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20:50  29 october  2020
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Felipe & Letizia of Spain: Seven months after his brother: A family friend is dead

 Felipe & Letizia of Spain: Seven months after his brother: A family friend is dead It's a shock! Fernando Falcó (†) died on Tuesday (October 20) at the age of 81 in Madrid after he was hospitalized there on Thursday (October 15) in critical condition. Particularly tragic: This loss occurs exactly seven months after the death of his brother Carlos Falcó († 83), the 5th Marquis de Griñón (March 20). He died of the consequences of a corona illness.

It is a word that sounds strange at first: Apanage. Put simply, this is the "salary" of members of royal families. The money comes from the tax payments of the citizens and is distributed to the royal houses by the government year after year in order to pay for staff, company boxes and co. This is no different with King Felipe (52) and Queen Letizia of Spain (48).

Felipe & Letizia von Spanien: Verwirrung um ihre Apanage © Marcelo del Pozo / Getty Images Felipe & Letizia of Spain: Confusion about their Apanage

Felipe is already preparing the next generation: Daughter Crown Princess Leonor will one day become queen. You can see in the video above how touching Felipe prepares her for her future tasks.

Spain in the corona pandemic: "You are worse than the virus"

 Spain in the corona pandemic: Isabel Díaz Ayuso is the conservative opponent of the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez - and serves a new feeling: the nationalism of the capital. © AFP Isabel Díaz Ayuso with a mask in April "You are worse than the virus" David versus Goliath is one of Isabel Díaz Ayuso's most popular motifs. The small but smart Madrid against the powerful, suppressive Spanish central government, which is also located in Madrid, but does not really belong to its Madrid.

King Felipe does not get a higher apanage

When the draft of the Spanish national budget for 2021 was presented, it was noticeable: The Spanish royals are to receive 8.5 million next year. That is 6.9 percent and thus 544,000 euros more than in the past three years. Felipe has received EUR 7,887,150 annually since 2018. At first glance, it looks as if the appanage for the royal family has been increased. But now the palace made it clear: the king receives as much money as in previous years!

Recently, Letizia caused a stir - but not with her apanage, but with her lingerie! They flashed from under her outfit, as can be seen in the video below.

" There is no increase in the submitted budget for the royal family. By and large, the state is repaying the royal family this year some amounts that the royal family paid in advance from its budget this year, which is coming to an end In short: this year I will pay you what I owe you, and this year you will have the same to spend as last year ", a spokesman for the royal family said when asked by the news portal" Vanitatis "

King Felipe gives the money for this

Felipe spends around half of the money, almost four million euros, on staff salaries. The king himself, Letizia and Queen Sofía (81) receive a total of about 550,000 euros of the budget. Ex-King Juan Carlos (82) will no longer receive an allowance from 2021 - Felipe had canceled this allowance for his father in spring 2020 . He is now putting the almost 160,000 euros into an "emergency fund" that has been set up for unforeseen payments. The king has to spend three million euros annually on operating costs. This includes repairs, material deliveries or protocol services.

China’s ‘The Sacrifice’ Bows To $53M While Japan’s ‘Demon Slayer’ Continues Record Spree – International Box Office

  China’s ‘The Sacrifice’ Bows To $53M While Japan’s ‘Demon Slayer’ Continues Record Spree – International Box Office Refresh for latest…: To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers Army entering the Korean War, the Middle Kingdom released epic The Sacrifice this weekend. The locally-titled Jin Gang Chuan grossed an estimated $53M in its three-day bow. While not a record start for the year in the market, the actioner could hold well for the next weeks that currently see no major new releases. The Sacrifice boasts a strong pedigree — it’s co-directed by The Eight Hundred’s Guan Hu, The Wandering Earth’s Frant Gwo and Brotherhood Of Blades‘ Lu Yang and stars Wu Jing of Wolf Warrior fame.

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