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13:30  28 october  2020
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Insults, attacks: the campaign of Trump and Biden in the key States is stretched further

 Insults, attacks: the campaign of Trump and Biden in the key States is stretched further © MANDEL NGAN Donald Trump during a meeting in Janesville (Wisconsin) on October 17, 2020 Donald Trump in Nevada, his opponent Democrat Joe Biden in North Carolina: the two US presidential candidates travel to key election states on Sunday before a crucial campaign week, marked by renewed aggressiveness. As in 2016, Donald Trump is carrying out a frantic field campaign with several trips per day.

Employees at the six largest Silicon Valley tech firms have donated nearly million to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden while giving 9,000 Microsoft is the next-biggest Biden donor with 3,318 and ,428 for Trump . Oracle made the smallest donations to the two men — with 4

The campaigns of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are seeing lots of money pour in as November draws nearer. The publication also looked at reports disclosed by both Trump and Biden 's campaigns and by the platforms WinRed and ActBlue, which processes donations for both campaigns.

The employees of the six largest companies in Silicon Valley donate significantly more in the US presidential election than in 2016. 95 percent of all donations go to Trump's challenger Joe Biden.

Wenn es nach den Beschäftigten im Silicon Valley ginge, wäre der Ausgang der Präsidentschaftswahl klar. © John Dory / Shutterstock If it were up to the employees in Silicon Valley, the outcome of the presidential election would be clear.

Silicon Valley traditionally has a reputation for giving little space to conservative ideas. US President Trump and leading Republicans have complained about this over and over again in recent years.

95 percent of the donations go to Biden

A current analysis by the US magazine Wired shows how clear the rejection of the positions of the Republicans under Trump really is. The summary comes to the conclusion that around 95 percent of all donations from employees of the six largest tech companies in the Valley go to the democratic challenger. However, there are clear differences in the details.

Rudy Giuliani tries to cause a scandal over the affairs of Hunter Biden in Ukraine

 Rudy Giuliani tries to cause a scandal over the affairs of Hunter Biden in Ukraine Rudy Giuliani ensures, two weeks before the election, that Joe Biden's son has benefited from his father's connections and is crying out for corruption. But his information seems to have a dubious origin. © Ken Cedeno / Reuters Rudy Giuliani For a year and a half, Rudy Giuliani has been pursuing a Ukrainian track .

Mohamed Younis of Gallup joins the panel to discuss Thursday night's presidential debate, recent revelations about Hunter and Joe Biden 's business practices and Why isn't that that necessarily good news for President Trump ? Andrew Walworth hosts with Carl Cannon and Tom Bevan, on today's

President Trump and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. met for a second and final debate, moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC News. Biden effectively framed the race as a chance to elect a new president who will unite a deeply divided country that pains many Americans.

Wired evaluated the donation data reported to the US election commission and took a closer look at the companies Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Oracle. The US Electoral Commission has this data because individuals must identify their employer for donations of $ 200 or more.

After that, the employees of the companies mentioned donated around 4.8 million dollars to the Biden campaign. They supported Trump with only around $ 240,000. In particular, the employees of the Google Group, which has been operating under the Alphabet for some time, are particularly Biden-affine. They donated 1.8 million dollars from January 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020, more than a third of the total amount in Silicon Valley.

If we look not only at the donations from the employees, but also at the entire environment of the so-called PAC of the companies, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Apple

are five of the seven largest supporters of the Biden campaign.

Are the American media too soft on Joe Biden?

 Are the American media too soft on Joe Biden? © CHIP SOMODEVILLA Joe Biden answers questions from journalists in New Castle, October 13, 2020 in Delaware Polite questions, tendency to restraint, rare criticism of a campaign with restricted access: Joe Biden is less heckled by journalists than Donald Trump, recognize several media specialists, some justifying this shift by the methods they consider dangerous of the Republican president.

Mr. Trump reiterated that threat this week. Shaun Donovan, the former housing secretary who created the policy, said Mr. Trump ’s proposal was nothing more than an attempt to divide Donation limits during the general election skyrocket because, as the expected nominee, Mr. Biden can raise money

Trump , biden clash over hunter biden business questions at final presidential debate. Trump landed several attacks on Biden for being a career politician who has been in Washington for five decades, yet has not achieved meaningful reforms on issues such as immigration.

This is how donations from tech workers are distributed among applicants. (Source: Wired)

The term PAC stands for Political Action Committee and refers to a commission attached to an organization that endeavors to safeguard its political interests, among other things by providing financial support for certain candidates. Donating organizations directly is not allowed in the US. The US Electoral Commission counts donations from the community of a specific PAC from members, owners, employees, and first-degree family members of those individuals.

The greatest support for the Trump camp comes from Microsoft. After all, the workers donated around $ 75,000 to the Republican incumbent. Here, too, Biden received around $ 910,000 more than ten times as much.

There is still a clear difference with Oracle. It is less blatant though. Around $ 50,000 went to Trump, around four times as much went to Biden.

Silicon Valley traditionally rather democratic

'The View': Jill Biden Addresses Trump's Smears Against Hunter Biden (Video)

  'The View': Jill Biden Addresses Trump's Smears Against Hunter Biden (Video) During an appearance on Wednesday's episode of 'The View," Dr. Jill Biden addressed the personal attacks President Trump has made against her family, calling his tactics nothing but "distractions." Co-host Sunny Hostin asked the wife of presidential candidate Joe Biden and former second lady of the United States how she feels about Trump's repeated attacks against her son Hunter Biden at the first presidential debate and about claims Trump made about an alleged forthcoming scandal involving the Biden family that he says would "make [Joe Biden] almost an impotent candidate.

Here's where Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand on abortion. Mr Trump has expressed support for banning abortion overall, except for cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother's life. It has meant that lower-income women who receive government aid for healthcare have not been able to access

vs Donald Trump 's Tax Plan for the 2020 election. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have multiple plans including: raising the top tier for personal income taxes Donald Trump 's tax plan for the 2020 election would prevent any changes that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden seek and would instead focus on

Silicon Valley's support for democratic candidates has a long tradition and did not just emerge during the 2020 election campaign. However, the total volume of donations has increased significantly this year.

Joe Biden has received around twice as much donations from the six tech giants as his predecessor Hilary Clinton. And the much scolded Donald Trump is taking in more than four times as many donations this year than in 2016.

The 2020 election campaign attracts significantly higher donations. (Source: Wired)

Tech giants think liberally and globally

There is a lot at stake for the tech giants. The US Congress has launched various competition investigations, in particular (but not only) Google is the focus of investigators. This could lead to regulatory interventions that could even lead to the break-up of individual groups. In addition, US President Trump had announced that he would cash in a law that exempt platform operators from responsibility for the content that users post on these platforms. That would be a big blow to social networks.

Likewise, many employees in Silicon Valley have a migration background and therefore do not see themselves represented by Trump's repressive politics. Even the tough line that the current US government is taking against China does not please the tech giants operating on a global scale.

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