Weekend Reads Covid: Macron defends himself by switching to a European scale

11:00  29 october  2020
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Brigitte Macron: her very personal tribute to Samuel Paty

 Brigitte Macron: her very personal tribute to Samuel Paty © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGE Brigitte Macron: her very personal tribute to Samuel Paty Brigitte Macron took up the pen to salute the memory of Samuel Paty, assassinated on Friday October 16. In a poignant letter sent to the Parisian, the first lady paid a personal tribute to the professor and all the teachers.

Mr Macron said the country risked being "overwhelmed by a second wave that no doubt will be harder than the first". Meanwhile, Germany will impose an emergency lockdown that is less severe but includes the closure of restaurants, gyms and theatres, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday.

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a new nationwide lockdown from Friday to stem a Some French doctors, nurses with Covid -19 asked to work as country's cases rise. Economists say a full lockdown could impact Europe more broadly if other European countries hit hard by rising

Emmanuel Macron et Angela Merkel, le 21 juillet à Bruxelles. © STEPHANIE LECOCQ Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, July 21 in Brussels. Accused of not having anticipated the rebound, the Head of State stressed on Wednesday evening that all EU countries were overwhelmed by an explosion whose violence nobody had imagined.

Emmanuel Macron did not win his bet: allow the French to "live with the virus" while avoiding re-containment. On Wednesday evening, to counter the careless trial made to him by the oppositions, the Head of State widened the political and health spectrum to insist on a fact: as sudden as brutal, the resumption of the Covid epidemic has surprised everywhere and everyone in Europe. Since August, "we have not done everything well but we have done our best", defended the President during his televised address. In view of the information available, he considered that the strategy decided upon since the deconfinement in May was therefore the "right one". The proof ? "It was that of all European countries." This Thursday, Emmanuel Macron is participating (by video conference) in a European Council to strengthen coordination and European Union responses in testing, tracing and vaccines. In particular, the approval and mutual recognition of these antigen tests will be on the table. As the time has passed for the implementation of the "stimulus package" negotiated in July, the question of further "emergency measures" will also be raised.

Brigitte Macron "upset": Valérie Trierweiler tells

 Brigitte Macron © Gwendoline Le Goff / Panoramic / Bestimage Brigitte Macron "upset": Valérie Trierweiler tells In one of her columns on RTL, Valérie Trierweiler tells how Brigitte Macron was devastated when she learned of Samuel Paty's murder on Friday. His assassination shocked the whole of France, Brigitte Macron included . During her daily editorial in RTL evening , Valérie Trierweiler told how the death of Samuel Paty shocked the First Lady of France.

European affairs >. Europe >. Coronavirus: Macron to address nation on Wednesday over new COVID -19 restrictions. France's president Emmanuel Macron will give a televised address to the nation on Wednesday evening after convening meetings to review the country's handling of the

“I've decided that we need to return to the lockdown which halted the virus,” Macron said in an address to the nation, while urging unity in the face of the challenge. “The virus is circulating at a speed that not even the most pessimistic forecasts had anticipated,” Macron said, explaining the harsh measures.

To get there in France - a reconfinement modeled on that of spring but with schools, companies and nursing homes open - Emmanuel Macron "consulted scientists, dialogued with political forces and exchanged with all our European partners". Since the start of the crisis he has been watching what is happening in the EU very closely. He commissioned the Swiss infectious disease specialist Didier Pittet for a comparative assessment of policies against Covid. In the Council of Ministers, its Ministers of Health and European Affairs, Olivier Véran and Clément Beaune, regularly update him on the evolution of the epidemic and on the responses of neighboring countries which all, in the spring, adopted the doctrine of "living with the virus" by implementing the triptych "test, trace isolate". “Since the start of the fall, they've all been on a hard road. Including those who were considered to be good students, which adds to the uncertainty, "said Clément Beaune.

Did you know? Brigitte Macron's first husband did not go to his mother's funeral to avoid her

 Did you know? Brigitte Macron's first husband did not go to his mother's funeral to avoid her © BESTIMAGE Did you know? Brigitte Macron's first husband did not go to her mother's funeral to avoid her At the time when she met young Emmanuel, Brigitte Trogneux was still André-Louis Auzière's wife . The latter left everything to fully live her story with the student. A separation that her first husband and father of her three children experienced badly. He then did everything to avoid it ... The love story between Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron caused a lot of talk.

French President Emmanuel Macron imposed a new nationwide lockdown for the next month, clamping down on European leaders have been forced to relent and revive strict curbs, which hammered economies in the Covid -19 cases in the country are now averaging more than 39,000 a day, with

European leaders have come to Macron 's defence in his row with Erdogan, with Britain's foreign secretary Dominic Raab today calling on NATO allies to stand together in defence of tolerance and free speech. 'The UK stands in solidarity with France and the French people in the wake of the appalling

Government pleading

The evolution of the virus this autumn surprised all EU governments: "Like all its neighbors", France was "overwhelmed by the sudden acceleration of the epidemic, by this virus which seems to be winning in force as winter approaches, ”Macron explained on Wednesday evening. In order not to take the blame alone, he insisted: all governments are "overwhelmed by this second wave which, we know, will be harsher and more deadly than the previous one". Including by those who, like Spain, the Netherlands or Ireland took "harsher measures earlier than ours".

Video: Covid-19 epidemic in France: new announcements from Emmanuel Macron at 8 p.m. (France 24)

Before speaking at 8 p.m., Macron spoke again during the day with Angela Merkel who, happy coincidence, has also announced a turn of the screw. Without going as far as French-style confinement, with compulsory certificates to leave home (only Ireland and Wales have, for the moment, imposed this constraint), Germany will close its restaurants, bars, facilities in November. sporting and cultural. When he received the heads of parties and parliamentary groups at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Jean Castex had also insisted on this European dimension of the crisis. On the big screen, the first slide presented to politicians showed the comparative evolution of the incidence rate in different EU countries. France appears among the most affected but far behind the Czech Republic, Belgium and even Switzerland. Even more eloquent for the purposes of government advocacy, the comparison of the curves shows that the progression of the epidemic is faster than in France in many EU countries.

Erdogan and Macron: Escalation in the "war of words" over the Mohammed caricatures

 Erdogan and Macron: Escalation in the The Turkish President is deliberately heating up the cartoon dispute with Paris. But the conflict is not inconvenient for France's head of state either. An analysis. © Photo: dpa A child holds a photo of French President Emmanuel Macron with a shoe print in the camera in Istanbul. It is an old political wisdom: When politicians identify the political opponent on the outside, this also offers them an opportunity to divert attention from problems in domestic politics.

Latest Headlines. Covid -19. Royal Family. Demonised for defending cartoons of the Prophet: President Macron is portrayed as the Devil as Iran and Saudi Arabia wade into blasphemy Protests against Macron are spreading across Islamic countries after he defended cartoons of Mohammed.

French president Macron announces new nationwide lockdown to curb Covid -19 surge. The European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, has asked EU leaders to help Brussels map intensive care bed capacity to allow the transfer of coronavirus patients from overrun hospitals across

"The second wave hits indirectly"

In front of the parliamentarians, Olivier Véran never ceases to recall these data. A strategy that he should follow again this Thursday when the new measures decided by the head of state will be discussed and voted on in both assemblies. “The second wave strikes indiscriminately, including countries that have experienced a late restart such as Italy […] Germany increases the number of patients by 100% each week, or Switzerland, whose mobilization was rightly touted. in tests and which is overwhelmed today, ”the Minister of Health explained to the senators on Wednesday.

But no more than the organization of a parliamentary debate, the European argument will not have been enough to disarm the critics to make possible this "national union" that the government is calling for. While a recent Odoxa poll has just confirmed the great mistrust of the French (64% do not trust the government to face the epidemic), the violent criticism of the opposition will not promote the acceptability of the reconfinement .

Judging by the reactions to the presidential address, the controversy remained on Wednesday evening strictly hexagonal. With very rare exceptions - notably that of MEP Yannick Jadot, by nature more ready to consider the crisis in its continental dimension - all opposition leaders denounce a "lack of anticipation" on the part of the Head of State . "The erratic management of the crisis and the lack of anticipation of this second wave are the reason for decisions that will be very hard to overcome," responded Marine Le Pen while Senator LR Bruno Retailleau denounced a "scathing failure". Christian Jacob, the head of LR is categorical: it is because "nothing has been done for eight months" that we come to this. This is also the opinion of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the LFI, according to whom the head of state has learned "no lessons" from the spring crisis.

Sovereignty movement delighted by Macron's direct contact with Quebec .
QUEBEC — The province’s sovereignty leaders are delighted that French President Emmanuel Macron has chosen to go over Ottawa’s head and converse directly with Premier François Legault . “It’s a very good thing,” Parti Québécois parliamentary leader Pascal Bérubé told reporters Wednesday. “It shows again the continuous disconnection between the rest of Canada and Quebec. “You can’t imagine the satisfaction I got when a position we (Quebec) adopted on freedom of expression is recognized in France and that our French allies of many centuries say this is what unites us, ideals that we share. “It was a great pleasure. It’s something you can get used to.

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