden answers questions from journalists in New Castle, October 13, 2020 in Delaware Polite questions, tendency to restraint, rare criticism of a campaign with restricted access: Joe Biden is less heckled by journalists than Donald Trump, recognize several media specialists, some justifying this shift by the methods they consider dangerous of the Republican president.

It attacks Biden for saying things about China that are extremely similar to what Trump himself has said. It also alters Biden ’s comments about travel bans “ Biden Opposed China Coronavirus Travel Restrictions,” reads a highlighted headline early in the ad, as it plays a clip of Biden citing Trump ’s

Trump 's early attack on Biden over China -- while it may prove effective, given his skills at hammering home a negative narrative -- is Trump transformed US-China policy. Unlike many of Trump 's political attacks , his critique of China does bear some relation to the truth and attracts some bipartisan support.

A comparison with Hitler caused a stir. Trump was in the process of talking about his "good relationship" with the autocrat Kim and heads of government of other countries, when Biden replied: "And we had a good relationship with Hitler before he invaded Europe." Biden wanted to make it clear that he considers Trump's course towards authoritarian rulers to be too soft and therefore a danger to international peace.

Biden criticizes persistent systemic racism

There is still not total equality in the United States, Biden said, referring to the persistent structural racism in the United States. Trump continues to promote racism. "He pours oil into every single racist fire," said Biden. Trump, in turn, claimed he had done more for African Americans and blacks than any other president before him, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln. "I'm the least racist person in this room," Trump said. Cases of police violence against black people are unfortunate individual cases.

Similarly controversial were the applicants' positions on the other topics that presenter Kristen Welker asked about. But Trump and Biden let each other finish speaking and largely followed the moderator's questions. This time they expressed their disapproval for each other more subtly, more with a grin or a shake of the head.

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Joe Biden Makes Surprise Appearance On Oprah Winfrey’s Get-Out-The-Vote Zoom Conversation .
Joe Biden made a surprise appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s Zoom conversations aimed at empowering Black women to vote. “I want to know what is sitting well with your soul right now? What is strengthening you?” Winfrey asked Biden. “What is strengthening me now is my faith, my family and what I know about America,” Biden said. They appeared with a 94-year-old woman voter, Mildred Madison, who has her son drive her 300 miles from Illinois, where she has been living during the pandemic, to Michigan so she could vote in her home state. “God love ya…You know, I have said we are in a battle for the soul of America,” Biden said to Madison.

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